User submit: Last fallen soldier in Iraq, thank you David Emanuel Hickman (8 Photos)

  • etcrr

    R.I.P David Emanuel Hickman Sir. God Bless you and your Family for your and your Family's sacrifice for our country. You Sir are a Hero and will not be forgotten.

  • Jeff

    From a former 2/505 Inf. (ABN) soldier who was briefly attached to C co. 2/325 (which alsolost at least three soldiers during a leaders recon in Grenada) RIP brother!! Thank you and your family for your service. There are some of us who will never forget the fallen warriors!!

    • etcrr

      Jeff, Thank you for your service

  • 556shooter

    R.I.P. David. God bless you and your family. Thank You for your service!!

  • heywood jablome

    God speed, young soldier. We will remember you. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

  • 92A20


  • AKL

    Hooah battle…rest well.

  • JTG

    This poor man didn't die for the country he died for the greed and bigotry of the governments. I hate to have seen so many lost for false beliefs. this tribute is beautiful. he deserves to be remembered. I just wish people like him didn't have to die for some men in government offices dreams.

    • Matt

      Nobody gives a fuck about what you think. All you have to do is say "THANK YOU" for this honorable man's service and sacrifice.

      Thank You David Hickman.

    • hrs

      Forward the Brigade a copy of your obituary JTG. That way we can piss on your memory just the same.

  • Kyle

    A true All-American

  • Pat

    Matt, way to go, JTG keep your comments for anti governmental sites.

    Rest in Peace David, your mission here is complete. Never Above You, Never Below You, Always By Your Side.

  • sean

    rip david hickman. thank you for your service..brave dude you were. -from canada

  • Alex

    See you bro. I’m going to miss the times at the gym where you used to call me weak but those same comments made me push myself. I was honored to worked with you as my saw gunner and you did the job well. I know a lot of guys back here miss you and we will never forget you. See you around “Zeus”.

  • battle company

    Hey old friend i miss you everyday and i am proud to have served with you and i keep some contact with your family and they all miss you dearly…man shit just isn’t the same in second platoon we miss you man RIP David “zues” Hickman

  • Evan

    Whats up David, not the same in the gym without you around. Miss you and think about you everyday.

  • Veronica Hickman

    Hey son ever tear I cry is I'm proud of you. I miss u so much the world around me is not the same. I love u so so much. I still be looking for that day for u to come home. And say mom it a joke I'm back. How u like to mess with me. I will always hurt Til we meet again. Love you son and happy memorial day.

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