Your glasses draw a fine line between sexy and hipster (43 Photos)

  • Sebastian

    #32 please find!

  • BTG

    If they aren't real glasses, they aren't sexy. Put your "attitude" glasses away…

  • http://yahoo mrs.wolowitz

    Think women who wear real glasses are sexy as hell…very disappointed in this post

  • WolfmanJack

    36 is the only sexy non-hipster I see

  • Can't Get Enough: Babe's in Hipster Glasses (43 Pics) | The Aggregate

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  • reaperACTUAL

    I dont care how hot they are, the glasses make them look stoopid and they need to be punished. Especially #41…. I will happily issue her her spankings for wearing those….

  • Clyde_McSwine

    I am definitely in to the sexy glasses thing…….but the big, exaggerated, oversized glasses are just too much! Am I right?

  • MaxxyWaxxy

    Love #3, #14

  • chase

    they all look like douche bagettes to me.

  • flio

    Simple rule of thumb if you don't need to don't wear glasses

  • ray

    they are hot in spite of the glasses, not because of.

  • mkpo

    girls with glasses = very hot
    girls with very nerdy glasses = not hot

  • Jables

    #3 #14
    moar please.

  • an admirer

    sexy is sexy, with or without glasses. good work girls.

  • Paul

    #7 the only woman here who makes the glasses work

  • Beldar

    It's gotten to the point where these glasses are just stupid.

  • steve

    grlz that smile rule. #30 is a f^^king mutant.

  • steve

    dont know how this *&^'s picture got on my comment. #6 is my grl

  • Uncle Russ

    Every girl wearing the same pair of glasses, not hot no matter who they're on. Fail.

  • trilby miso lawyers

    all hipsters, still hot though

  • Lizard

    The photo's of # 18 and # 43 are the best.

  • Jeff

    #9… not too much sexy about broken glasses with no lenses. Stupid, perhaps, but not sexy.

  • Jeff

    Oh, and #43… HAB.

  • Anonymous

    40 is the best hands done

  • Jawbone

    #9 complete miss. Take the glasses off and you've got a pig that caked on as much makeup as Avon would supply.

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