Basketball fans have made an artwork out of distracting the players (34 Photos)

  • nfloridarednek

    #19 best one

    • Jentheoriginal

      that man is awesome.

    • Wrong

      No it isn't.

    • Chivacy Please

      #23 is The Show….probably the best student section in the NCAA….go AZTECS!

    • James

      That man is deeply disturbed… It's awesome and i'm not going to be the one to fix it.

      • Huckleberry

        He's a priest now. And that's how he met his wife…who was dating his brother at the time. True story check it out.

    • Toba

      They'res a video about him, I think ESPN did it. Guy missed both his free throws, and actually pins it on the speedo guy.

      • TheJesus

        Yup. That's a classic.

  • jaynecobb2

    who is #33

    • FLA

      just some guy who looks distracting

    • Adam

      Oh him! Thats my fucking hero!! lol. I cant help but kill myself laughing when I see that picture! lol

    • Greg
    • Dex

      Probably the inspiration for this whole gallery!

    • RTR!

      He is a student at The University of Alabama, RMFT!!

    • Nishtai

      He's Eminem in Disguise

    • Sanchez

      Rodney Dangerfield's nephew…

    • Benji07

      First thing I thought of when I saw that guy was Beaker!

    • El_Hefe

      i swear thechive has used his pic before

      • TheJesus

        Patrick Young is the player. Go Gators!!

  • Question_Mark_

    #34 That guy is awesome!

    • TomTheCameraGuy

      I hope he's a Chiver. That dude cracks my shit up.

    • asdfg

      sorta reminds me of rodney dangerfield… if he were young… and still alive… sigh

    • sjon

      might sound gay but: find him!

    • Mee

      this guy is my favorite!!

    • wrangler 86

      he's a student at the university of alabama…

  • Master_Rahl

    #3 Damn, Cundiff is the new Bill Buckner. That's GOTTA hurt.

    • Jentheoriginal

      they just let him off suicide watch

    • myself

      That's a great one.

      • sjon

        might sound gay but: find him!

    • PayHeed

      Rock Chalk!

  • This Is Me

    What ever happened to the simple act of girls lifting their shirts?

  • http://Chive stuf


    • FLA

      Wow you're a troll. Is this a racist post today too?

    • anonymous


    • MattyP

      Not a racist post. LOTS of African Americans in this one.

      • stuf

        Nahh… I'm over that whole racists thing.

        • Big Body

          Good because that shit was annoying. If you dont like the Chives Posts, then dont get on the website, and save everyone a whole lot of thumb down clicks.

  • FLA

    #33 Winning!

  • Master_Rahl

    #21 now THESE ladies know how to distract a guy.

    • SilkySapper

      by being ugly and not showing anything you can't see from the cheerleaders on the sidelines at any second.

  • eat me

    NBA is dead, and the chive is really sucking air today, these posts suck shit!

    • Jacob

      About 3/4 of these are college.

  • joey

    Wauw. Wtf. This can’t be serious…..

  • bseay

    I would rather watch my toenails grow than watch NBA

    • anon1234

      Yeah. I agree talented athletes are the worst to watch, especially if they're young and desperately want to win a championship like Derrick Rose.

      Everyone knows the best basketball to watch is women's mid major conference ball. Those 23-25 Murray state vs Eastern Illinois matches are real barn burners.

      • leeroy

        its a horrible 'sport' better named african tree hockey or ghetto ball

      • stuf sucks

        *watching monkeys throw a ball through a ring….
        Fixed it for you…

      • Bill Clinton

        "women's mid major conference ball." you're a fuckin retard. womens basketball is the worst of the worst of basketball.

        • anon1234

          You're just too good at recognizing sarcasm.

    • majorfathead

      Yeah but can you distract your toenails from growing?

  • chvlvr

    #21 worked on me

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #2 Packers fan?

  • Shar11

    #19…awesome! lol

    • hark1985

      pure genius. Happy Friday Chivette

      • Shar11

        genius indeed…. thanx, happy friday to you too

        • hark1985

          Thanks! a Beer in your name! cheers and it's only noon!

          • Shar11

            Cheers! it's about 10:18 am here in Vancouver…I'd like to fast forward to 5 though

            • hark1985

              I am in TX in my office, already celebrating 5 pm! So feel free to jump on in!

              • Shar11

                save a beer for me then. 😀

                • hark1985

                  I have a fridge full. Come on down

                  • Shar11

                    in that case……..first flight time is……LOL have a great weekend how about i have a beer ere in van. and ill cheer to u instead!

                    • hark1985

                      lol. Nice. I will always have the fridge stocked no worries. First thing is first lol. Sounds good dear. Be good. Cheers!

                    • Shar11

                      ill keep you in mind if I ever make my way to your city! cheers

                    • hark1985

                      and I will look you up when I am in yours.

                    • Shar11


  • Dads

    #19 #32 made me fat from laughter

  • thedonn

    who remembers when the Flakers and celtics last faced each other in the playoffs? when lamar went to the line celtic fans had cut out heads of his wife and chanted “ugly sister”? brutally funny!!

    • JT Mo-Nay

      One of my favorite chants EVER. That and chanting "No Means No" at Kobe.

    • chris

      Actually the best chant ever was at the NY Giants game for Michael Strahan chanting orthodontists!

      • Slappy_McGee

        Actually, the best chant was when the team I care most about was playing this other team that I don't care so much about and the fans used a very pointed chant that played off a specific deficiency of the opposing teams best player!

    • Leeks

      You mean when the Lakers beat the Celtics? Yeah I remember that.

  • clemgrad03

    #16 most effective….

    • majorfathead

      Yeah I gave this one 5 stars or originality

    • Toba

      He's married to her lol. That's Eva Longoria. Or was at the time anyway.

      • Huckleberry

        This happened after they split up. Hence the whole distraction thing.

  • negativesm00th

    I love everything about this.

  • Dylan

    I hate this part of the game – its nothing but poor sportsmanship. It should be a contest between athletes playing their sport, not to see who's fans can do the most outrageous stuff.

    Anyone distracting a player while shooting should be thrown out.

    • Mo'Phat

      Home Court Advantage.

    • FLA

      Fans are the reason the game is fun. Without the passion that they show, not one sport would be as popular as it is. I hate people who think this is poor sportsmanship.

    • matt

      it's home court advantage. Its the same thing as crowds getting really loud in football when the opponent is on offense and really quiet when their team is on offense so they can communicate.

    • bisonbade

      you're just bitter because you would get distracted by these

    • Sluttypanda

      Dylan the Downer

    • dawgbone

      Who brought the fun sponge?

  • Dads

    Fawk I meant fart….loser

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #33 Bug-out eyes guy fucking kills me – I wanna hang out with that kid.

    #32 Might be my favorite of this set. Haunting.

    #19 The funniest one here.

  • luckyB

    #19….someone get that man a beer. that was awesome lol

  • Katie

    #3 #30 I feel like these would be the most effective

    • Bill Clinton

      I feel like you would be most effective with my cock in in your mouth and my nuts on your chin. All while in the kitchen.

  • Guest

    I am surprised nobody has done a Chewbacca one for Lamar Odom

  • SMT

    #32 would freak me out

    • torqued

      NC State!

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