Basketball fans have made an artwork out of distracting the players (34 Photos)

  • clenis

    hahahahahahaha #33 and #16 yes, please.

  • http://Chive stuf

    #19 is awesome…

    #28.. Eric montross? That’s old school right there!!!

    • MacNCheesePro

      #28 Who else was thinking " I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO!!!!"
      It would be distracting if they all were spazzing out like that.

  • ste

    #34 always makes me laugh!

    • swiggs

      who is this guy? People of the chive clearly love his crazy antics!

  • Dan E

    Gettin alot of mileage out of that Alabama guy…………

  • GernBlansten

    A lot of these donut molesters should be spending more time playing sports rather than watching them. Fucking disgrace….

    • Derpin

      I recall your mom being especially fond of donuts.

  • ottomanismydog

    #33 and #34 makes me LOL!!

  • norte85

    #2 #5 I go to USU and have hung out with that guy. One of the coolest people I've ever met.


    • GomerPyle

      Go Aggies!!!!!

  • matt

    #16 is pretty good and of course #33 & #34 this guy is great

  • MunMun$

    Gern. You are a douche.

  • SpeichH

    "Do not be distracted by the beautiful celebrities."

  • Guest :)

    #30 nice! (but one no one saw the shot)
    #33 freaky!!

  • tommytwotime

    #32 hahahahahaha!!!!

  • @jeremybrevard

    #25 is my pic

    • bucknasty

      congrats on making it on theChive!!

      • @jeremybrevard

        Technically i made it on SI, since where these came from

  • nick

    Were do u get those huge signs with the faces those are great

  • Tar_Heel_Gil

    #21 … you need to find the "R".

  • AWOL

    #19 made me cry

  • Tar_Heel_Gil

    #15 …. oh how I HATE Dook

    • YeahI'mSean

      Do you guys remember when FSU won that game?
      A week after they slaughtered UNC?
      GO NOLES! First in the ACC, baby!

      • bucknasty

        Did you see the game last night as well?

        • YeahI'mSean

          Are you talking about FSU's win? I saw that.

      • PayHeed

        You're in a three way tie for first………..

        • YeahI'mSean

          There is such a thing called a tie-breaker.

  • hark1985

    #19 the best. classic

  • bubs

    #22. University of Memphis. GO TIGERS!

  • Anonymous

    The big heads are great! They originated at I.U.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    #19 is a classic lloyd christmas master psych-out artist! Hilarious!

  • bless1

    #9,#23,#29- bahhhhahaaaaa!

  • bucknasty

    #19 Bitch I'm FABULOUS!

  • bucknasty

    #33 #34 I want a shirt with that kids face on it lolol

  • Aaron Rodgers

    You're right…only the female Packer fans are like that.

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