Basketball fans have made an artwork out of distracting the players (34 Photos)

  • Jay

    #2 and #5 Wild Bill Sproat is the man. Love Utah State. Also #30 Terrence Roberts never stood a chance in hell of making that shot even without the distractions.

  • Meh

    #24 and #28: Duke sucks. Plain and simple, no question about it.

    • PayHeed

      You forgot #15. Obviously not a basketball fan…

  • kc123

    #22 go tigers!!!

  • low

    Have some damn respect for the game you pieces of crap.
    This kind of shit should not be tolerated at any sports event at any level of play. It's ridiculous.

  • BCRprop

    Really? Not a single “Your sister slept with squeak” sign anywhere!

  • Bitter Seattle Fan

    #10 #14 #17 Zombie Sonics fans. When Seattle Steals a team from some one else I hope the "Thunder" come to town and then you see some razzing.

    • Skedaddle



      Bring it. OKC has the loudest arena in the NBA. During playoffs we hit record decibel levels (… ) . Funny how OKC got so much crap about supposedly stealing a team, but now Seattle wants to do the same thing and its different.

  • Drew


    • PayHeed

      GO KU!

  • Anonymous

    3 of those were in Okc. Seattle will not get another team simply because they couldn’t keep the one they already had!!

  • QuantuM

    #23 #29 Go Aztecs!!

  • Brian

    I'd like to see the fans hold up giant replicas of the backboard haha.

  • Another chiver

    Stuf get the FU#% OUT OF HERE I am mexican and your comments are stupid and annoying if you don’t like it find another site

  • Qwixel

    Holy crap, it's BASEketball!

  • UGTP

    #19 is by far the greatest ever.

  • Dopamine

    33 and 34 lold hard

  • MgoBlue

    #33 and #34 – LOVE THIS GUY! I totally want a shirt with his face on it too!

  • IceColdBuddha

    #33 #34

    That guy was awesome… but he's turning into a media whore.

    • Derpin

      So, he's a Kardashian?

    • Anger guy

      Thank you, was sick of this guy abou two weeks ago. He's in every post lately. Even saw him in Sexy Chivers I think.

  • guest

    #34 virgin for life with that ugly mug

    • Guest

      I doubt it,you know damn well there's probably chicks lining up to nail this guy just because he holds up a cardboard picture himself and they saw him on the internet. Never underestimate whores,God bless them.

  • Chaser23405

    #1 Please find moar of the blonde on the far right!!!!

  • JohnJ

    Terrible human beings

  • pmo

    Nothing will ever beat the Scheyerfaces at Maryland though:

  • kingsfan34

    #9 Long Beach State FTW

  • Anonymous

    33 & 34 man is a legend

  • Shirley

    LOVE #20

  • The chive is not racist

    #3 rock chalk!! Pay heed!!

  • Waty

    Typical Tech fans. Every sports team they have blows… They run a HS football offense and now a pathetic basketball team.

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