Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • luckyB

    #27 good morning 🙂 can i see more of you? please?

  • DucereExemplo

    #23 I think I would have unhealthy amounts of fun with that…

  • prhavc

    #16 BJJ at it's finest 🙂

    • Rocko

      This was at Grappling X in San Diego this weekend. I saw this girl fight a couple of times. She was handling all the boys. She was a little beast.

  • SadeShadz

    #20 got me! ahahaha!!! xD

  • BuckersAZ

    #27 Good morning beautiful!

  • Richard

    Forget #30, what about the fact that BTTF Part 2 is in only 3 years? The Cubs better get going…

  • stuf

    Last time I checked, there were Afri can American women representing this category.

    Also the chive clearly endorses the NRA and 2nd amendment "rights". Pathetic. Guns should be outlawed and anyone who celebrates them are idiots.

    The Chive, while not directly racist, practices institutionalized rac ism by glorifying and exploiting whites only. To the chive, the idea of a beautiful female is white, plastic, and big boobed. Rarely, does the chive provided pictures of mi norities.

    To address a few comments by users.

    1.The chive is not rac ist, they only submit pictures provided by users. Perhaps this is true to an extent. But I find it hard to believe that all user submitted pictures are whites only. Furthermore, the chive provides galleries of NON USER SUBMITTED pictures i.e. porn stars, random models. There has only been 1 such gallery in recent memory of an Afr ican American.

    2.BET and NAACP is Rac ist and why isn’t there a WET? Ok, so this is ridiculous. We have WET. It’s called the REST OF TV. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC. All programming geared towards white actors. BET and NAACP exist for a reason. THEY REPRESENT MI NORITY VIEWS. AF RICAN AMERICANS ARE MINORI TIES.

    3.Chive is free to do what they want. Yes. They are. But I am also free to express discontent. There are literally thousands of viewers like myself who are upset with the Chive’s practices. Thus, we are allowed to speak just as much as you are.

    4.Well, the Chive had a black is beautiful post. Ok. 1 gallery. Out of HUNDREDS of others. Enough Said. What we want is integration of mi norities into all galleries. Not just one to appease the chive’s psyche. Further, to add insult to injury, the chive put a black is beautiful on the glorious MLK day. Come on!

    5. To people who say I’m socialist and Obama loving and support Obama care. I don’t love Obama, but I voted for him. I love America, and am capitalist. We have nationalized/socialist medicine already idiots. It’scalled medicare/Medicaid, indian health service, and veterans health. Dumbass. Go back to college. Oh wait. You can peruse the chive’s college sites that are exploitative, creepy, and celebrate wasted $ in collges.

    I f you are sick of this, there are a few things youcan do!

    Sign the Petition at chiveisracist@ gm ail.com

    GO TO FACEBOOK and report all posts/pictures on the chive page as sexually exploitative, FACEBOOK WILL SHUT THEM DOWN!

    Look out for my website, the anti-chive. It’s a blog of chive’s racial preferences, and photo screen shots ofuser generated comments that are so racist.

    I’ve hired a PR/lobby firm to address the media about the chive. If you want in, let me know, and we’ll contact your city/state. Together we can change.

    • justthatguy

      You sir are a full on drippy turd.

    • Thurgood

      You’re at it again, double stuff. I told you to lay off the oreos and go back to study hall. Remember that this he is a white, pre-op tranny. Estrogen, faux bro, estrogen.

    • dan

      Somebody let the troll out of the basement. Lock that door next time you go down there, people.

    • Evil Dung Beetle

      Aren't there ways for admins to prevent spamming like this. I mean, posting this once in the comments is trolling. Posting it this many times is a waste.

      • Simon

        I suggested blocking his IP address but apparently I'm an "idiot".

  • Harleyxx

    #16 "Ill come at you like a spider monkey!"

  • NaTaS

    #30 if he traveled back 30 years he'd be in 1981… gotta count the whole year haha.

  • justthatguy

    Also #28 wtf?

  • MaxxyWaxxy

    #17 Im that kind of friend!

  • Big Joe

    #29 “none shall piss”

  • ThisGuy


    Is the secret underground entrance to District 9.

  • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

    #27 Good morning indeed! 🙂

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Envy, a deadly sin…..awww hell. You gotta die of something.

  • http://twitter.com/chromepoldes @chromepoldes

    Yup, used to be that one.

  • Twigfinger

    #13 I would crap my pants.

  • typotech

    #27, good morning. Don't make the bed up just yet…

  • Nate Woodard

    #27 good morning to you too, beautiful.

  • DemBone

    #3 officially made this a good morning lol

  • chicago

    #27 – yes. it looks like it was a good night for somebody
    #23 – great facial expression to sum up that chastity dress. funny.

  • Craigery

    #27 It is now.

  • Southern

    Stuf- fuck you

  • Kanye East

    How about no #14

  • Rick

    #27 Chivette tush win 🙂

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