Friday Dopamine Dump (37 photos)

  • Dave

    Is it because they've all been ripped out of a console? #27

  • Alvav019

    #33 I've seen this car at Malibu… not the model, the exact same car. It's an the Tesla electric car.

  • The Real Jim Brady

    #20 is Buni… a comic made by my brother-in-law's brother, Ryan

  • Bob H

    #1 Holy Shit! Is this guy in jail yet? What a freaking idiot. #7 Are you free tonight?

  • Tum

    #8!!!! Where is this photo taken?? I want to get married there!

  • jwpcwrd

    Now I'm curious what the hell # 13 is actually about. Anyone else read the caption and think McRib?

  • Shaun

    #16 what font is it….I gots ta know!!!

  • Smitty


    I have no problem with the Tesla, I think it's pretty badass. but I wonder if this douchebag realizes that 69.3% of electricity in the US is generated by burning fossil fuels.

    You my friend, are an epic fail.

  • johkur

    #28 "Hey dog, how high are you?" "Yes."

  • Renaldo

    #1 I’d fuck that dude up if he did that to me

  • Crizzle

    Jack Black is the white Charles Barkley, or should I say Charles Barkley is the Black Jack Black

  • Anonymous

    Saw #8 in my science book

  • mike

    #7 is Amia Miley (very NSFW)

  • iris

    #33 yay Jenna Marbles

  • James Munn

    #7 Who is she??? Damn, Gina!!

  • Anonymous

    #13 is one of our local reporters. She is gorgeous. Chive you should find her. She makes the news worth watching!

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  • Gallus

    #7 – I absolutely do NOT care how girly that electronic devise is. I want to curl up on the floor with her and watch her use it.

    #8 – I think the word "awesome" is grossly overused, and I am *very* restrained in my employing it. For this pic the word that echoes through my brain is AWESOME!!!

    #28 – Awwww!

  • Big Macintosh

    #21 oh so thaaaat's why they never hit anything with their guns!

  • nouu

    #33 oil is used in almost every part of your p.o.s. car libtard.

  • Da Sandman

    #37 omfg i can't stop laughing!!

  • big baby jesus

    #10 don't break it

  • Roland

    #32 WTF Snoop…wearing a Yankees cap when you're all about the Cali representation. Also #36 is ever so gorgeous 🙂

  • dangerdan

    #13. Head blocking the o in county, spelling cunt right behind her head

  • myhaternation

    # 33
    totally electric / faster than a porche

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