Irony at its finest (21 Photos)

  • Master_Rahl

    #7 I'm hearing a chorus of Tainted Love in my head

    • tralfaz

      Now we all are.

  • Master_Rahl

    #8 Irony or comic genius?

  • vern-01

    Haha,#20 was is Windsor On. They tore it all down a few years ago. Laughed every time I drove past it.

  • Ox

    #21 sadly isn’t really. It’s from Louie on FX.

  • Jastogie

    #4: what happens when the ladder hits a power line? This.

  • rphilman1

    #19 I see it!

  • The J

    #3 how is having a heart attack at a place called heart attack grill even close to irony? That would be like finding a dead end at the end of a street marked "dead end".

    • edslerson

      well people don’t actually go there with the goal of having heart attacks


    Chive – Thanks for removing the radically racial comments posted by STUF.

    He's like a turd in our punchbowl.

    I think STUF may be his street name, or ebonics has him mis-spelling his name, or perhaps he's dyslexic.

    I call him … STFU!

    • Dukes

      i agree….he was harshing my buzz !!!!!!!!!

    • TheManIsRacist

      "street name?" "ebonics?" Racist much, Man?

    • Simon

      stuf isn't black, he's a guilty white liberal.

  • DeBoh

    #21 Sooooo Great!!!!!! That shit was hysterical when Louie CK said "I am going to masturbate to you later tonight and there is nothing you can do about it."

  • PFD Heros


  • Do0zer

    #18 Why is this considered irony? A person in need that has a guide dog is allowed in there. All others are not. Pretty common sense.

    • really?

      Because the visually impaired would probably not read the sign, nor appreciate the observation deck?

      • Elan

        Fun note? Blind people have families who they go on vacation, or visit places with. Shockingly, they might not also be blind.

        Additionally, service animals, as they're more aptly called, are used for a lot more than just the visually impaired.

  • Elan

    I think it would be ironic…if everything was made out of iron.

  • Wally W

    Made in China.
    Paid with credit.

  • Dick Salad

    They are obviously 5 hours and 1 second into their shift.

  • fevrd

    No 6 is spelt wrong. Should be


    (Clue: look up SESQUIPEDALIAN)

    • now that's irony


  • Bob

    #3 unfortunate nut not really ironic
    #11 someone could ger hurt? lol

  • Number 3 and 19 are not ironic. They are the literal expected outcome. That is the opposite of irony. The fact that you create an album dedicated to irony yet don't know what irony is is ironic. Also moronic.

    Cleveland, OH.

  • Craigery

    #3 is the OPPOSITE of irony.

  • Fireman

    Dozer its an observation deck. That’s the irony.

  • Skilik

    Ha! It's funny cause they contradict each other. I can't pick just one as my favorite. Good weekend to all.

  • Jco

    Gallery about Irony that is only somewhat ironic.

  • Shane

    #4 is more of an alliteration, but most of these actually ARE ironic!! Take THAT Alanis.

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  • Anonymous

    I guess I’ll be the guy who says 3, 6 and 19 aren’t ironic.

  • dorkheimervanjensen

    Ironic irony is ironically ironic irony.

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