Just point, shoot and share… with the world (35 photos)

  • http://TheChive AJ


    • Dirty Dingus

      Takes a hot photo in 2002…still uses it as Facebook profile pic.

    • nomnomnom

      # 9, ftw..

      • nomnomnom


    • Carlos

      damn girls sure like to show off their slutty side

  • Kyle429

    Damn. I can't choose, so MOAR of all of them!!

    • Epitomizer

      Damn is right. This whole post has been one of the best ever. A great mix of hump, flbp, gappage, and abbage.

  • Beer man

    Best freaking post of the week. Find them all.


      i love titties

      • chickenlover

        #1 #7 #14 #15

        Great job ladies… this post is incredible… There are like 10 I left out… but the standouts are as follows

  • Matt

    #15 #28 Hell yeah!!!

    • dude!

      ED HArdy SUcks!

    • Jred

      #15…I take it upon myself to one day make it required for all beautiful women to take a picture where they pose like this…that's a world, someday, that i would want to live in.

      • Truth

        Jred for president!!!

      • thewiz

        ive got a sudden craving for clam chowder

    • Eli

      #28 I second that! SEXY!

    • Rosco

      #28 – "With this cap on will they realize I'm in my 40's?"

      • jordan

        not a problem!

  • nicky b

    Hard to choose. Door #2? But they're all amazing. Ahhhhhh Sluts

  • jeff

    Can I have them all

  • Hunter_BZ

    #15 I kid you not..My spine twitched when I saw this, it's like my brain could not believe it!

    • chicago

      great shot, can't imagine how much better it could be with the flash…

      • Hunter_BZ

        …or at the very least in HQ. Get At it CHIVE! Make it Happen!

  • iambigd42

    #15 Please share moar!

    • itsjustme

      Amazing!!! Love the creativity

  • Cameron


  • http://twitter.com/Griffin_Ryan @Griffin_Ryan

    #24, great ass

    #30, love the tattoo

    • Jentheoriginal

      omg, are you related to peter and lois???

  • ElDiablo69

    Well ladies thank you so much! Made my morning..Whoa! Special thanks to #9 & #19. mmm mmm mmm~

    • Unfkngblvbl

      too bad the left one is bad at Photoshop

      • Jred

        Too bad no one cares…its a picture…you don't know her…fantasize.

        • linkx

          Well said.

    • MacNCheesePro

      #9 is all I need!

      • mpisarski


        • MacNCheesePro

          Doesn't matter. Had hand sex.

    • its_forge

      SOMEbody's a tit man

    • GULZAR


    • tony

      Number 9 has been photoshoped

  • zoxymusic

    HOLY HELL! Too many beauties to list. AMAZING!!


    Sweet baby Jesus!! Just what i needed to.get through Friday

  • JesseEff

    Hooray for high schoolers!

    • Bumble

      I keep getting older and they stay the same age!

  • no one cares

    #19 & #2 FTW!!

    • carl

      I pick the same two….love 'em!

  • Tang

    #7 and #9 for obvious reasons

    • Joe Blowme

      Yes! Obviously for their great taste in home decor!

      • Ross

        I was gonna go with personality.

        • YourDAD

          they have great elbows

    • Fish On

      Do you like #9 for the fat roll?

      • Joe Blowme

        He needed a use for his extra bag of flour….

      • Guest

        That's prime there boy. Boinking a skinny girl is like boinking the world.

        • its_forge

          it's like boinking a bicycle

    • Eli

      Would love to see more of #7!

    • I like contraception

      4 nice fat (probably fake w #7) reasons!

  • che

    FIND HER!!!!!

    • no one cares

      she'll be in high school when you do

    • jammasterB

      she is Christina Hansen

    • jobillard

      Pedobear and myself approve.

    • Ruben


  • rtaylor12

    im so glad camera phones were invented, vacation photos never used to look like this #22

    • dominantone

      need to enhance the reflection in the shower glass

    • WEJ

      That's my ex girlfriend. She's at home there.

  • Lax Man9

    #24 Damn Clean Your Room. Other Than That…Damn!

    • yankeesji

      She's awesome! Dang!!!

  • Elcastino

    #1 The very defenition of an hourglass figure. Very Sexy!!

  • Bobby

    #1 new pet peeve…girls staring into their phone while taking a photo.

    • Hampsterstand

      New pet peev: Guys bitching about hot girls sending in half naked pictures of themselves for our unadulterated enjoyment.

    • WaterWalker

      There's a phone in this picture?

  • Vent187

    I love all of you.

  • Brad

    #24 WOW moar please

    • http://twitter.com/INKOUTBREAK @INKOUTBREAK

      no crap, I saw this chic at slackstack there are 2 more pics of her, topless and on tumblr

      • JROC


    • The Great Bambino

      Great body. Maybe she could get some pics picking up that pig sty of a room.

    • abnsldr

      Allison Holt..

  • realzoo

    #1 #6 #7………….They have the look that I like.

  • BigPup

    #15 Remove from wrapper before eating…

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