No need for hair transplants when you can just have it tattooed on, right? (4 Photos)

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  • Trailer Ray

    women get eyebrows, eyeliner, and all types of look enhancing tattoos, why cant guys get them? im covered with tattoos and if somebody doesnt like it, they can screw. just because someone gets things like this done, doesnt make them any less of a person than they were to begin with. just my two cents.

  • Master_Rahl

    Kinda beats the hair in a spray can approach. either way, it's just denying the facts. once it starts to go, why fight it. Some chicks dig bald heads. A whole new demographic has just opened up. Have at it fellas.

    • mittens


  • teamgrindem

    last two pictures arent the same person..different ears and different occipital bump (bump on back of head)

    • thehoobs

      Same head different angle.

  • Lyam

    Reminds me of calvin and hobbes

  • bless1


  • stuf

    I had my chest hair done this way…

    and a few freckles!

  • SykoFun

    if you are going bald, shave your fucking heads already. damn……. and this makes his head look like he has blackheads all over it, yuk!

  • buzzshaver

    first world problem

  • IM_ON_A_B0AT

    …doesn't look like the same dude.. just saying

  • slippery pete

    eh why not?

  • Nick

    Just shave your head. Much cheaper

  • Casper

    A buddy of mine went bald and his head tattooed with flames.

  • Chico

    3 GRAND!!!!!!!!!!! You know how many hookers I could buy???

    • D Trump

      I could buy one. One hooker.


  • Kevin

    Treat your hair the way you treat your woman: Be good to it… but if you know it is going to leave you, leave it first.

  • HammerBrau

    After having deloped alopecia can understand the desire to this.

    • HammerBrau

      It really sucks, but I’d never do this. A hat works just fine.

  • Dantegeek34

    I usually say that baldness should just be accepted, but this treatment is a little intriguing. I am interested as to how this all looks close up…if there are a bunch of squiggly lines tattooed all over your head, what will happen in a few years when the tattoo starts to dilute into the surrounding skin?

  • Anonymous

    Team… You have no sense of angle and light source. Dumb ass!!!

  • B-rad

    would that work on your balls?

    • anal leakage

      I would kill for balding balls!!!!! shaving those bitches everyday is annoying!

  • benzoopiate

    They are the same person…look at the perspective, the second photo was taken from a higher vantage point.

  • dude in newport

    Looks like my scrotum at Easter.

  • dan

    What a stooge…

  • HammerBrau

    Should add that the owner/founder of Konigsegg has this condition and lost his eyebrows. So he had new ones tattooed on.

  • dewarz

    3K is a lot of money to spend on a 'cheap fix' either go bald, or go all out for extensions. Just kinda silly and half assed to me.



  • jax

    This is clever! Waaaay better than the Ron Popeil black hair spray in a can!

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