No need for hair transplants when you can just have it tattooed on, right? (4 Photos)

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  • ape_man

    Pretty sure that’s what Carlos Boozer just did.

  • @eyenstein2k2

    Some guys don't have the head shape for this and if you do just go smooth and shiny, it's way more badass.

  • Dads

    Gotta go tell the father in law with the hurryupness

  • dorkheimervanjensen

    Thick hair is thick,uses shampoo,brushes,combs,wife runs fingers through it,my burden it is.

  • liquid nails

    Chicks loove bald guys, started losing mine late 20’s ….if u r trying to hold on to any just shave it smooth. You will b surprised how often a girl at a bar has asked me if she can rub it!

    • Renaldo

      That’s not the head I want girls to rub.

    • Lisa

      YES!! Bald is sexy!! I LOVE bald guys with facial hair, yummy!!

  • thedonn

    Carlos boozer???

  • Guest

    so.. SC?

  • panditbandt

    It must of been what Carlos Boozer got.

  • sean

    that last picture looks HORRIBLE. definitely not realistic… looks like he had his head shaved and didnt shower afterwards so all the little hair shavings are stuck to his scalp :/

  • José Campa

    Is this what Joey Lawrence did?

  • Sean_in_Calgary

    I have a full head of hair(stll buzz with #2) so maybe this is a little unfair; but that looks gross! be a man you lil bitches

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about appearance, so, GREAT IDEA. Lipstick, eyebrows, now hair.

  • sadpenguinissad


  • etcrr

    Takes all kinds

  • Baldilocks Himself

    The original guy was brilliant – alopecia leaves you patchy bald. If you shave it, it already looks like you have a freakin' weird-ass tat on your melon anyway. I actually had a guy ask if hurt when I got my head done like that. A real tat to fill in the funky blank spots would be cool, but sometimes the hair patches move. You'd hafta get the whole thing done anyway. Either – suck it up and embrace the baldness.

  • Anonymous

    Can I get this in red?

  • the dude

    Soooo….what happens when they let their hair grow out a little long?

  • Nurse Chapel

    Isn't that what ball caps are for?

  • From_The_Hip

    Bald men can be very sexy. Confidence fellas, it's all about the confidence.

  • BurnAtlanta


    Stupid people want to know if they can get tattoo penis enlargement procedure or tattoo labia reduction.Tattoo 3 more inches or reduce those unsightly fatty, meaty lips Today. Endorsed by Ron Jeremy.

  • bsjhonson

    I think it's not that bad, though if you have pale skin it might look bad

  • shnugs

    bald head + good body = sexy. Or bald head + bad body + I got monies = you'll be right.

  • skins

    Only good for black guys.

  • lori

    Don’t they sell something similar in a spray can?

  • Justin

    yall laughed at Ron Popiels hair in a can, this is so much better-right?

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