Russian urban climbing: That means don’t try this ever (19 Photos)

  • PresCamacho

    You have wrong. When in Russia, building climb you

  • dorkheimervanjensen

    16 gauge,check…50 cal. Muzzle loader,check…30.06 semi auto,check…44 mag. Lever act.,check…9mm,check. After a long day of being a real man, I like to come home put on a house dress,open up a can of catfood and play with my gun collection…’merica!

  • guest

    Check out that for High Russian Climbing

  • http://chive Maki

    … the guy in most of those pics is a famous french climber, no safety lined ever an he climbs buildings, towers ….

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  • Anonymous

    Maki is correct.

  • Denis

    Do all russians, other than Putin, look like they're in a death metal band?

  • http://what Igor Kutchacockov

    When these morons fall to the deaths, will the local news describe their deaths as, “tragic”? Not tragic at all. They’ll deserve it for being so stupid. It’s called “thinning the herd”, folks!

  • Anonymous

    Would like to know how many of these people have death wishes.

    • Ken

      That guy is dead now!!

  • Da Sandman


  • DWSmith

    The guy in 6, 11 and 17 is French. They call him the Human Spider and he’s been free climbing for years.

  • goldengekko1

    my palms get sweaty thinking about doing that who else gets that when they think about doing something crazy 😀

  • IrishWolfhound

    Why is climbing a mountain socially acceptable but you make out like these guy's are dicks for climbing a building? Mountains are bigger therefore more dangerous to climb.

  • 5nake

    a lot of these pictures are of French urban climber Alain Robert AKA spiderman
    he's free climbed some of the highest buildings in the world.

  • Paul

    Crazy fuckers like those free rock climbing nut jobs..

  • Zach

    He is French not Russian.

  • Otter

    Hell, I don't even like standing on a ladder hanging christmas lights on the house!

  • Randy

    looking at these pics literally makes my stomach churn. These guys are crazy

  • admin
  • Yoga Jayne

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    woah…this is sick…but not really the good kind of sick 😉

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