Some classy, some dirty…these are my high-res ideas for the weekend (25 HQ Photos)

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  • Karman2488

    Once again, The Brigade fux it up

  • Anonymous

    maybeMAYBE if I could view this via android app it would work properly

    • GPrime

      ^^ THIS

  • http://Thechive. The bentrod.

    Nice. Thanks for the 1 pic again.

  • Dads

    I logged on at 2am to look at one picture. What the F.

  • RF3

    It only takes 1 click to get to the Brigade and 1 more click to get to the hi-res, hot tittie page. That’s 2 total clicks for the geniuses that still haven’t been able to figure it out. C’mon guys, if you’re surfing theChive, you’re better than this. By the way, #21 is lovely.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    I think they do it to mess with us. It never works. If it says “the brigade”, get ready to see 1 pic and a bunch of comments.

  • annoyed

    I'm not sure why this is so hard to figure out. It's a fucking link to the brigade. If you want to see the picks, go to the brigade. The part that I hate is that useing the navigation arrows below the pic automaticly takes you to the brigade. Chive…please change this. I go to the brigade when i want to go to the brigade. Stop making me go there when all i want to do is troll the chive.

  • superguy

    I don’t know what clicks you have, but my droid doesn’t go to any more pics. The Brigade sucks.

  • Capt D

    Just go to the bottom and click view full site and it all magically appears

  • http://Chive Zack morris

    Well she is beautiful… Who is she?

  • seven

    more of 21 & 29 please!

  • Theeffinjeff

    At the bottom of the page is a button that says view full site, click that then click the link…chive on ;0)

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