Sorority girl is confused as to who Jeremy Lin is, asks him out on date (Video)

Let’s face it, this girl doesn’t seem smart enough to troll the Internet.
But, when she asks “NY Giants” number one “Black Guy” “Jerry” Lin out on a date, I can’t help but think she’s getting by on nothing but her “looks”.

However, if this was the “big troll” she’s been masterminding, she is the 1%.

(for those of you that don’t know, Jeremy Lin is an up and coming Asian-American NBA star with the New York Knicks).

  • @Aschick41

    Swiiiiiing and a miss

    • Hippy Dan

      "Jerry"? "Winners and Black guys"? What a tool!!

      No denying she's hooooot but duuuuuuuuuuuuumb.

    • mik

      Free shot to any large black guy named Jerry

    • ian
  • g3nXsLack3r

    These stupid videos don't even faze me anymore. Attractive girls with big boobs who think people actually care what they have to say. You know you have big boobs. I know you have big boobs. They are your only redeeming feature. Show your bewbs or stay off the internets. That is all.

    • meh


    • JDB

      Yes, that comment was full of Winning

    • SheriffPablo

      Women like this are the reason the phrase "Tits or GTFO" was invented

    • phdonme

      I'm sorry, this girl is in College? How the fuck did she make it out of grade school.

      • Herp McDerp


    • Terry

      Did you ever know that your my hero…….

      • 4th grader

        and everything I would like to be……

    • LOLlerskates

      Has anyone seen her twitter page… Apparently Britney houston died according to her. I'm with this guy.. Stay off the internet.

  • Usoagain

    Wtf….thats amazingly dumb. She's ugly with that brain, sorry. No amount of boobs can salvage her.

    • Allen

      It would be great if he accepted the date and then filmed their first blind date meeting

    • Manlius_Magnus

      they can salvage her from drowning?

  • non

    I like how she cut her forehead off the shot to show her tits. She is going places. Like Cheetahs, Spearmint Rhino or if she is extra classy, maybe Scores.

    • chong

      you stole that comment from an earlier post

      • I Like Turtles

        Yup. Not sure if you know, but we all Chive, my friend. You can't get away with that shit with us.

    • Herp McDerp

      Why steal somebody else's words and re-post anonymously? So you can feel good about your anonymous comment knowing your the anonymous guy that knowingly stole somebody else's thought? I think you are going places…

  • Drew

    just another pair of tits trying to get attention.

  • Khous655

    Clearly she is using a computer already. Why wouldnt you Google him first before you making a fool out of yourself?

  • jonny

    now i ain't saying she a gold digger…

    • I Like Turtles

      I am. Bitch is a GOLD DIGGER!

      • LarsfromNorway

        but she ain't messin' with no broke Asian-Americans

        • michael1922100

          Jeremy Lin is far from broke

          • jacob2533

            your an idiot. its a song

  • MrCoffeeman

    Hope she succeeds because I doubt life will get easier for her at this point.

  • aaron

    jokes – i bet her twitter has similar 'classics' on it though….

    • hmm...

      her only has the one tweet about this video getting attention. I'm going to call bullshit.

    • James

      "Angie Maxx @xoxoAngieAngel
      to all you assholes leaving comments on my yutube page, i am NOT a slut! ive only had sex with like 3 guys inthe last 10 days!!!"

      – If that explains it for you

  • sam

    even though she was that wrong, i would still say yes. for sure

  • Blunt

    Pretty sure anyone that wanted to could easily convince this dumb set of tits they are Jeremy Lin , wouldn't even necessarily need to be a big black dude.

    • ....


  • Jeremy Lin

    Hell yeah. You put out?

  • Saw it yesterday.

    The Chive should hire a new intern who sole job would be making sure the videos they post are not making the rounds on just about every site out there. I'd suggest either making a gif & dumping it in the DAR or in a case like this where a gif wouldn't really work just add it too the "best links of the day"

    Thumbs up if like original content
    Thumbs down if you enjoy sloppy seconds

    • Titus

      I'd rather have a video that's hot on the internet than someone posting "Friday" with "LOLZ how funniiez is this?"

      The intern is doing fine, go hate on something else.

      • Saw it yesterday.

        All I read was that your standards are about as high as as this chicks IQ

    • Jealous?

      I'm assuming you're the guy that finds something wrong with every video mac the intern posts. You should get to bed, you have to be greeting people at walmart in 2 hours.

      • Too dumb for Walmart

        Did you know that walmart is going to do away with the greeter position?

    • This is the Internet

      If you like original content, go to whatever's left of College Humor. The last original video I saw of theirs was "Very Mary Kate" and I was Very Mary Close to killing myself.

    • RLY?

      Isn't his job to make sure the videos he posts are making the rounds on the internet?

    • Saw it yesterday.

      btw hiring a new intern doesn't mean firing the old one

    • humblemonkey42

      Thumbs down if you're tired of annoying, whining comments. Enjoy the vid, don't troll around tons of sites looking for one to hate on.

      • Troll Bait

        The chives next T shirt design should be "Reposts Rock" you got a handful of customers waiting right here..

  • sss

    and she really really like black guys… WTF what a stupid bimbo, FUUUUUUUUU

  • Candybabe_66

    Did anyone look at her Twitter? Her most recent tweet: "OMG my video si getting so much attention form evrybody!!! can someone get it to jerry or jereemy or whatever his name is lol".

    Oh honey, I really hope some semi-famous guy needs a mediocre trophy wife. That's all I see in your future.

    • Bud

      I'm pretty sure this chick is trolling. She said goodbye to Britney Houston on her twitter a few days ago. It also appears her twitter that she listed is pretty much brand new with that video.

  • jackofseveraltrades

    I'd still hit that. But she wouldn't let me, so FUCK YOU

    • sss

      well, you can be jeremy lin, becouse she's stupid. she wont notice it

      • Candybabe_66

        But only if he's black and plays for the Giants.

        Actually, just wear a Giants jersey. She probably won't notice the difference.

  • http://Chivebaby Wizkidlifa

    Typical FSU girl, doesn’t know who/what is in her mouth as long as he is famous

  • fdubzou

    She's a mudshark, but since Linn is actually Asian, would that make her like a Koishark?

  • DerpDaDerp

    Yea, is this the chick with the same avatar that BLOWS UP MY TWITTER ACCOUNT EVERY 5 SECONDS AND I AM FORCED TO BLOCK HER BECAUSE SHE IS A TWITTER ESCORT?!?!?! oh no?!!? Chive on XXX

  • Anonymous

    She probably has a penis

  • Norb

    I hope some african american takes the opportunity and goes to meet this lady as "Jerry Lin"…

    • david

      well put sir

  • Da Sandman

    she really likes black guys.. i sure wonder why…

  • AussieChiver23

    Name wrong. Sport wrong. Team wrong. Race wrong.

    Sure you aren’t from Cappa Stupid Delta? How the hell did you get into college? I weep for the future.

    • Red

      I mean she got into FSU. It's a bit different than actually getting in somewhere.

      • Zach

        You clearly know nothing about FSU's academic record. This idiot represents nothing about that university.

        • Josh

          People go to FSU because they didn't get into Florida. Face reality and admit it.

    • Me too

      Kappa "Stupid" Delta is spelled with a "K"

  • Dwimmerlaik

    Wait.. This video had sound ? Better watch it several more times.

  • Brian

    Jaysus all you haters! I could not care less about her IQ, or whether she's for real or not. I'm not dating her fer chissakes. I just enjoy watching her "looks" bounce around the bottom of the screen. That is all.

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