Sorority girl is confused as to who Jeremy Lin is, asks him out on date (Video)

Let’s face it, this girl doesn’t seem smart enough to troll the Internet.
But, when she asks “NY Giants” number one “Black Guy” “Jerry” Lin out on a date, I can’t help but think she’s getting by on nothing but her “looks”.

However, if this was the “big troll” she’s been masterminding, she is the 1%.

(for those of you that don’t know, Jeremy Lin is an up and coming Asian-American NBA star with the New York Knicks).

  • http://chive joe

    What a gold doggie biiiatch. I bet she can suck linsdick and would be lintastic. Go get some lin. Groopies are awesome.

  • Orlando DY

    Wooo Well T.G.I.F MUhahah!!

  • Eddie

    In the words on Ron White……"You can't fix STUPID!"

  • mercutio

    Either she’s brilliant or she’s…. wait, bewbs.

  • bIG mIKE

    Wow why do chicks like that turn me on and sicken me at the same time…?

  • discowheels

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure a Harvard graduate like Linn wants to hang out with her stupid ass. WTF???

  • tsam waters

    OMG what a dumb bitch i hate sports and dont even watch them or follow them but even i know who "jerry lin" is.

  • Bob

    Great boobs, I'll be her date instead – college girls rock

  • Ozzie

    This is a fake. Her real name is Dominique Dicaprio and she’s smarter than that. I don’t know why she posted this though. Probably some kind of publicity stunt?

  • Matt

    I go to fsu it’s a fake

  • Jake


  • Zach

    pretty sure the whole video is a fake, and that she doesnt even to FSU. Not to mention I found a video from 2009 where she says shes 23? Her face book page lists her living in Brooklyn, NY and her occupation is "entertainer"

  • Chaz Michaels

    Her father must be proud….

  • http://chive t

    She really really likes black guys, which works out cause black guys like really really dumb bitches haha

  • Brian

    I'll be her "Jerry Lin" any day 😀

  • Dan

    That's Racist. She only thought she knew his name is Jerry and she thought he played football, so she assumes he's black. Fuck you white girl

  • Matt

    This girl should never speak again…. How is she in College?

  • Anonymous

    I need to change my name to Jerry and hit the tanning salon quick…

  • Greg

    I sort of feel sorry for people like this because the moment they start loosing their looks they're fucked

  • Neema

    okay so I went to SDSU and Kappa Delta's were all whores. looks like a national phenomenon just like good ole Jerry Lin

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  • NeedsMoreThanTits

    One look at her Twitter (@xoxoAngieAngel) tells me that this is just a ploy for attention. She references Whitney Houston's death as: "omg britney huston died???" No sorority girl, no matter how many sperm cells have replaced her brain cells via the semen she guzzles, could get a basic aspect of a celebrity name that wrong, especially one that has been so widely circulated in the media recently. Troll girl is a troll.

  • Reservoir_Dog

    Hey bubble-head…. ever heard of something called Google?

  • paper_doll

    whoa.. just. oh my god. she couldn't bother herself with a simply google search? just ..*face palm*

  • Ross

    i just went to her twitter and based on her dumb as shit tweets i.e. "RIP Britney Huston" i'd say she's an expert level troller.

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