There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (92 Photos)

Thanks again to all our stunning Chivettes for making the world's Friday a little bit brighter. As usual, we get so many submissions check back next week if you don't see yourself today.

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes submit your awesome photos right here.

Stay tuned for the HQ DAR!


  • chris

    #12 and #13 SWEET JESUS!!! DELISH….

  • chris

    #63 she makes me a proud canadian, you go girl!!!

  • T Low

    #12 is out of this world!

  • ben

    I had not loved, until I met #84. Welcome to the party pall.

  • Bruno

    #79 is very gorgeus girl!!

  • Michael

    83 made my day ^__^ absolutely gorgeous!

  • Michael

    I meant 63, but 83 is still hot, along with all of them =)

  • http://chive chris

    #22 OMG

  • Gallus

    Oh, goodness, this has been a sensory overload. You gals are lovely. Still, I reserve the right to have favorites. #9, #56, #91, I would love to meet any one of you. 🙂

  • john

    #78, may be your're not the hotest girl in here, but u really got me with that picture, … dunno I just love u. Anyways, if you get to read this, try to reply this message (if u want), may be I can pay u back the effort.

    • The Waitress

      Dear John,
      I'm flattered. More to come i promise
      -The Waitress

  • sparky

    #38- Nice!!!!

  • Trei

    I wanna Mary a chivette

  • Chris

    # 31 by far one of the finest officers (if u make it through ROTC) that I’ve seen but good luck trying to earn respect from the NCO side of the Army chive on

  • crash

    #84 won my heart. props on originality.

  • http://none niiiiice!!


  • Bob

    #62 OMG x2

  • zbitt

    #50 as a beautiful smile and for the love of God find number #55


    #12 I wanna stick my face in it!! 😉

  • stuf

    1. Most of these girls not attractive
    2. Most of these girls attention seeking
    3. no black girls what so ever
    4. email me at chiveisr acist@g , join the 5000+ to sign the petition
    5. anti-chive blog and lobbying firm coming to address media
    6. we seek integration of black girls into all posts
    7. when black girls are integrated, please put them towards the top and quit hiding them until the end
    8. mac the intern, want to make fun of asians and blacks more? NO STOP IT
    9. black is beautiful as existed twice. that is not enough. plus we want integration
    10. chive endorses gun usage
    11. The chive is not rac ist, they only submit pictures provided by users. Perhaps this is true to an extent. But I find it hard to believe that all user submitted pictures are whites only. Furthermore, the chive provides galleries of NON USER SUBMITTED pictures i.e. porn stars, random models. There has only been 1 such gallery in recent memory of an Afr ican American.
    12. BET and NAACP is Rac ist and why isn’t there a WET? Ok, so this is ridiculous. We have WET. It’s called the REST OF TV. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC. All programming geared towards white actors. BET and NAACP exist for a reason. THEY REPRESENT MI NORITY VIEWS. AF RICAN AMERICANS ARE MINORI TIES.

    13.Chive is free to do what they want. Yes. They are. But I am also free to express discontent. There are literally thousands of viewers like myself who are upset with the Chive’s practices. Thus, we are allowed to speak just as much as you are.

    14. Well, the Chive had a black is beautiful post. Ok. 1 gallery. Out of HUNDREDS of others. Enough Said. What we want is integration of mi norities into all galleries. Not just one to appease the chive’s psyche. Further, to add insult to injury, the chive put a black is beautiful on the glorious MLK day. Come on!

    15. GO TO FACEBOOK and report all posts/pictures on the chive page as sexually exploitative, FACEBOOK WILL SHUT THEM DOWN!

    16. Look out for my website, the anti-chive. It’s a blog of chive’s racial preferences, and photo screen shots ofuser generated comments that are so racist.

    17. Look out for my website, the anti-chive. It’s a blog of chive’s racial preferences, and photo screen shots ofuser generated comments that are so racist.

  • olivacollan at gmail

    78 I really wish I worked with you 😉 hope u read and reply to this message!

  • Lou

    #37 Thanks Chive. In the future please only ship shirts to men.

  • Eder St. Cool


    YES!! THIS ONE!! MOAR!!!

  • john

    # 31 and #54

    gross female cadet at VMI…

  • Todder247

    Stuf, is it so hard for you to make friends that you have to start petitions in order to have people interact with you? Why don’t you join a chess club or get a job at a fast food joint? They’re pretty interactive. You might even make friends with a couple of 15 yr olds that think you’re cool because you can grow a mustache.
    Clearly you have no life other than shitting on people’s parade and clearly I don’t either because I just wasted 5 minutes of my life ridiculing a dipshit!
    Keep Calm and Chive on sugar tits! From Canada
    P.S. I really hope you’re not Canadian, what a disgrace to a Country you must be!
    Why don’t you put your evil powers towards a useful cause and petition to have child pornographers castrated?
    Great I just wasted 3 more minutes on you, I’m done!!!

  • Big Joe

    #19 I’ll Winnipeg her Jet!

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