There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (92 Photos)

Thanks again to all our stunning Chivettes for making the world's Friday a little bit brighter. As usual, we get so many submissions check back next week if you don't see yourself today.

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes submit your awesome photos right here.

Stay tuned for the HQ DAR!


  • Forest

    #21 — not the most revealing, but arguably the best of them all. Well done, Chivettes!!

  • Hand of Fate

    #78 Very sexy. I love the whole being a naughty girl at work idea, and you look fantastic!

    • Doobsy

      Im loving this dirty office girl trend to! Keep em coming! I cant help but look at the girls i work with and think they are all doing the same! LOL

      • AllanA

        I was thinking the same thing at my office….hmmmm

  • bones

    #13 AGAIN! Still not a damn thing to be shy about! Still absolutely gorgeous!

  • Dick Salad

    #72 wins my heart and I don't normally go for blonds

  • My_3_Things

    Best… SC… ever,,,

  • shad

    #50………… WOW

  • @bckwdboi

    Too many numbers to remember. Thanks again ladies for making Friday EVEN better. KCCO !!

  • anguish

    I have no idea why, but I love #91 in general too..

  • dick

    #28 #70 no one wants to see your arm pits

    • Steve

      Your complaining about that. Your a douche

  • tom

    #2 #36 and #55 all day, err day.

  • James Glenwood

    #85 Looking good.

  • Roy1531

    Made my heart skip a beat!

  • dick

    is there any chance on getting some actual NEW submittals on here?! I've seen a lot of these before!

  • Whoa

    #1#4#5 You need to get that coat of arms tattoo re-lined- mad shakey

  • James

    I’m stuck at work for 16 hours today on a Friday… This just made me not give a fu*k! Thank youuuuu Chivettes!

  • jimmyp06

    My one dream in life, meet and marry a chivette!

    #23 chicago love 🙂

  • Bri

    Thats my girldfriend!

    • Martin McFly

      Cool story bro!

    • stuf

      ew so gross and superficial

      • Truth

        I would gladly give up my right arm just to have five minutes to beat your ass with my left one.

      • Christina

        Dude. You reek. Of bitterness.

        • Christina

          and that comment is towards you STFU. Just in case you are a complete moron. I think she is stunning.

  • j.c.


  • nelly
  • Edmonton biker

    #63!!! I kn

  • John

    # um…. yes! I'll take two of each please! And Thank you

  • Kyle429

    #1 is so gorgeous.

    #22 Dat ass.

    #49 MOAR!!

    #63 Oh, Canada! indeed. MOAR!!

  • Edmonton biker

    #63!!! I knew the Edmonton Chivettes were out there!! Now I need to meet them!! Damn!!!! So nice!!!!!

    • stuf

      ew disgusting

  • Wallace

    84 you made my week and month one fantastic body two you added two of my favorite things guns and a tribute to officer John McLain

  • thats all

    my top 4 #11 #45 #57 #76

    • stuf


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