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  • http://www.crazyrabbitdaily.com/2012/02/18/beautiful-timelapses-from-all-over-the-world-video-thechive/ Beautiful timelapses from all over the world (Video) : theCHIVE | CrazyRabbit Daily

    […] Beautiful timelapses from all over the world (Video) : theCHIVE. […]

  • Ostarc

    Please where is the list of 180 places ?

  • sparrow


    • greg

      "Wolf" by First Aid Kit.

  • Otter

    Bridge dip – 0.18
    Tree twist – 1.32

    List of sources : https://plus.google.com/u/0/111847392531279303371


    TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Video Credits Reader

    Artist website is as follows:

  • cuervo

    it's a beautiful world.

  • Lance20148

    #74 @ 1.31 is a model train, not Athens…

    • kros

      No its not, its a technique either using a tilt-shift lens or with some post processing to give the effect of a miniature scene. Its a used a few times in this video. There are time lapses made up entirely of tilt shift scenes. Its crazy to look at. Here you go https://vimeo.com/11445353

      • Lance20148

        Amazing what they are doing with Claymation these days… Thanks kros, cool stuff.

  • http://Www.tjoez.be Matthew Vandeputte

    Part of my work is used in this video, without my knowledge. Now he’s gonna get thousands of views and get the advertisingmoney by ripping other people’s work, this is total bullshit.

  • Vincent Rogers

    You are using copyright material!

  • http://www.tjoez.com Matthew Vandeputte

    Please take this video offline immediately.
    It features a lot of peoples work that got stolen by the 'creator' of this video.
    The original on YouTube already got taken down due to a copyright claim by Terje Sorgjerd (TSO Photography).
    Thank you

  • Vincent Rogers

    You are nothing more than a thief of the creative treasures o real creators. Whatever your explanation, stop fooling yourself and stop trying to fool others: make your own stuff or get lost you fake fool!

  • http://www.JamesOgle.com James Ogle

    Just came across this and realized my work is used in this video. I'm not too pleased myself but can only imagine how offended some of the heavy hitters whose hard work makes up the majority of the clip would be.

  • thetruth34

    where can i find the list of the places in this video?

  • fahrvernugen

    u dumb newbies, i did this video when i was 12, u should check my new shindigs.

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