Cat Saturday (32 Photos)

  • jball

    I’m sitting in the ER waiting to be called and forced to open “Cat Saturday” since I’ve seen all the others. Not happy about this bros.

    • Phydor

      Yeah. Welcome to Saturday. May your inards be well poked



  • Jawbone

    #26 hello, fucking hipster douche.

  • elle

    love kittehs 🙂
    yes, Im female…

  • AmbushAnnie

    I love Cat Saturday… am a new fan. And yes, I agree with most posters here… especially: #6 so darn adorable, I might print it up, and, yup, I thought of Sheldon on that rock, paper, scissors….

  • @whyo

    #33 also known as Drake's cat

  • George

    Cat haters quit being douchebags. Chivettes think its great. That alone is reason enough. In addition, if you don't like #3 or #24 go see the wizard and get yourself a heart.

  • Anonymous

    #26 is extra full of “what the fuck?”

  • cheese

    you will not believe that when #6 reaches adulthood, he'll chase a very sly light brown mouse

  • Gallus

    #24 – That's both my cats. They're almost a year old now, but they started bringing stuffed toys to bed with them very early on. Nothing like waking up to kitties curled up with their teddybears.

  • Cassidy

    #17 #18 & #21, if any of you are single, please let me know.

    • AsIImagine

      I know #17…he is a good friend of mine and yes he is single.

  • marcussam

    #6 Haters Gonna Hate…

  • marcussam

    #26 doesnt matter…had a BJ..

  • ImpressMe

    #6 Hello Kitty….. meets #26 Hello dumbass.

  • gucci mane la flaire


  • Jim bob

    32 is so mean yet sooooo funny at the same time.

  • Papachester

    Caturday makes me think that maybe there are some people who enjoy the simple things in life

  • @saintbaxter


    Nope, not creepy at all.

  • Gia

    How about a dog sunday or Saturday?! Come on guys!!

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    #21 even tho he never smiles and is always the go to guy to pick on he is still freaking cute! 🙂
    #24 i just melted in awwww with this one! ❤

  • Kozak

    #25 Will someone get me a price check… This order is to go

  • Anonymous

    #33 Eugene levy’s cat

  • Caitlin

    #14 Is this at Mac's house!? Also would like to state Cat Saturday is my favorite!

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