A Daily Morning Awesomeness Worthy of the Presidents (30 Photos)

  • Nurse Chapel

    #18 Is one teeeny tiny individual or a really bad sense of photoshop perspective

    • Alpha0010

      Or maybe a huge tree and distant camera?

  • Namjak

    What are we supposed to be seeing in #18???

    • Alpha0010

      An invisible person on the left side.

  • Rob

    #2 back when men were men.

    #4 WHERE?? Please provide hotel name and number or website. I know where I’m Goin this year.

    • TitoRigatoni

      #4 is clearly a rendering, not even remotely possible.

      • Alpha0010

        Oh yeah! I guess if you look at the buildings in the background especially, they are very low-detail, also the ground.


    Happy presidents day…you lazy fuckers!

  • tommytwotime

    #25 goddamn it I love pandas!!! #31 AMERICA!!!

  • edslerson

    Our president’s are almost always crooks and liar’s

  • mikegeha

    #18, There’s a woman with her arms above her head facing away in camo. Left side. Took me a min.

  • Daguerilla

    18 I see a forest for the side boob.

  • Jack

    #18 Did anybody else notice the fox in the snow at the bottom of the picture? I saw the camo guy already.

  • cdmphy


    Cheap and stupid.

  • CorrectionArms


    How the lady predators spend their time while the men are out hunting Arnold.

    • Alpha0010


  • Stephen H.

    "Hi Mr. Panda. I'm a douchebag."

    • BeeBoo

      Someone should tell the panda to introduce himself to the nearby plant, as it probably has more personality.

    • Lloyd

      Love the guy.

      No more wheat board, no more LGR.

      The man is on a roll.

      Meanwhile you have the NDP punishing its own MP for voting based on what their constituents want, and the Liberals having so few seats, no one really cares what they think. Pretty second rate 3rd party =)

  • Bored at work

    Imagin that…The Staff at the Chive taking another day off. Must be nice.

  • Vent187

    #23 not approved. What are you watching, sex and the city?

  • Da Sandman

    #15 i can't what..?

  • socalmarti

    #9 and #12 gave me chills……

  • http://thiswasmynight.com thiswasmynight


  • we todd

    #3 is that Whitney Houston?

  • NsideCenter

    #13 I'm pretty sure you may have been my waitress on V-Day!!

  • Martin


  • http://chive chase

    Ab is the ducking man

  • http://chive chase

    Keg stools need to make some

  • bubba

    half days at the chive suck donkey dick!

  • Johnny LaRue

    what does #31 have to do with Presidents Day…except for the picture of Lincoln?

  • Benoit

    #23 nice I want that basement #24 I want that cottage 😉

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