A few random facts about our Presidents (19 Photos)

  • bones

    Presidential Fact #20. President Bill Pullman helped save the human race from invading aliens, AND destroyed Spaceball1/MegaMaid.
    Beat That Millard Fillmore!


    He is the reason racial Shit still exists!!!! If it makes u feel better, I’m screaming for the Arab post with chicks on camels with two jumps!!!! Pouring water on themselves…..actually, sounds hot..LOL

  • Dave

    If I hate haters does that make me a hater too?

  • jerk

    on #7: he also used teeth from his slaves. not kidding.

  • Thunder

    Just something for another black person to bitch about…..if you notice, that’s all they do. A crutch, everyone owes them. My grandmother picked cotton till her fingers bleed ad a child. Go fuck yourself. You come down my street with that shit and I’ll stick racism up your black ass. Fu&Kc

  • McFeely Smackup

    I like how Libtards have to actually qualify the vacatn thing with "in his first year" – fully ignoring that Bush spent 8yrs in office and Odumbo 3yrs so far – and in that time, Odumbo and his Aunt Esther of a scary old lady have eclipsed anything Bush ever did, all while telling the Amercan people that "we" need to cut back and live within "our" means.. Hipocrytical idiots.

  • Goomba in Kandahar

    #4 James Garfield….. Like a boss

  • Meow

    Republicans love dissing Obama because they are still getting ripped on about how shitty G. W. Bush was.

  • Simon

    Obama hates ice cream? Maybe the birthers and tea party are right about him!

    (Please note I'm being sarcastic.)

  • Evan

    James Garfield is offically the coolest president ever.

  • bearjew

    @meow no people love dissing Obama because he is worthless and clueless. W sucked but Obama is an idiot in his own right.

  • Nick

    You know what else Obama can't stand? Capitalism, white people, and the American way of life.

    • its_forge

      [citation needed]

      • Nick

        [his record provides enough sitation]

  • Thunder

    Should the white cats be mad about more black cats being posted on cat Saturday’s. Just a thought!!!

  • wittename

    #3 tallest president AND vampire hunter

  • Gallus

    #7 – GW was America's richest president. If I recall correctly, he was worth over $500 million in today's dollars. When assessing his wealth, people invariably cite his land holdings, his wife's landholdings (she was wealthy in her own right), and his agricultural productivity. Folks seem unaware that the major source of his income was *booze*. GW was the biggest distiller of alcohol in the U.S. at that time – and business was really good. Chances are that when someone treated him to a drink, it was with booze he had produced himself. – So here's to GW, a man for all seasons.

  • Mr. J

    Obama doesn't like ice cream? Fucking socialist.

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  • Qdaddy

    Lesson learned: have epic facial hair.

  • TiminPhx

    This is nothing but a copy and paste rush to deflect attention from Obama and his wife.

    Some little intern did some quick research, under the guise of a president's day article to throw mud at Dubya, so as to protect the guy, he hopes will tell him to forget about those nasty School Loans.

    The fact that President Obama's wife goes on a vacation every month, it seems, and takes on the public dime, a large posse ( I did say posse) needs to be deflected.

  • goodguytyler

    #12 like a boss

  • SadeShadz

    Wow! This post was not cool Chive :/ Too much arguing!

  • M.O.T.

    Fun Fact – Chester A. Arthur Elementary in New York was evacuated in 1995 after it was reported on radio that a bomb had been placed there. It was later discovered as a decoy to rob the gold reserves of Wall Street.
    True Story

  • mcs

    Barack Obama loves ice cream http://www.buzzfeed.com/keenan/pictures-of-barack

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