A few random facts about our Presidents (19 Photos)

  • AssClown

    Where's Obama? You now…cause he don't like ice-cream…

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      In office.

      • dedubs


    • Yes, hello

      # 1 here's Obama

      • johnc

        holy shit get it right

    • huh?

      Who gives a s***?

      • you

        fuck me

    • Dan

      Trying to catch W's vacation record.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        not even close, As of last August – "So far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch where his staff often joined him for meetings. And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch."

        • FLA

          only difference is Obama's vacations actually spend a lot of tax payer money

        • Frustratedatunclesam

          And that's a good thing?!?!?!? I'd like to see how many days his average tax payer takes in the same amount of time. hint: it's A LOT less!

  • sticky

    ooooohhhh bama, you came and you gave without taking. and i need you today oooooohhhh bama

    • EZEE's


      Come on, that's only funny, it's creative….

      • The_Dood

        It's from South Park…

    • Sluttypanda

      Ceeelllllllebrate good Obama c'mon! It's Obama-bama..

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  • James



    • sheoncebelieved

      What about Michelle Obama's 16th Vacay in 3 years?

      • Barger

        Who cares? She isn't the president.

        • andfukyamoms

          That makes it even worse. Tax payers are paying for her vacations and shes not even a gov. employee

          • truth

            Her husband is the President, of course tax payers are paying for her vacation. Are you saying no governement employee, or spouse of government employee, should be able to take vacations? FFS think about shit before you speak.

            • dedubs

              My family vacations consisted of sitting in the back of a car for a six hour drive to my grandparents house in rural Maryland.

              No, neither government employees nor their spouses should not be able to take million dollar vacations to exotic locations on the taxpayer dime.

              • truth

                'sitting in the back of a car'….that's all I needed to hear to know your opinion doesn't count.

                • its_forge


                  do you actually read this crap back to yourself before you hit Submit or are you just that fucking stupid?

                  • truth

                    Look, it's forge. He's come to the defense of the defenseless. Why don't you put your diaper back on and quit wiping crap all over the wall you 'tard.

              • aaaa

                Michelle's vacations were most likely paid with the millions he earned as an author. Who gives a fuck if they weren't. He gets paid the stipulated amount for a president and he can spend it however he damn well pleases.

                Socialism!!!!Socialism!!!! Call the Tea Party!!! People are telling Obama how to spend his money. 'Merica, love it or leave it, these colors don't run!!!

                • dedubs

                  I won't pretend to know exactly were all the presidents funds come from, but I have a hunch you can't pay for 16 vacations (not just for Michelle, but an entire entourage as well) and hours upon hours of privately flying a boeing 747 to incredible resorts on the presidents salary $400,000 a year. Maybe if she has an intricate brunch of two with a foreign diplomat they call it official government business.

                  Yeah Obama, keep attacking that 1% and those evil corporate jet owners, you damn hypocrite.

                  • its_forge

                    Are you fucking serious dude just get the fuck over it. He's black, he's the president, and he likes to have a day off once in a while. The rest of that bullshit, Jesus Christ already.

                    • dedubs

                      Forgot he was black for a sec. Fuck, now I REALLY don't like his policies. Remember, if you disagree with Obama it's because you are racist.

                      What's bullshit is that the president talks about how the middle class is being destroyed while he gives huge subsidies and bailouts to giant corporations, sends his wife on lavish vacations and attends $38,000/ plate fundraisers in Corona Del Mar.

                    • its_forge

                      Please, fool. Those subsidies and bailouts don't come from the White House, they come from Congress. Obama tried to get rid of a bunch of them and Congress acted like he'd just said "I'mma have all y'all thrown in a wood chipper kay?" And seriously, let he who *hasn't* had an expensive vacation (paid for by either the taxpayer or a **lobbyist**) or a zillion-dollar-a-plate rubber chicken dinner cast the first bullshit aspersion on THAT. Not a **single** thing you just said isn't true of **everyone** in Washington.

                    • dedubs

                      gimme a break… every law made/ budget passed by congress is approved by the president.

                      My criticisms extend to all members of the federal government but since the president is the figure head (and the person we are talking about here) he will get the most blame.

                      You can not combat criticisms of the president by saying "well what he did was wrong but… everyone else does it too!"

                      Throw em all out.

                    • its_forge

                      Oh please dude what a load of shit. If you're going to schlep that bullcrap, why bother having a political argument at all?

                    • Swarley

                      I got two words for all of you: Ron Paul! If you want your country back, go vote for him.

                    • its_forge

                      HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA that fucking psycho, I'd fucking shoot myself before I voted for that goddamn nut case.

                    • dedubs

                      strengthen the dollar, end pointless wars costing a trillion dollars and thousands of lives, protect civil liberties and restrain the growth of the federal government that thinks it knows what is best for you… what a fucking nut job

                    • gron

                      Are you talking about Obama? Granted that the dollar couldnt get much weaker when he took offce but the dollar has only gotten stronger since. He ended 1 war, is in process to end another, avoided another(lybia), is trying to avoid another(iran). Staunch defender of gay rights, womens rights, veterans rights. Has shed the most govt jobs in the past 30 yrs.

                      these are all things you can look up ur self btw.

                    • forfunone

                      Actually, congress can pass a law without the president signature with a 2/3rds vote but i am sure you were too busy filing your welfare paperwork to pay attention in school

                    • dustin_b3

                      You realize your biggest complaint you could come up with is the President's WIFE taking vacation….

                      Even under a thread where it was stated Ford (R) had a fucking PROM in the white house and even worse where it states Bush (R) set a RECORD for most vacations himSELF.

                      Figure it out.

                    • dedubs

                      far from the biggest complaint, just one that is relevant to this thread.

                    • its_forge

                      LOL ::Points at you:: LOL

                    • Nick

                      When Bush went on vacation, he went to his PRIVATE property in Crawford, costing minimum to the taxpayers. Obomb, however, goes to "asia" (Hawaii), Aspen, all over the damn place. BIG difference between going to your own private property, and having a taxpayer-funded go-anywhere vacay ticket.

                    • its_forge

                      No, it really fucking isn't. Wherever the president goes he has to have a complete entourage with him, whether he's at a hotel in Maui or an empty lot in Texas that he's arbitrarily designated a "ranch." Obama's vacations don't cost any more than Bush's did, that's just bullshit. Admit it, you don't think he should take vacations because he's black.

                    • Immatree

                      So remember folks, to echo the earlier words of dedubs, if you disagree with one of Obama's policies, you're racist!
                      Guess what, idiot?
                      I'm black, and I share the opinion that, while it is perfectly fine for Obama to take vacations, they should not be million-dollar ones paid for by taxpayers.

                    • its_forge

                      They're public officials; *everything they do* is "paid for by taxpayers" because that's the only money they're taking in. You gonna start complaining about someone who works for the DMV buying a 50-inch TV?

                    • Underhill

                      President often host balls and dinners–so what if Ford hosted one for jis daughter.

                    • dustin_b3

                      I (emphasized) don't give a SHIT. But w/ the complaint being "our taxes are paying for this shit" when in TRUTH you have no fucking idea WHERE the money is coming from. There are 2 BLATANT examples that seem to be ignored but shit-fits are thrown because the president's wife takes "VACATIONS"

                    • Dubya

                      Why does anyone that has an issue with Obama have to be taking a racist angle? The fact he is black had nothing to do with this. Don't introduce race into the discussion unless you want it to be in the discussion.

                    • its_forge

                      Well it must be SOMEthing, y'all conservapricks are acting like we elected Joe Fuckin' Stalin.

                    • Wyatt

                      So you admit that the only true defense people such as yourself (notice I didn't say Liberals, because you give Liberals a bad name) have is to pull the race card when someone disagrees with Obama's policies or actions. If the best point of your dissenting argument is to project some racially motivated bias, then recognize your argument is flawed. By pulling the racial undertones to your defense, you make yourself to be both a racist and a fool. Both of which people DO NOT tolerate in civil discussion (not that you have shown in any of your posts, you are capable of).

                      Obama is not some beacon of sovereignty in the darkness of America's political decay. Taking vacations during the absolute worst recession in our country's history should seem unthinkable to anyone…let alone the POTUS that was elected to right the nation's economic and international course. The expense of all those vacations should not matter since it is a dedicated expense to protecting the President's family. What truly should be astounding is why someone in the President's position would think, 'the nation is in pretty bad shape, we are tied up in 2 wars that we will not win, and we are pissing away trillions of dollars every physical quarter…I think I'll take a vacation.'.

                      But what am I saying? You think we dislike him because he's black, or because he's "Joe Fuckin' Stalin". It is all too clear, you don't understand the situation. So instead of attempting to get a clue, you throw out the proverbial race card. Pathetic. Not pathetic by Conservative's standards; not pathetic by Liberal's standards; simply pathetic by human being's standards.

                    • its_forge

                      The hypocrisy. George Bush was the one that took vacations during crises. Every frickin' *time* something bad happened he was on vacation. That oh so touching moment where he had his plane fly *over* Louisiana on the way back from partying with some crony fatcat senator. C'mon man, how come your head doesn't just explode from the irony of saying Obama's guilty of something his predecessor did ten thousand times over?

                    • truth

                      Maybe because it isn't Irony. What you are calling irony is actually coincidence. Look it up.

                      As for Bush taking vacation and Obama taking vacation, it is pretty much the same thing. Bush was always on some kind of vacation when the shit hit the fan. I think what Wyatt was saying was Obama saw the mess and then chose to take a vacation. Both politicians were/are pretty bad at timing their vacations.

                    • its_forge

                      Situational irony: pointing out that someone you don't like did something bad, when the guy you liked did it worse, thus making your argument explode in your face.

                    • Pete

                      I would vote for Obama. But Samuel Jackson said that he and others vote for people that look like them.

                      Thus I guess I should vote for a white guy. Only makes sense.

                    • its_forge

                      Far be it for you to step above behavior that you have here indicated you feel is reprehensible or anything.


                    • Cracker

                      He's HALF BLACK, dumbass. But it's all good because I just hate his white half. Happy now, Jesse Jackson?

                    • Underhill

                      I'm not sure he is even half black — don't really care — he's got the Nobel Prize.

                    • Nick

                      WTF does being black (half-black, actually) have to do with it? It's always some ignorant fuck that has to bring race into it.

                      BTW, last year alone, Michelle herself spent $10 million of taxpayers money on vacations. That was just Moochelle, and just last year.

                    • its_forge

                      And again, George W. Bush spent over 3 TRILLION taxpayer dollars on wars that accomplished nothing, killed thousands of ours and hundreds of thousands of theirs, and generated more new terrorists to fight against us than bin Laden could have in his wettest dreams. I'd say Michelle was an amateur, wouldn't you?

                    • Scout

                      He was fighting wars, whatever your opinion on them may be. She is taking glorified shopping trips.
                      See the difference?
                      Or do I have to use shorter words?

                    • forfunone

                      Here are shorter words for you – He started the fucking wars

                    • its_forge

                      ^^ This also.

                    • Pete

                      Everything obama did bad, was not his fault. It was congress. Anything bad Bush did was his own personal fault.


                    • its_forge

                      Well, in this **particular** case? He *did* start the wars himself, on his own, no question about it. He campaigned far and wide and with great vigor to get Congress to authorize Bush to tell Saddam that if a particular set of conditions weren't met by a certain date, with specific criteria, and specific conditions, that Bush would then be authorized to begin to assemble a coalition of nations that were willing to stand with us against Saddam's tyranny. Congress signed off on that. Bush immediately mobilized everything and started the air attack the next morning, disregarding anything the citation he gave to Congress said on it. The war was a unilateral effort by George W. Bush.

                    • its_forge

                      Here are some short words: Our great, great, great, great grandkids will be paying off Bush's debt. Obama's debt is already paid because it's chump change.

                • Dan

                  What about when their family flies seperate around the world on the taxpayers dime? The planes cost tens of thousands of dollars to operate per hour. MIchelle Obama thinks she is the Queen of America. G.W. Bush at least went to his ranch to have a vacation. He didn't need to rent out a whole hotel, like Moochelle Obama. Libs talk about Republicans being out of touch, how about they look at the Obamas.

                  • truth

                    You worry about MO's vacations but you don't whine about SuperPac contributions? Do you realize that foreign governments can donate to SuperPacs (yes it is illegal, but due to donations are kept anonymous so tracking is impossible), so both Republican and Democrat politicians can be bought by foreign countries. China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, any damn country can influence our politics now and we can't do a damn thing about it. Why compete against the US militarily when you can simply buy the damn government? Yeah, vacations are the real problem here.

                    • Masschine

                      In Bush's first year he took 77 vacation days. Obama took 26. While Michelle Obama might have taken vacations on her own remember that G.W.B's partying daughters had Secret Service protection while they clubbed around Europe at tax payer expense. Also while she has gone an a lot of trip many were actually government related pressing the flesh and promoting America much as Laura Bush did. Republicans will crucify a Democrat that sneezes in church but forgive a thief from the same party.

          • flio

            both of my parents are govt. employees. are you suggesting that our griswold like vacations of the mid 90's should have never happened?

            • Dan

              Did the taxpayers pay for your personal planes, hotels and security? If so, then no.

        • ROK247

          oh, i dunno – maybe because moving the first family and it's entourage to hawaii costs the US taxpayer 1.5 million dollars?

          • its_forge

            Aaaannnnnd George Bush's meaningless penis wars in Iraq and Afghanistan once all is said and done will have cost us 3 trillion dollars and over 6000 lives. The fuck's it to you?

            • Bought_by_China

              While Bush may have started the wars, Obama has yet to end them. The ONLY reason we are out of Iraq was the Iraqi government wanted to put American soldiers on trial for war atrocities. We stipulated we would only remain if our troops would have been given immunity, and thankfully the Iraqis said no. Otherwise, we would still be in Iraq. Credit where credit is due…the Iraqis ended the Iraq occupation, NOT Obama. Oh yeah, how is Obama doing on his promise to end the Afghan war? That's right, still in that quagmire.

              Let's see…still in 1 war and bailed out of the 2nd war because the sovereign country wanted to prosecute death squads.

              • its_forge

                Yeah I'll still take 100 Obamas over just one Bush.

                • Dubya

                  Then you will take 100 fools over 1 idiot.

          • Confused limey

            So .5 cents per person is the price you pay to allow a president from any of the 50 states to run…

            What are you suggesting? That you should show preference to candidates that live close to DC?

      • aaaa

        Who gives a fuck? She's not president.

    • ROK247

      to be fair, when GW was at the ranch, his entire staff was also there at the fully equipped and functional office, where they continued working and having regular meetings. your current president does not do that.

      • asmo

        He's your president too.

        • Dumb ass

          Not everybody is an American you stupid fuck.

        • rooster

          when he acts like the president of "all of us", we will treat him as such

          • truth

            That's it. A whole hell of a lot of people have given up on democracy. When the person they didn't vote for wns, it's a whole lot of 'he's not my president'. What a bunch of spoiled little kids. Sounds like a bunch of brats demanding they get a trophy for trying. "When he acts like the president of all of us…", when you start acting like an American citizen…how does that sound? When you start acting like a member of this Democracy, then he will start acting like your president.

            • 6_Crack_rocks

              The US is not a Democracy, we are a republic. We do not get to vote on every law, thus we are not a democracy.

              but yes, even though I did not vote for him he is still my president. The same way Bush was my president. Does not matter if you like it, it just is what it is.

              • dedubs

                Constitutional republics protect the rights of the individual from the masses. Democracies do not and are therefore inferior with respect to freedom.

                • truth

                  The right to vote and the right to be ignorant should not be simultaneously guaranteed.

              • Ninjack

                Yeah… Go check the definition of a democracy. What you're talking about is call 'direct democracy' which is where every person votes on everything. The noun 'democracy' means a system of government where the power ultimately is with the people often through elected representatives. We are specifically a constitutional republic, we have a democratic system of government. So yeah, still a democracy. Words can have more than one meaning.

          • Elcastino

            Sorry, he shouldn't act stupid to make dumb fucks like you feel better about themselves.

        • obama

          He is not my president… he is a fuckstick and a huge mistake!

      • Mmmm

        To be fair, if he was really "working" would we have had the biggest terrorist threat on American soil, along with False war based on "weapons of mass destruction" and false victory announced ("mission accomplished") in addition to hurricane Katrina being the huge clusterfuck that it was? He took ~1000 days of mental vacation, considering the guy couldn't read a fucking quote off a cue card or remember the most cliched sayings (It's hard to put food on your family).

      • its_forge

        Who fucking cares? Frankly I'd have preferred W actually take vacations all those hundreds of days because every day he was actually able to communicate with the rest of the executive branch is another day he had to fuck everything up worse than he already had.

    • Ouchmaker

      Just think how much more damage he could have caused without those vacation days.

    • juddling

      hmm…Obama has played more golf and taken more vacation days in 3 years than Bush took in 8 years. I will wholeheartedly disagree with this one (and i'm not a Bush fan)

      • JOE!

        Math? Bush spent 977 days on vacation. That's 2 and 2/3 years. That would mean that Obama would have been on vacation for all but 3 months since taking office.

        Please get your data from source other than Rush, Beck and Fox News.

        • Honest

          Of course, you're assuming that Bush just sat around at his ranch and was not working.

          • Dubya

            I think the whole world witnessed what Bush was doing while gumping around on his ranch. How many wars does it take before you are considered a good president? How many servicemen have to die to make you look pro-active against terrorism?

        • Country Fan

          You should realize that Bush was also working on those "vacations" he has hosted numerous dignitaries at his ranch in Crawford including Putin while he was president

          • its_forge

            Again, so what? Ten years sitting with Bush is still ten years sitting with an idiot; Obama can accomplish more in twenty minutes with a legal pad, a cuppa coffee, and someone to translate the Russian.

            • Nick

              And yet, he still hasn't accomplished anything except the lowest approval rating of any president in history, more spending than any president in history, and…well, that's about it. Not a DAMN thing to show for it.

              • its_forge

                What reality would this be in? Not the one I live in. Here he's got a public approval rating of fifty percent, probably a little over that by now. Congress however – you know, the Congress controlled by the Tea Party, a bunch of unbelievably out-of-touch buttpuppet Republicans and the biggest bunch of wimpass Democrats ever in the history of ever, their approval rating is still like, ten if they're lucky. And no I don't mean ten percent, I mean ten people.

              • Godfather

                Look at legitimate sources before spewing your idiocy. His approval ratings are just fine and in any sane economic model, the government HAS to spend a lot of money in a recession in order to pull out the private sector. In order to help cure your stupidity, go to http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com and http://www.skymachines.com/US-National-Debt-Per-C…. Reagan and W. put us in far more debt than any other president and Obama has had to spend so much in order to stop the hemorrhaging of the economy that W. caused (which admittedly sounds contradictory, but believe me, it's not).

    • Troy

      Obama has played more rounds in golf than all other presidenmts in US history, including the two yermers. Obama's day typically begins at 9 am, Bush's at 7am.

      MOST DC insiders will tell you our affirmative action president is the laziest in history.

      Nice try Chive. Al Jazeera nd Pravda would be proud.

      Obama said Bush was unpatriotic for acquiring $4 trillion in 8 years. Obama has $5.2 trillion in 3. NICE !!

      • its_forge

        [[[[[[[[[[[[citation fucking really, really needed]]]]]]]]]]]]

        • SilkySapper

          look it up then, try this amazing website called google

          • its_forge

            Uh-uh, onus of proof of an incredible shitload of completely unprovable bullcrap lies on the person putting forth that bullcrap, not on the people he shoveled it on. Standard debate rules.

      • Godfather

        Here you go, idiot: http://www.skymachines.com/US-National-Debt-Per-C….
        Keep listening to Hannity, he's obviously been getting his facts straight.

        • James

          One word has spawned 72 replies. Do I get a medal or something?

          • i like turtles


  • just_some_guy

    #10 I hate it when people say "Bush Sr." He didn't have the same name as his son–so he's not Sr. wtf. Just say G.H.W. Damn

    • Jeep

      ………too bad he survived all of those.

      • just_some_guy

        Now that's just uncalled-for.

      • TSM

        Not a fan of either Bush, but that's a crap-ass comment to make.

      • AmBush_Steve

        He survived but must have landed on his testicles at least a few of those times. Only explanation for what was to cum.

      • muddinitupfx4

        Show some respect!

    • WhoKnows

      its cause people are to stupid to understand the difference

      • AmBush_Steve

        Speaking from someone who knows? One sentence and 3 errors. It's, because or 'cause, and too.

    • j22

      who cares?

    • Sluttypanda

      They're both George W. Bush. I'd say that's a very similar name, and you'd usually want to distinguish a difference as to avoid confusion. Lay off the Red Bull, bud

      • MonkeyMadness

        Sr. is George H. Bush and Jr. is George W. Bush. Get it right moron.

        • Sluttypanda

          Senior is George Herbert Walker Bush…Walker starts with a W

    • robsterling

      During W's terms in office, the Secret Service referred to them as "Bush 41" and "Bush 43."

    • Scott

      George Bush and George Bush, it's the same name moron. They don't count middle names when determining senior and junior.

      • hyt

        Yes they do, moron.

  • drew

    #18… hasn’t that number been exceeded by our current vacationing president?

    • Barger


    • GvilleZack


    • truthbetold

      Nope, that record will remain untouched for generations to come

    • whyme1973

      I find it hard to believe that the Golfer in Chief hasn't surpassed Bush in vacation days.

      • Wutup

        They don't count golf as a vacation day. Only when you fly half way around the world with 2 747's and a huge security staff at public expense.

        • Mike

          But uh… Bush spent nearly all his vacations in Texas… That isn't half way around the world.

        • ejazzyjeff

          When you literally have to shut the golf course down, provide police and secret service for protection, yes it is at public expense.

      • tagbadger

        I get the feeling that they count "vacation days" like anyone else: as in, days during the work week that are spent on vacation that at work (although the president surely has work to do every day of the week).

      • gron

        I don't understand whats wrong with plying 9 holes every weekend. Better than sitting on ur couch every weekend.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      The exit is thataway ———————->

    • Kyle

      Where's stuf to yell at you for being racist by either bringing it up (if true) or for assuming (if false)?

    • nobama
      • asmo

        "According to presidential watcher Mark Knoller of CBS, George W. Bush, at this time of his presidency, had made 30 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 220 days. The Obama’s vacation day count is less than half of that."

        • SilkySapper

          but most of those "vacations" were at his ranch with all of his advisors, and were what we call "working vacations"

          • Dubya

            That's like writing off your boxer shorts as work clothes. Sounds like a nice way to claim a ranch as a 'work-related' expense.

            • Mike

              Ranch was kinda already paid for…

          • obama

            and they did not cost the taxpayers the millions that obozo spends.

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            So Big W took approx 60 days holiday a year, whereas Obama has taken "less than half of that" so, say, 30 days a year.

            How much holiday does the average American get?

            It's a mandatory minimum of 5.6 weeks (= 28 days for a full-timer) here in the UK, so by UK standards, Bush is a lazy shite who would be sacked by any company whereas Obama has pretty much taken his full leave entitlement and little more.

            • SilkySapper

              Ya, because everyone has a job with as much responsibility and stress as the President of the United States. (sarcasm) If you care to pay attention, you would also know that the higher up in a company you get, the more vacation time you get because your job gets harder and more stressful. And you also assume that he did no work when he was at his ranch, when in fact he had an office to keep in touch with all his underlings as well as the fact that his most important advisors were always with him at his ranch.

            • NoBama

              Basically you are admitting that the UK is as lazy as everyone presumes. No wonder they are in worst economic shape than the US.

              • AnyoneForCoffee

                Um….Look again.

                Hands up all those living in countries still with a AAA credit rating.

                Look, 'merica, W and his puppetmasters broke the USA (how was the national economy in 2000?) and then walked off to go roll and laugh in their bank vaults. This is an accepted fact around the world yet it is astonishing how many Republican die-hards don't see that!

                • prune

                  here is another "accepted fact around the world" Obama has spent more money in his one term then all the other presidents combined.

          • Hunter X

            YES! Bush conducted business from his ranch. I don't think Obama holds meetings on the golf course. It was well documented how the ranch was set up to hold meetings every day.
            To say he was 'on vacation' is like saying travelling salesmen are on vacation every day they are not at the home office.
            Liberals will twist anything and everything to disparage "W". Not the greatest president by any stretch- but I'll take him back over the ass clown in there now.

    • beasty

      Bush spend most of his vacation days at his home in Crawford, TX. I don't consider that as vacation time. Others will disagree with me.

      • just_some_guy

        What a load of disingenuous horse shit. I GUARANTEE you if Obama spent almost 69 days "at home" you'd call him a loafing douche and accuse him of being on constant vacation.

        Get a spine, you turd.

        • SilkySapper

          his time at his ranch were spent in almost constant meetings with his advisors, so called "working vacations". Whereas Obama spends his time going to exotic vacations, blowing the taxpayers money and not doing any work while there.

          • Dubya

            And yet the worst terriost event occurred during that first year….hmm, should have worked harder from the office.

            • Plurp

              The worst terrorist event was planned during the years Clinton decided fighting terrorism was a law enforcement issue and not a military one. It was more his fault than Bush's.

              • Dubya

                So terrorist stopped planning to do shit after 9/11? By your logic, Bush and Clinton are both guilty of doing other things than watching out for America's safety.

              • Masschine

                And law enforcement policing has stopped more attempts and the so called pacifist has taken out many more leaders of Al Qaedah in 3 years than the cowboy in chief ever did in 8. BTW When Obama took out Bin Laden he'd been hiding in Pakistan for 5 years 3 of which were in cowboy's administration.

                • soldier of fortune

                  Obama didn't do sh*t! it was the Seals' that went in there and did the dirty.. He was merely notified of Bin Ladens location and asked for the ok to go get him. How does this douche bag get any credit? Shut your yuppy mouth and thank a soldier.

                • Hunter X

                  Fucking dumb ass. It took years if INTEL to come up with the info to locate Bin Laden- INTEL that was set up during Bush's term. Clinton didn't believe he was a threat- GW had to set the groundwork for everything you're crediting Obama for.

                  • Dubya

                    Give Bush credit where credit is do. He sacrificed a lot of civil liberties to ensure we would not pull the trigger when it counted. Obama did the same thing but opted to pull the trigger.

              • gron

                Terrorism is a crime. It is only an act of war when it is state sponsored. Didn't you see how ineffective using the entire military was in apprehending Bin Laden. All conspiracy theories aside, the full brunt of the US military couldn't find/apprehend or kill Bin Laden, but a small specialized part of it could. The seals, using intel given to them by other gov't agencies(who act more along the lines of law enforcement like the FBI, CIA, NSA) did what sending armies into Afghanistan and Iraq couldn't. I hope you understand that the military is not designed to stop terrorism.

          • Stephen

            All presidents take "Working Vacation." Even while he is visiting his family in HI Obama still has his advisers close at hand in case something happens. No president can take a vacation that does not include morning briefings and meetings. Personally, I find what Bush did much worse than Obama because he used tax payer money to set up permanent video conference facilities at his ranch, Obama makes everyone bring their laptops with them and if there is something so important that it may require him to do more than talk on the phone with someone he cuts it all short and goes back to the white house. When a whole city was being wiped out by a hurricane Bush thought it was enough effort to slap on a sport coat and roll into is pool house and phone his response in.

        • beasty

          Where is his home, Kenya, the golf course, my back pocket? I love you how you instantly went on an insulting tirade. Liberals are such tolerant people. Trust me, MY spine is intact, good luck with yours.

        • beasty

          Where is his home? Kenya? the golf course? my back pocket? What is distigusting is how fast a liberal will go to the gutter. MY spine is fine, you should be worrying about yours.

          • Hypno

            Which one of these did you mean to post? You did two in a row. (and neither really makes sense)

            • monkeyPAN

              and both have poor grammar and misspelled words. stupid t-baggers

              • beasty

                Easy to piss off a liberal these days. You guys spew such venom. Seriously.

              • Mike

                LEMME FIX THAT FOR YA!

                "Both have poor grammar and misspelled words. Stupid tea-baggers."

                You don't begin sentences with the word "and." You also don't seem to realize that the lack of capitalization renders your point moot. It also seems that the mere fact that you think they are "t-baggers" and not "tea-baggers" (as there name pays homage to the Boston Tea Party) proves that you are nothing more that a troll with no real reason to be in this conversation other that to stir shit.

                BTW, I am not going to take the time to find this post again just to see if you replied. So please do us all a favor and don't bother replying to me and making a fool out of yourself for all to see. Or do… really I couldn't care less.

                • SadeShadz

                  Lol!! Win!

    • sillium

      Bush spent time at his home, not on vacation. A point some like to take out of context.

      • Dave N.

        How is that different from what Obama is doing?

        And Bush's home for those 8 years was the White House. That former pig farm in west Texas was a set piece so he could look like Reagan. Hence why it was purchased and built immediately prior to his taking office and immediately sold after he left office.

        • obama

          it did not cost the taxpayers millions that is the biggest difference.

        • SoBe Bound

          He still owns the Ranch. His primary residence is in Dallas now but they still own the ranch.

    • just_some_guy

      You've got to be mental–Bush was on vacation all or part of 69(!) days his first year in office, with 20+ of it coming in August alone.

      Obama, by comparison, spent all or part of 26 days on vacation. I think Bush nearly outdid that just in August of 2001. Just a scant month before the big day in September.

      • just_some_guy

        Way to give a thumb's down to factual accuracy. Who care about that shit, right?

        • beasty

          factual accuracy?

    • Jenn

      Wasn't he on vacation during Katrina too? Or was he just cat napping
      in Texas?

    • Taco

      Wow I did not know Chivers were so pro-bush. You learn something new everyday.

      • Rug

        actually a lot of us like it neat and trim … or none at all.

    • Dave N.


      Its not even close. Bush spent 33% of his two terms on vacation.

      Through last August (2.5 years), Obama had taken 61 days. Bush had 96 by Aug. 2001 – only 8 months. It took Obama three full years to even come close to Bush's 8 month total.

      • obama

        now run the numbers on how much obozo has spent on his vacations and compare that to Bush, also just because Bush was at hi house does not mean it is a vacation. how many rounds of golf did Bush play in 8 years, and how bout obozo in just 3?

        • Hypno
        • Anon

          Just because Obama goes skiing does not mean he is not working either. It goes both ways moron. You don't ski for 12-16 hours a day even if you did go for a long day which I doubt he does.

        • Deads

          So what your saying is: Just cause Bush was on vacation doesnt mean he wasnt working.
          And then you say: Obama was on vacation/golfing so he isnt working.

          What do you think a vacation for Obama looks like? That he is off solo with wife and kids and a bunch of bodyguards? No. He has an entire entourage of advisors with him so that he can stil do his job. Just like Bush had when he was on vacation.

          And for those people saying that those trips cost the taxpayers money.
          So the entire Bush entourage that went to Texas did the travel and hotel was on their own dime?

    • Tommy

      Plus most rounds of golf.

    • ernie banks

      he was bangin yo mama beeeeeeeeeeeeatch!

    • Mojos

      Both took more vacation than the average working American. Way to set the bar high

      • its_forge

        You wanna take a crack at running the fuckin' country?

    • its_forge

      Not even close.

      • Vote Independent

        Republicans and Democrats both suck because they only care about the corporations that pay for their campaigns. Name one in office right now that is working for the common working person and not following the money.

        • Squirrel

          Russ Feingold was better than most…

  • First


    • George Washington

      No. I was first.

  • Dukeofohio

    #17 I guess he didn't know that pants don't get dirty… or maybe he just shit himself a lot

  • Yes, hello

    #4 I can also write with both hands at the same time, one language per hand. English and adfacz sdadfsf

    • TSM

      Well Done

    • VedHead77

      Comment of the day. Good one.

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    #15 and had a horse cock.

    • free ride

      and a great mustache

    • awestruck

      cannot be unknown

    • ttyl hef

      i laughed

  • s to the p

    Listing that fact would be like pointing to someone’s nose and alerting them that you found there nose.

    • SpellCheck-USE IT!


      • SAT

        "there" IS spelled correctly…. maybe use Grammar Check instead….

  • TheDoctor

    Libtards always gotta dig on G.W.
    Up to that point it was a good read.

    • Lone gone

      still believe in that false red & blue paradigm eh? its the men behind the curtains that run the show not some muppet in a suit.

      • Dan

        Soros and Turner and unknown Fed people are the real powers.

    • JDB85

      And fucking morons actually think he was a good president. R. or D. he was probably the worst we ever had.

      • dub - z

        he was

        • obama

          wrong, now that we have obama, we see what a bad POTUS actually is…

      • 6_Crack_rocks

        We have had a president that committed treason in office, actively trying to get the south to break away from the union…and bush is the worst? Might want to pay closer attention in US history courses.

        • JDB85

          I would tell you to back all that up with facts, but I guess talking to a Republican would make that impossible.

          • NoBama

            Says the ignorant hate spewing liberal…

            • JDB85

              Yes, b/c my comment was chocked full of hate…

          • 6_Crack_rocks

            who said I was a Republican? Pointing out that claiming a specific president is the worst one with out looking at the history of our country is like picking your favorite pic from a Chive post as the first one you see. If we all just put number 1 down every time we posted we would look kinda silly. Thus judging presidents by the ones that have been in office since you decided to pay attention to politics is also silly.
            If you want bad presidents look up Warren G. Harding, James Buchanan or Andrew Johnson. Buchanan is the one that basically encouraged the south to leave.
            Books man, try opening one and not spewing hate filled bile like those that get their news only from the pundits on TV.

            • JDB85

              I just figured with the false dribble you put in your comments. Why don't you or "NoBama" actually use facts? Most people hear the garbage that you were spouting and just shut down, b/c it's just that, garbage. I do also know about Harding and the others you mentioned, but none of them set up this country for failure and started a welfare state for the rich like Bush did. (Hoover didn't help with the depression though) Why can't the people who say Obama is no good use the facts like:

              1. No strings attached loans to wallstreet that screws the taxpayers.
              2. NDAA, holding US citizens without trial.
              3. Mortgage settlement that actually gets the banks off with a $5B instead of $25B fine/fee, and the states not even using it to help home owners.
              4. Payroll tax cut coming out of Social Security and other benefits.

              The BS just gets pretty damn annoying after a while.

              • 6_Crack_rocks

                What "dribble" would you be referring to? I do not post political stuff on here. I commented on this one because you said he was the worst ever. And based on polls of academics (who tend to be very liberal by the way) bush ranks in the high 30s of presidents. so being number 32 out of 43 different presidents is not good, it is also not the worst ever. Was he great? hell no, but at the same time he was not the worst. Obama is ranked 15th or so (last time i checked) but Bush was that high early in his presidency as well.
                I just get pissed when people post comments like "worst ever" with no facts to prove why he is worse then someone who filled the cabinet with buddies and actively stole large amounts of money from the country or someone that supported the South even after they started to secede from the Union while he was a sitting US president. I don't remember the US fighting a civil war that began during Bush's presidency.
                Also, like I said, I am not a Republican. I am a historian.

                • Nick

                  With an approval rating of 47%, Obama has actually achieved the lowest rating of any president in history, even Jimmy Carter, who had a overall rating of 51%


          • SilkySapper

            Lincoln was a Republican, you sir are what is called an idiot

            • anon

              Republicans were far different during lincoln's time than they are now. You sir, are the idiot.

      • Watup

        You can say that after looking at this idiot for the last three years?

    • Stephen

      how is stating a fact a dig at him. A dig would be posting all president's GPAs so we can see that he is at the bottom of the curve.

      • Dan

        He was really intelligent. He just played dumb so the Dems underestimated him. Note that he got almost every single thing he wanted done passed through Congress.

        • Stephen

          That's because the majority in congress during his presidency was made up of members of his own party. If you look at the voting record you would notice a sharp drop in stuff he could get passed during the last two years of his term when the majority shifted.

        • Watup

          Where are Obama's GPA's? GWB's were higher than Kerry's and we don't know if they are higher than Obama's because they won't publish them.

      • Fuck You

        Because a high GPA equates to being a good president?

        • JDB85

          A high GPA usually means a higher intellect or better understanding in subjects, so yes I would think that would make him a better president.

    • Sluttypanda

      hey, how about we actually concentrate on getting shit done instead of choosing a team that hates the other? We're all in the same country, Democrat, Republican, or Whig, we should have similar goals as a nation. It's a shame that politics is mainly composed of immature rivalry rather than what it was established to accomplish

  • Warfighter

    #18 However he never played golf again following the events of September 11th. Our current Pres. finds lot of time.

  • anon

    Obama has taken more vacation days than bush did. And has spent more money than EVERY president combined before him!

    • asmo

      According to presidential watcher Mark Knoller of CBS, George W. Bush, at this time of his presidency, had made 30 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 220 days. The Obama’s vacation day count is less than half of that.

      • SilkySapper

        working from home is not vacation, dumbass. All his advisors were there with him.

        • Masschine

          Anytime a President goes anywhere for more than a few hours all of his advisers go with him.

          • SilkySapper

            He had an office specially set up in his Crawford Ranch as if it were a second command post, Obama doesn't

            • nonanon

              A bunch of arcade games is not an "office"

              • its_forge

                That. And even when W was signing important documents and making front-line executive decisions, to him it carried no more weight than a nice game of Super Mario.

        • Spivias

          hmm lets say you r a ceo from a big cooperation from new york
          and then u decided u want to work at ur muti-million dollar mansion in california
          and then u brought all your executives with you
          how do you think the stock holders are gonna think about you
          chances are, u get fire within weeks

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      Don't let fact checking detour you from posting quickly. We need your input to make sure we are misinformed. Thank you.

    • JDB85

      Wow, that is all false.

      • YoureLame

        well, actually the vacation part is the only part false. he has spent more money in his first year than any other president. take your blinders off people

        • Brian

          i think there's a word for that, oh yeah, inflation

          • SilkySapper

            the comparisons are always adjusted for inflation in credible news sources, so moot point

            • some-dude

              a moot point is actually a point that is worth being discussed… People use it incorrectly when they think it means the topic isn't worth discussing. Not being an ass…just trying to inform 🙂

              • merriam-webster.

                Definition of MOOT

                a : open to question : debatable
                b : subjected to discussion : disputed
                : deprived of practical significance : made abstract or purely academic

              • SilkySapper

                moot: of little or no practical value or meaning; purely academic.

    • nonanon

      Wrong and wrong…

  • Mr. T

    …And random facts become political argument. Woo!

  • ROK247

    JFK screwed 18 year old interns in his wife's bed in the white house while she was away. when he traveled the country. he kept these young girls on standby at a nearby hotel room.

    • TylerV


    • Mr. T

      I thought a lot of Presidents did that… Gotta release stress somehow.

    • mrjimmyos

      That man went through more women than James Bond

    • ROK247isatroll

      Like a boss.

    • dkptig

      like a boss

    • some-dude

      And the age of consent in D.C is like 14….

    • awestruck

      now thats a man i can believe in

  • asmo

    #13 I don't remember a GWB assassination attempt. Does getting a shoe thrown at you count?

    • TSM

      I don't remember an attempt on W either. Maybe that shoe was made of lead

      • so yeah

        i think it says something when someone tries to crash a plane into his face rather than try to shoot or stab him

    • SilkySapper

      You're all forgetting about the infamous pretzel assassination attempt

      • nonanon


    • some-dude

      Someone tried to throw a grenade at him while he was overseas. I think the bandanna it was wrapped up in kept the thing from arming.

    • Rhomboid

      He was giving a speech and someone threw a dud grenade towards him.

    • Bob

      Shoes suck.

      • Shoe

        How dare you sir! I bet you ware sandals!

    • Ron Paul 2012

      George H. W. Bush -W's father after he was out of office, Suddam Hussein made an attempt on him in Kuwait (probably the real reason behind Desert Storm). I don't remember any attempt on Clinton or W. Anyone?

      • half-eaten Pretzel

        my attempt was foiled…


    cool story bro!

  • http://www.puremeat.org meat42

    what? No Clinton fun facts? I'm disappointed.

    • Mr. T

      I think we all already know the "facts" that happened in the Oval Office.

    • mrjimmyos

      They shoulda ended the article with this at the end

      • JDB85

        HAHAHA, The Arsenio Hall Show…. WOO WOO WOO!! Love it.

        • mrjimmyos

          I miss the 90s 😀

    • some-dude

      Monica isn't chive-worthy enough to mention.

    • McFeely Smackup

      like fave brand of cigars?.. lol

  • Armed Ann Dangerous
    • reaperMEDIC

      #13 and does this count?

      • dedubs

        hahaha i was thinking the same thing

  • Damian

    Great lol we all know Obama sucks and most Presidents are criticized while in office, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a good alternative. I’ll start to vote again once there is a better option until then it still comes down to a douche and a turd sandwich.

  • LiQiDVeX

    I know about 1 Bush Sr. crash, where are the other 3?

  • LiQiDVeX


  • disturbed

    #7 First!

    • gmen

      i see what you did there

    • http://theChive.com YEMX

      I thought it was funny disturbed.

    • Kodos

      well done

  • Moore

    I think it's pretty clear that the president has just become a puppet on display and a scapegoat. Congress and big businessmen are the ones who run this country now, all the power hungry pricks. America is on a bad path, my friends.

    • LyinKing

      Umm the legislature by design is suppose to be the most powerful body of the nation. Legislative, then supreme, then executive. [Remeber civics class?]

      BTW fun fact: There has not been on decade of this nation's history where there isnt someone somewhere loudly proclaiming America is on the wrong path.

      Funny how this little nation keeps on kicking.

      • lyinking


    • TiminPhx

      I noticed you left out Big Labor, Big Enviro, and those other groups that Leftists seem to treat as pure. And that's a joke.

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