• Lokobo

    I can barely draw a circle. This makes me fell incompetent.

  • Long Johnson

    i can do that with my penis.

  • Jack_LeMac

    Damn, people are feeling bitter this morning eh?

  • fisharms

    You’re also a incompetent speller.

  • Benoit

    Awsome lots of details in those paintings… and the video was kinna cool too!

  • Dman

    Whatever. I can do that with one hand. He needs two.

  • Ralph

    I like to see him use two hands in real time instead of stopmotion. Otherwise it’s as believable as that “throwing colour off his face” technique.

  • Rick

    He has talent, but can he do it drunk????

  • Trevor

    I painted a pregnant violinist because I've never seen a pregnant violinist. And to be honest with you I wanted to see a pregnant violinist.

  • zingerbawbinger

    i'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

  • Nighthawk

    Does this guy get laid?

  • John

    Totally fake! If you slow this down, you can see Salvador Dali and Leonardo DaVinci sneaking in to help him

    (just playing, he's quite good)

  • http://hottestnewsfeed.com/amazing-ambidextrous-painter/ Amazing Ambidextrous Painter | HottestNewsFeed.com

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  • shnugs

    Anyone that takes the time to paint and not use a computer to draw is thumbs up in my book. Ill stick to the computer. Yay Photoshop!

  • Digib Flarlee McZzzz

    I pooped 'em

  • Stoker

    I wonder if he can rub it out with both hands

  • Tekinette

    Nice skills and video but really bad taste :/

  • valkylrie

    super cool video

  • YayPoupon

    This chick has no boobs.

  • Emmr1

    As skilled as he is, I wish he would paint something thats actually interesting

  • Ethan

    ga ga ga ga ga gooooooooddddd-like

  • Thatmademehot


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