Meet "Lusty"…the HMS Illustrious (27 Photos)

  • etcrr

    Nice photos #15. In a matter of a few seconds those three ships could launch seven aircraft.and tons of heavy firepower

    • osam

      only 7? The HMS Illustrious can launch something like 5 or 6 Harriers essentially simultaneously, and each of the US carriers could launch a pair, at least.

    • mike

      Each US carrier has 4 catapults. They can't all be fire simultaneously, but they can all be fired within a couple seconds of each other.

  • sitiveni

    I visited that ship twice.. great crew

  • dfoggers

    Shame it's been decommissioned.

  • Andrew

    HMS Illustrious is not De Commissioned it is expected to be in service until 2014 as a helicopter carrier. I have a Flat that over looks Portsmouth Harbour and I watched her go out only a few days ago. I am properly 300m from her when she is in port.

  • LTP

    She went into refit to get the ramp removed as harrier are now out of service and now is used as a helicopter carrier for various airframes including apache.

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