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Shangri-La’s Boracay resort & spa doesn’t look like a bad time (23 Photos)

  • vodkamartini

    #4 with a playmate and bottle of vodka;)

  • Been there done that

    Boracay is very, very overcrowded these days . . . Palawan islands much, much better! 😉

  • Hunter_BZ

    #4 Looks Nice. But I can guarantee you from experience, that no place with 219 rooms will be as serene as this picture. They prob don't show you pictures with people for a reason… I prefer resorts with small numbers.

  • Matt

    Don’t be fooled, it looks great but they failed to show you why it sucks. There are no people in these pics, why? It is so crowded there you cannot enjoy any of it with any privacy. It was loud and everyone was trying to find seclusion with no luck. Don’t go there thinking you will be alone and private.

  • piss

    Oh thats awesome! Too bad I couldnt go when I was there because the FUCKERS at JSOTFP command decided that only senior officers could go. so fuck those guys!

  • Milty

    Chive, it's Monday. I could use some motivation!

  • Cpl Ledanek

    Please go to Boracay and destroy the nature they disrespect. If you want to see Japanese and Korean w/ their mistresses, go Boracay. Don’t visit Palawan if you can’t respect nature trails and throw cigarette butts or control your bad spitting habit. Stop threading on beautiful Palawan.

    • Anonymous

      I think you misspelled tranny

  • joe mama

    Serene kids on slides

  • randomguy

    I might be wrong but this looks like the resort used to film tue hangover 2.

  • monkeyboyep

    "to" not "two" – "The lowest price starts at $415 a night and the prices range up two a few grand. "

    #13 Wish I was there.

  • Rick

    #20 I want to get bucked nekkid and swim in there

  • Anonymous

    Well, yeah, if you’re into this kind of thing…..

  • Matt

    great I am now depressed knowing the best vacation spot I've been to was ocean city, md and long beach island, nj

  • Anonymous

    Chive on from the Philippines!

  • Evil Jay

    That island is mad nice! It's also a stone's throw away from Manny Pacquiao's beach house. I'm going back this year.

  • beachgirl

    Love to see and visit boracay for sure with my entire family one day. People, If you don’t have nothing nice to say please don’t bother sharing.

  • Matt

    Come on, Chive- spell check your description. It's "to", not "two".

  • Waty

    Bob… You need to learn the difference in two, to and too…

  • Floyd

    The treehouse villa…I stayed here a few years back…it is reasonably priced and it was a fantastic vacation…especially when compared to how much people spend to stay in places far less beautiful than this…

  • Zach

    …the prices range up two(*to) a few grand haha

  • Anonymous

    Nothin more annoying than the grammar Nazi, wait I take that back, stfu is far worse
    – From a dyslexic chiver

  • this ol thang

    hilarious all the other crap that gets tagged as architecture and this gets tagged as nature…

  • johnson

    From Hk to Boracay…. 2 planes, one boat, one bus and one taxi. Went there in 1995, was empty and fantastic. Much more crowded now but still an absolute pain to get to.

  • Ivoidwarranties

    It's good to have goals right? My goal is to take a Chivette here some day.

  • GREeddy

    $415 for a night can feed the hungry for years.

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