A spiritual journey to Find Her (39 Photos)

  • mojo77

    I get to busy finding the tissue to figure out who they are

    • LT Dans New Legs

      #30 her name is Falan, no need to thank me.

    • 65massey

      I could have been first but I was milking my cow when I seen a fly buzzing around her ear, next thing I know it was in my pail of milk. Near as I can figure it went in one ear and out the udder.

    • Wiley

      Allow me to summarize….

      #12- Jayden James
      #17- Tinsey from Austin, TX (a bartender at Dirty Dog)
      #19- Emma Glover
      #10- Melissa Debling
      #25- Alexis Knapp
      #26- Alexandra Kroha
      #22- Cyntia Dicker
      #14- Francoise Boufhal
      #18- JAT Airlines in Serbia
      #21- http://thechive.com/2010/05/04/a-ginger-wants-to-
      #26- Bryci
      #25- Essence from Suicide Girls
      #2- Helen Flanagan
      #4- Tyri Rudolph
      #29- Viki from Geordie Shore
      #30- Falen Lenoy
      #33- Apparently does amateur porn
      #38- Perhaps Rebekah Pribula from Western Kentucky University
      #39- Ivy Snow

      Good work people.

  • Lawrence

    #14 …DO WANT

    • dan

      Francoise Boufhal

      • Lawrence

        Thank you kind sir; I shall begin my journey to England at once…

        • Sir Boobsalsot

          Lots of British chicks in todays post. Game on!

  • bbartlett

    #12 is Hayden james porn star

    • S1M30NS4YS

      Jayden James

  • Jayavc

    #4 Love the eyes and freckles

    • chivefoundit

      Unquestionably gorgeous….Tyri Rudolph

      • Iposted#4

        ^thank you!

  • Solatso

    #10 Melissa Deblin

  • NOOT

    #28 is Bryci. NSFW Googling. Have fun!

    • Ned Plimpton

      Thanks for that… My penis will never forgive you.

    • Anon

      Looks more like Lucy C to me, especially with the haircut https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&…

    • dizzle

      you are quite possibly one of the greatest human beings on earth!

  • John

    #38 Hmmmm now what could WKU stand for…. this is a toughy…

  • Bustanut

    Moar bitches plez

  • nfloridarednek

    #8 has gots the goods!

    • iambigd42

      good call

    • NorCalRacer

      I would walk to the ends of the earth to find this one……

      • cursed

        close, try Syracuse, NY.

    • Dave

      Yes she does soooooo fine!

  • WWF

    #2 Quickly find him and help him back into the sea. Somebody for the love of God save the whales.

  • http://twitter.com/ToddGodley @ToddGodley

    I think this is porn

    • whyme1973

      Page 3 girl, but close enough.

    • Dick Salad

      No but #33 is def in porn. Said it on someone else's but she's done a number of amateur vids

      • denleendeko

        and what to google to find those videos?

    • urwelcome

      Melissa Debling

    • TheRegulator

      mellissa debbling or something close to that

  • Kodos

    Find them… I mean her.. I mean…

    • Skills

      Nah we can skip on 6. Just another girl with large boobs, large glasses to cover flaws and a duckface. Step your game up.

      • Kodos

        ..there was duckface? Wow!

    • Rob

      Looks like Bryci. NSFW

    • Anomally

      She looks like my old classmate from highschool…

    • jim

      Chelsie Grogan from portland i think. You can find pics of her on busted. 😛

    • Chad

      Need attention that bad Chelsea W? Lets see what else you got to send in…

    • Billy

      Yeah come on, more!

      • Joseph Smith

        With the weather warming up here in the old pueblo, I hope to see more HOT pics of you wearing minimal clothing. See you at church, babe.

    • Lorenzo

      Holy crap I know that girl! She's a lot fatter in real life than that photo would suggest.

  • getalife

    Dear god you guys are so Desperate !

    • Martin McFly

      Did somebody hear something??? Oh.. nope. Never mind. Just somebody bitchin.

    • Solatso

      One day when you're older you'll understand that not all girls are "icky pants"

    • Woodrowrules

      So why are on here?

    • Eli

      It's completely okay to be gay now… Don't blame him.

  • Martin McFly

    #7 has been featured in 4 (i think) separate albums in the past seven days… Don't ya think that would make her pseudo Chivette of the week??? Pretty sure that warrants a entire album of her own. Make it so, Chive!

    • dedubs

      make her chivette of the week!!!

    • qwert

      take her to headquarters for a shoot!! ASAP

      • Martin McFly

        Fuuuck.. I'll send her my own personal EOS-1, anything so long as we get to see those breasts of hers in higher definition!

    • Lefty8

      I was on my way to write the same thing. She deserves everything given to her, and being Chivette of the Week should be an easy decision.

    • http://twitter.com/Jhaddix3 @Jhaddix3

      chivette of the month…

    • jag

      Indeed! How in the world she stands out in a page full of gorgeous women is beyond me, but that she does!

    • The Dude

      so what's her name then?

      • Eli

        who cares!? She's sexy!

    • http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/chive-awesomeness-8.jpg redsolocups


  • Kelis

    #2 His milkshake brings all the FLBP to the beach.

    • aaron

      Helen Flanagan ….

    • Livewire

      Helen Flanagan – British soap actress

  • Karltron
  • facepalm

    Seriously ,have you ever found even 10% of these women ? Why the hell are the titles always so cocky.

    • Chris.topher

      dude, you said cocky.

      • Sir Boobsalsot

        Hur Hur Hur

    • spicticus

      Preferably we find them but honestly even if they aren't found at least we get to look at their pics. Who doesn't want to stare at #21, #12, #39, etc?

    • Montana

      why are you complaining, this is like a grown mans wish list

  • james

    Who is #4??

    • Mr Cornholio

      tyri rudolph

  • Rip The Jacker

    #28 is Bryci. She’s got big ol’ fake tetas!

    • Rahm Emanuel

      you are retarded…those are real…real nice tetas!!!

  • Mr Lucky

    #26 WOW!

    • Dirty Dingus

      A MET model, I think.

      • badbad

        isabella a

    • Mr Cornholio

      alexandra kroha

      • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

        Nicely done. Tineye only brought me to some stunning, foreign NSFW sites.

        • truth

          b'c it is porn related. Tineye knows where to look, you just have to trust it.

  • aaron

    #1 #7 #11 and #39 – all stunning and really cant pick a winner….so gold for all four….

  • Average Chiver


    • Average Troll

      FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP……..MOM!! Dammit don't your ever knock!!?? GET OUT!!!! FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP

  • Big M

    #39 Ivy Snow?

    • JDB85

      IDK, but my jaw dropped when I got to that pic.

    • PBJ
    • INF23


    • Ned Plimpton

      I was honestly a little disappointed after googling… This is definitely her best pic.

      • Shinrahunter

        Check her videos 😀

  • NVP

    #10 is Melissa Debling

  • Anonymous

    #2- Helen Flanagan

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