Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • RABbit

    #31, #36

  • iamman!

    Find 36!!!

  • Jeff

    #31 Meg, I'm hoping to land a job in Omaha soon. And I've been meaning to watch BSG for a while now. So if you're in Omaha and the job happens for me, I'd be happy to drink beers and watch BSG with you. #PatheticAttempt

    • Megan

      You would let me take you BSG V-Card? I am honored, sir.

  • thedon

    bah, meg is a dream. hot girls who sit around drinking beer watching battlestar galactica don’t actually exist.

    atleast that’s the lie I will continue to perpetuate in order to continue living my sad life with some modicum of dignity.

    btw, you’re beautiful, anyone who says otherwise is fugly or stupid.

    • Megan

      Thank you for the compliments. But really, this is my life. I work a job with ridiculous hours. I crack a beer at 6 pm, watch BSG, and go to bed before 11 every night to wake up at 4 am. It's sort of a sad story, really.

      • Jeff

        Been there. I used to do a morning radio show. I'd go to bed at 9 and get up at 4am. It's hard to have a social life with those hours.

  • pimpninjaa

    #31 Holy Frak!

  • Matt

    #9 heaven’s a loaded gun
    Super Dixie Yard Saw is a great band

  • Zach

    31. Your mother shall ask no more! Lets chat sometime.

    Go Big Red

  • thom

    Chris brown needs a keeper

  • afsafsa

    #42 haha, Dewy!
    I was just watching Malcolm in the middle too.

  • Drew Hammerstad

    Meg from #31. I do not know why you are single. As indicated by your photos, you are a very pretty girl, very. Also, you watch one of the best shows ever to have been put on television. I love Battlestar Galactica! I hope you laughed at the katy perry/ zooey dechanel post the other day like i did. Glad to see another galactica fan who is also a chiver! 😀

  • Another chiver

    #38 good job amy. Oh yea and moar please

  • WaikikiWayne

    #43 MOAR please…!

  • Mason

    #31 Meg! You are as cute as a button! I am headed right over with more beer and the other seasons! Don't… go… annyyywheeerreeeeee

  • Moke


  • Garrett

    Wow! #43

    More perhaps?

  • sharp_85

    I would be more than happy to host a beer drinking/BSG marathon with the single chivette from Nebraska if you ever come to Alberta!

  • Chris H

    #31 way to represent Nebraska! What town?

    • Megan

      Lincoln ❤

  • AnotherAnon


    Dear Meg,
    Please move to Houston, Texas and share your life with me.

    Yours Truly,

  • 556shooter

    I want to take #43 to #44. FTW she is hot!!

  • Janky

    #38 I'm glad you figured it out.

  • BatDoc

    #31 Meg, you seemed almost perfect until I saw you were drinking a rolling rock. If you’d be open to drinking a respectable beer, I’d give you a shot.

  • hi_steaks

    #4 no thanks, actually. give me something real anyday. Chive on from NZ…. 100% pure

  • Anonymous

    If I were single I’d would have risen to the task.
    You are my kind of girl #31

  • John

    #4 FTW!!!

  • njkjui

    #31, this explains nothing about why you are single. I feel like the guys probably aren't avoiding you.

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