Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    #43 must have moaarrr!

  • hmcby

    #31 Call Me Meg, LOL

  • Gallus

    #17 – I'm still laughing my arse off. I've been there. I've done that.

    #31 – Beer, BSG and Meg. Yup, that sounds like a fantastic evening to me. You just don't know the right guys, Meg. Wish I could meet ya – but there's no speed limit on fantasizing.

    #39 is for real. Both my cats do that, and I love it when they do.

  • drunkard

    #31 that’s it I’m moving to Nebraska

  • jamz

    #34 sure looks a lot like angelina crow. don't google that name at work whatever you do

  • Theresa

    #42 Eat chalk evil-doer!

  • rooster

    #31 call back your mom, i can help you get unsingle

  • Mmmhmm

    Meg- currently drinking beer at 930am for my day off watching BSG for the first time. Chive on.

  • mehodges

    #38. Thank you Amy. Thank you very much for the effort. so nice to look.

  • Rj

    You can tell by her train wreck of a room that she isn’t “right”. And I don’t buy the story. I bet you a hundred bucks she’s just a big hoe and that’s the reason she is single and everyone in Nebraska knows it. So she goes on line with no pants on trying to play the role of a sweet nerd chick because she desperately needs a level of acceptance, substance and meaning in her life. Having said that, I’d hit it.

  • HanktheTank

    Find number 43 ASAP!!

  • Bob

    #4…Sweet baby jesus. More of her is needed.
    #9…God bless you, and all the fine things your work does.
    #31…Your logic is flawed. You should be flocked with dudes…or chicks, if that's your thing.
    #36…You gorgeous motherfucker.
    #38…I'll help you.

  • theatreides

    #47 I'm from Bellingham!

  • Pedant

    #12 Sorry Mr Cage, but if he's wearing your leather jacket he isn't naked…!

  • Ryan

    #36 Absolutely, Positively MUST FIND HER!

  • Michael

    #31 Meg. Moar Please. Thank you!

  • steve

    #25 who da fuck are you to think yur so awesome to judge someone's hair? whatta asshole!!

  • quiksaand

    #31 If only i lived in Nebraska.

  • http://twitter.com/Jarredvo @Jarredvo

    Nebraska huh? Guess this chiver will start looking for chivetts when i go out!

  • ziggy61

    How many times do I have to remind you to pet your pussy & give it attention

  • Guest

    #42 Eat chalk, evil-doer!

  • ziggy61

    Enter text right here!
    Excuse me, must I remind you to pay attention to your pussy!

  • Tyler Durden

    #45 #46 #47 what a lucky guy!

  • Mike November

    #31 pffftsshh….you wouldn't be single if our area codes were closer…frik,..


    #31 Not an excuse to be single.

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