Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • pdiddily420



    • Clesus Christ

      Hahahaha NAILED IT

  • Anonymous

    43 would be hotter if she wasn’t trying to break her neck taking the pick….

  • badmatty

    #37 pure awesome!

  • dxfc

    #31 #38 #45-47 moarrrrr! And for you #31 why wouldn’t anyone date you?! I certainly would

  • Guy

    You're cute, drink beer and watch BSG….I honesty do not see the problem.

    • MC Hammer

      I see the problem — she lives in Nebraska. Otherwise, I'm in total agreement.

  • nojoke420

    #31 Nerdgasam

  • Oblivious

    #4 Holy Hell. I'm expecting her own picture gallery tomorrow.

    #31 What the hell is the problem with the men in Nebraska? Oh yeah, their Cornhusker fans.

  • matt

    #31 I love you

    • Megan

      I love you back.

  • Humphrey

    #36 I think I swallowed my tongue.

  • BloodScrubber

    #39 Lifes little pleasures. 😉

  • toriibiggamehunter

    #49 allow me to help you fit into something more comfortable

  • irlNick

    #31 I too would like to know why such a cute girl who likes beer and watches BSG is single.

    • MattKL

      I can't figure it out. Girl loves beer and sci-fi, AND she's a cute-as-hell Chivette. Guys should be breaking down her door.

      • Mike Oxlong

        I'm in Nebraska and try to "Find Her"

    • Megan

      You guys are very nice. Thank you!

    • knotmee

      clearly its because shes a fucking bitch…

      • Megan

        I like to think it's because I work 70 hours a week but hey, maybe you're right.

        • Chris the pirate

          hehey a sugar momma at that! This my friends is what we call the jackpot. Your life can't involve you being single for long now.

  • AllanA

    #4 I don't know what's more distracting, her big bewbs or her camel toe

    #36 love the sexy geek look

    • Weyoun

      So you mean a girl with glasses.

  • BOCO_Kid

    #31 as a loyal Chiver who loves BSG and beer (mind you my Chivette wife isn't a fan of BSG) I say you are doing just fine, and look pretty hot too. KCCO you'll find your Adama.

  • evan

    # 31 you just need to move south Texas maybe

  • http://www.facebook.com/santanajeremy Santana

    #31 Do want

  • Shirley


    • Noname

      All the semen is dissolving the enamel.

  • Justin

    That isn't just a hot pic, #49. That is ART!

  • aciekay

    #31 huh. i enjoy both of those things. no wonder i'm still single.

    • Megan

      We can be single girls together then!

    • Jason

      If BOTH of you girls are single, clearly there is something wrong with the male population of America! Makes me sad…I thought I was fighting for freedom, democracy, and the right to watch BSG and drink beer whenever, wherever, and however you wanted to!

    • Guest
  • AmBush_Steve

    #32 – Nice pear.

    • Verbal_Kint

      What you did there… I see it…

      • Fred


  • Elemental

    #13 you in San Antonio? I love BSG and beer 🙂

  • xaqdank


    same lotion, same toothpaste, same sun block….we already have so much in common…

    • Firefox

      Same breast size???

  • dbsnydes

    #4 oh. my. toe. (among other things)

  • Red

    No shit, Meg is h-h-h-h-hot.

    Schwing city.

  • hark1985

    #2 I will do to you what your people did to my people

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