Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • tyree

    #43 hey you go to my gym. Why don't you put some tension on the eliptical when you're working out. You have always set it at 1 and you look stupid with your legs flying around like crazy.

    • tyree

      Oh but you are cute, my secret nickname for you is 'the aviator"

    • Dan E

      ..and her not so secret nickname for you should be "creepy ass mofo"

      • tyree

        Such chivalry…dude, you're so laid when she sees this.

    • truth

      stunningly hot

  • http://twitter.com/dustintad @dustintad

    #31 And it's a rolling rock even : )

  • thedude

    #49 oh dear god…

  • ReallyBadLieut

    Meg, you needn’t be single any longer.

  • 'berto

    #17: Old Irish saying (been in my family for generations)–“You’re not drunk as long as you can hang on to a blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth.”

    #31: You will make someone very happy someday.

  • its_forge

    #31 Yeah we dunno why either, Miss Puppythighs.

  • SPZander

    #36 crazy cute

  • Ramsey



  • Matthew


    I would date the hell out of you. I'd date you so hard.

  • SPZander

    #49 nicely done… picking jaw up of the ground

  • Eric

    #31 You like Beer and BSG too? we should totally hang out!

  • Tommy

    #3 So true!
    #8 Yep!
    #31Meg oh sweet girl! No ‘need’ to be in a relationship to be valid. You’re doin it right KCCO and please keep posting – you’re a doll!
    #38 Amy, You’re doin it So right – thank you! Please keep posting. Would love to see your face too.
    #42 Totally like a Fucking Boss!
    #45-47 Lucky Bastage…KCCO.

  • rebel yell

    #31 why does Nebraska have to be so damn far from Michigan?

  • matt

    #4, #10, #31, #36, #43, join me in #44

    • Guest

      that almost worked, matt

  • fishslayer78

    #43 Moar please!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/bckwdboi @bckwdboi


    And your point is ?
    I still don't see a problem.

  • TommyBoy

    #18 = Hardcore! That's the kind of girl you want to party with.

  • therealstake

    Jhaddix3- not toO bright either

  • magoo48

    #49 needs to be found! That ass ……..(speachless)………

  • Skilik

    #43 Hubba hubba, had to do a double take.

    • bob_the_cook

      seriously! some dude walking past my desk just stopped and said the very same thing!

      • Skilik

        Really? That's awesome! Kcco

  • Chewbanacca

    If Meg #31, ever visits NYC or I am ever in Nebraska, I would love to drink beer and watch BSG with her. We can drunkenly call B.S. on Starbuck disappearing.

  • bob_the_cook

    #36 & #43
    Find these girls!

    Get moar!

    Chivette of the week material right there! (preferably in the same shoot (please?)

  • todd

    #31, Because you’re smart…

  • Dee

    Who is #4. I neeeeedsssss to know

    • cheeseftw


  • TJ Dumser

    #31 you are too adorable and awesome to go single. Let me buy you an internet beer! Cheers, so say we all!

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