Get low, get dirty, and have yourself a good time (32 Photos)

  • Disgusted

    #7 Please get this through your heads, retards, WOMEN ARE NOT BITCHES!!!! Grow up!!!

    • Elheffe

      Bitch please.

    • Weyoun

      Bitch…get back in the kitchen.

    • Mr. Ling Ming

      Mr. Ming thinks your a bitch!

      Mr. Ming

  • Hope

    #19 has ruined me

  • James Munn

    #19 #21 ROLMFAO!!


    #28 who put a dress on that hippo thats animal cruelty

  • DDD

    #28 Fuckin' gross

  • ChiverDad

    #27 is from my kid's high school… wait a minute… she loves cat photos…. and said she needed to pack lunch instead of buying ….

  • nutella

    #28 That Snorlax is going to eat that little girl!! Someone save her!

  • tom

    #17 looks like the mayor of munchkin land

  • Anonymous

    28 this is what the fu!! Is wrong with kids today.

  • Angel
  • Guest

    #23 looks like Strong Sad

  • MattKL

    #8 Normally it's rude to point, but I'll forgive you this once.

  • therealstake

    Disgusted?! Get in the damn kitchen an make me a sammich! And take that bitch Stuf with you

  • abby smith

    #25 hey, Marquette, MI. two in one week.

  • joesudz

    Stuf… Ur webiste doesn’t exist. The anti chive us ur idiotic compulsive liar way to try to recruit people to drink ur kool aid. …. Not happening here bud. Ur a herb … And a hack. Have fun in life u liarfucktard…. Chive on… And black is beautiful was on the site 16 times u fucking jackoff… Research before u run ur stupid one sided shovenistic mouth. Douchefuck

  • http://Chive Summer sausage

    #14 Fuck OSHA

  • Simon

    For once you're right about at least one!

  • your annoying

    Go away..and FUCK FACEBOOK.

  • joesudz

    Stuf. . . Fuck off. I think u cum through ur fingers typing all these jerkoff comments. Just go OCCUPY something. And leave this site u punk Fuck

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