Having fun with tips and tipping jars (27 Photos)

  • 65massey

    I have no comment

    • waiting


      • Underbaker

        I got one.. Big discussion on tips earned vs mandatory in 3..2..

        • aaron

          I always hated those that left pennies for a tip….don't bother i say!

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo


    • JDB85

      Comical indeed.

    • Duke McWood

      I find your comment shallow and pedantic.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Pounds can be lost, but once a douchebag, always a douchebag.

    • Samantha Kristal

      That's cruel and unnecessary whether it was true or not.. Geeze.

    • allen

      Also spelled "lose" wrong…

      • douche

        spelled could wrong too

    • Smitty

      Y'know what? Credit charges and the amount at restaurants aren't finalized until they get processed a second time by the restaurant. These Douchbags deserve to have the asshole gratuity added to their check.

      Yeah, that kitschy place with the "There will be a $xx.xx charge for puting up with you if you're a jerk sign at the door… not so funny now, huh dirt bag?

    • ford

      I bet the person that started commenting on this photo was fat. I thought it was great.

      • obamasucks

        They probably had horrible service, and this was justified. I have had waitresses that are just terrible, and think that they should get a tip just because, but I will leave $.02 for them…

        • nancyisawsome

          i dont think its wrong if the dont leave tip when the waitress was a bitch, cus i konw i dont wen there been all bitchy giving me attitude and shit but the coment made was very unnesessary (how ever u spell it dont troll me) 🙂 ❤

  • ThisChickLovesChive

    I'd tip a funny jar over a live person any day.

    • ElDiablo69

      Ditto..make me at least chuckle and I would!

  • just_some_guy

    #5 Sorta cute, but a pretty shitty tip on a nearly $27 check.

    • Edd

      Maybe he had shitty service..

      • drea619

        ya bad service=no tip plain and simple lol and thats more than ten percent so stfu some guy

        • just_some_guy

          Seriously? If you're not tipping AT LEAST 15% then you're a fuckin' cheapskate, or European. Plain and simple.

          • phdonme


          • Katie

            Tips are earned. If you did a horrible job you get a horrible tip. Plus all of the other possibilities people listed below.

          • mmar82

            So the minimum has to be 15% now? Even if you get crappy service? Sorry, everyone knows you go into the industry for the tips, so work for them…its something you earn not what's handed to you.

          • some bloke

            So, if you do your job, and you get paid by your boss. You should get paid again by the customer? If you want more money, get a different job, or increase the prices of the food to cover it!

            • BA420

              There are millions of people that work twice as hard as waiters that don't get ANY tips, and they don't expect it.

            • http://scheidsfarrier.com CowboyAdam

              The employer only pays a few dollars an hour because of the expected tips.

              • The Ugly

                That's not entirely true. It definitely depends on the state. You are trying to manipulate idiots with your comment.

            • Justin

              Idiot, making $2-3 an hour base pay, PLUS tips means that your tips make up everything you would earn in the day. An 8 hour shift for $16-24 would be a slap in the fucking face

              • buh

                Well then you better do a good job all day right?

              • No Use For A Name

                If you don't make minimum wage after the tips, the employer is supposed to make up the difference, which is required by law in many states.

    • Josh

      Maybe they tipped a few bucks on the side, but wanted to use pi for the humor factor

      • sam

        That's what i was thinking/would do. Still haven't run into a bill that ends with -.86 though..

    • Dunny_

      Maybe it was a take out order, in which case it's a pretty good tip.

      • sam

        that would be a really good tip. personally i don't think people need to tip on take out. tips are for the service. All they did was make your food. I guess if you consider packing the food as service…

        • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

          Servers actually have to tip-out a certain percentage of their sales to the kitchen and to the rest of the staff (bussers, hostesses ect). In some instances its 4% or as much as 10%. So if you actually dont tip anything, then the server who took your order has to forfiet some of their tips. fyi

          • Chicken

            Most establishments have a take out account set up so that the servers don't have to worry about tipping out on these types of orders.

            Like most others who have replied to this stuff, I agree that tips should be earned. It's an opportunity for you to increase your own wage based on the service you provide. If you're in it to make more money, put your nose to the grind stone and make the patrons feel bad for giving you only %20.

            • Alpha0010

              This argument happens every time a tipping-related picture is posted! Just give it up already!

              • obamasucks

                agreed, I tip based on service, not the price of the meal……. I don't care that they are not paid much, and expect tips, they still have to work for them…… crybaby bitches….

    • CynicalPenguin

      I think I'll completely pointlessly write all my tips in multiples of pi from now on.

      Base: 21.75
      Tip: 1.5 pi
      Total: 26.46

  • JGrai

    #17 Ha! That'd cheer me up.

    • sam

      Something similar actually happened to my mom a month or so ago (she's a waitress), but in her case they left almost a 30% tip (they were regulars) along with a note.

  • AssClown

    #5 Would be cool if had eaten a $26.86 pie…

  • BuffaloJustSayin

    #7 The Dude Abides

    • toocoolforschool

      We wants the money Lebowski=correct

  • Schadeboy

    #10, #21, #25
    All douchebags (the customers, not the wait staff)

    • Bobby

      Of course! There's no such thing as bad service…

    • Del

      Maybe their servers were complete DOUCHEBAGS and terrible servers…….. Thought about that??

      Not all servers are good at their job… Some of them outright Suck Ass at their job and could care less …

      Dont just assume they did a great job and some asshat left a shitty tip…

      • Massadonious

        I'm pretty sure the "I make more than you" guy is just a plain 'ol douchebag.

        • dedubs

          yeah, its possible #21gave bad service but there's no reason to think #10 did…What a dickhead. So because your time is more valuable you shouldn't pay for a service from anyone who makes less money than you?

          • Diff. perspective

            While it may be a douchey thing to say…it may have been intended to prove a point. I am imagining someone eating lunch during a weekday, when it is generally well understood by the waitstaff that most customers have a finite amount of time for a lunch and need to move on to the next meeting or head back to the office. etc. There is an implied duty of the waitstaff to be respectful of and value the customers' time. A server who provided poor service by disrespecting or undervaluing the time of the customer by creating an extended delay etc. may very well have earned the comment– perhaps a little bit of an "f- you" to put the shitty/rude/disrespectful server in his/her place? Ah, wtf am I saying? It's still a douchey/asshole thing to say…a $0.00 tip should be enough to deliver the message.

            • dedubs

              The thing is, a server is always "respectful" of a customers time as they have a financial incentive to do so. The more people you churn through, the more tips you get, as long as you aren't blatantly rushing people.

              • Pete

                Servers are not ALWAYS respectful of anything.

                • dan

                  quotes change everything bro

            • Joe

              I'm not arguing about the possibility of having bad service but if you can't manage your time better and need to rush, maybe you shouldnt have gone out to a restaurant?? Being responsible for your own decisions is "WIN"!

        • The J

          I'm pretty sure the guy had to wait forever for service, then again for the check then again for the cashing out. When I saw the comment that was the first thing I thought of, being made to wait, and wait, and wait for basic service.

          That is the worst.

          • http://flullyflullenberger.tumblr.com Flully Flullenberger

            Yeah, no, that's obviously a douchebag customer. Probably also responds to a bartender cutting them off with "do you know how much money I make/who I am?" No, and I also don't give a shit, get the fuck out of my bar.

            Oh, and if you're in a hurry at lunch, try telling your server that.

      • jnj

        even if someone as you say Sucks Ass at their job, what gives someone the right to comment on that person's weight or write a mean message on the check. That is down right rude and mean. Not to mention the person has to then hand that check in at the end of their shift and that is embarrassing. As a server I work hard and always try to do my best but sometimes there are mistakes involving the kitchen that are not my fault and I dont deserve to be left nothing. At times people also leave nothing bc they just dont like their food. Again not my fault. Its anyones right not to tip but just leave the nasy note out of it.

        • obamasucks

          suck it up,

      • DemBone

        I done worked a full time job living off of tips so I'm one of those types that will leave a good tip.

        Only one time I didn't leave a tip and my family couldn't believe it. But the waiter we had came up, took our orders and that was it. He was gone! Other people brought our food and drinks out. But after sitting there for about 40 minutes waiting on the check, the manager had to cash us out because I heard one of the waitresses say they have no clue where the guy was.

        Maybe something happened that he had to leave, but then again, he ran off and never told his boss?

        • The J

          When others bring out the food there is generally tip sharing involved. Aren't you concerned stiffing the people that were helpful because the person labeled "waiter" walked off?

  • r00s7a

    I gave your mom a tip

    • bigD

      I gave your mom the whole thing.

      • Del

        Big D , like a boss…….. AHAHHAHA

    • YourMom

      Why thank you very much!

  • Master_Rahl

    #3 There must be a back-up jar. With an offer like this, I imagine the 1st jar fills almost immediately. Thanks Chuck.

  • Anon

    Anyone who thinks tipping anyone for anything is mandatory should be shot.
    You tip someone for services rendered above and beyond what is normally expected. It's called a gratuity because you are being gracious to the one who rendered the services.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      This is how they make their money. They're not on salary. So, customers like #10, #21, #25 can suck ass.

      • flio

        I agree with this anon fella however ech… has a point therefore I tip $1 for a check over $10 you want any more than that you have to do something especially good. The only exception is my barber who gets $5 every time. People who bitch about getting bad tips are so annoying, you consistently get tipped poorly it's probably your fault.

        • phdonme

          Or a bunch of motherfuckers like you come in. Sorry 10% is shitty as hell

      • Shirley

        If you've ever been to Europe, you would appreciate the servers in the USA a whole lot more. Tipping is not expected there and the service definitely reflects that, which is to say, it's horrible.

    • Ned Plimpton

      And anyone who doesn't tip decent or better service is an asshole. Servers make below minimum wage. No it's not our fault that's the career they chose, but in the end I feel better about myself throwing in an extra $5-$10 for service.

      I've given a server zero tip before, only because they were either rude or made too many mistakes & didn't show any remorse.

      • Skrillex

        Agreed. I stiffed a server last week because 1. He brought out the appetizer & entrees at the same time 2. Didn't acknowledge my Groupon that I handed to him before the meal. The food was great, but the poor service was on him.

        A few weeks ago I ate a terrible meal at a restaurant. The server apologized and did everything he could to make us happy. He DID receive a tip.

        Good service = Tip

        • NonBrit

          So the lesson is: if you want a tip, bitch out the chefs for getting the dupes out of order.

      • drea619

        no its not our fault and youre a pawn for tipping just-cuz. the main reason I will not tip is if the server isnt attentive. Its like i get my food and need ketchup but she already left. i dont see the broad untill 20 min later, still waiting for ketchup so i havent eaten my food. ……and you would still tip?

        • Ned Plimpton

          Bad service = Bad tip…. Dumbass

          • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

            Exactly. Be it 2% or 20%…tip according to service. That's all I am saying. The person in No. 10 is just an asshole.

            • obamasucks

              the person in #10 was probably waiting forever and had to watch the fat bitch stand in the corner talking to her friend about how shitty of tips she has been getting….. totally deserved it.

        • Brooce

          We've already covered this.

          • Mmmm

            invalid, waitresses don't actually make minimum wage. If you don't tip in America, you're an asshole. You can cry about it all you want but it's our culture – just like routinely saying please and thank you. You can fight it, say it's wrong, find excuses, but you just look like a fucking dick. Or maybe you just think you're a rebel.

            • Misfit7734

              In California they get at least minimum wage $8 an hour

            • SJay

              Tipping isn't a culture thing. It seems that way because its the only way to actually earn a living in hospitality.
              Saying please and thank you is common courtesy and being polite.

            • Hutch

              There is a reason our food service industry is set up like it is. It's an incentive to provide better service which helps all involved. If the server sucks they make less money, simple as that. However, I do feel for the servers however when they get shafted by an asshole customer. @SJay – it actually IS a culture thing as I have been to several countries that don't practice tipping at all. in fact when I was stationed in Japan, we were told not to tip as it's not practiced or expected and could be misconstrued.

    • http://cooldudestuff.com HairyKnuckles

      Look. The way I see it, the difference between a 15% and 20% tip is typically around a dollar or two. That dollar means a whole lot more to the server than it does to me, so why not cough it up.

      I am not a server now, but I have been in the past and know that they make minimum wage to serve an overwhelming amount of assholes, so I now go out of my way to be 1) a good, courteous customer and 2) allow leeway for the some mistakes, which unfortunately are out of their hands in many occasions.

      Your thought that tips are optional is exactly why servers are in bad moods half of the time. Dickheads like you make serving a task that no one should have to perform.

      • http://cooldudestuff.com HairyKnuckles

        Sorry for the repeat comment

    • Cantaloupe

      Anyone who thinks that a shitty server should earn $2.00/h should be shot. Your American meal is so fucking cheap because the service doesn't make a living wage. You expect someone to do a good job for $2.00/h and you only tip if they're above average? If you're that cheap, why are you eating out in the first place?

      • Pete

        Yup. Greedy over expecting servers, are why I don't eat out anymore.

        Now neither the business or the server get my $.

        As the recession continues, I think the majority of people will stop spending stupid amounts of money on mediocre food and service. Cue screaming and hand wringing from food service workers as their customer base dries up.

        • Leeks

          I'm sure servers will cry them selves to sleep at night, because shitty tippers stop coming in all together.

    • about

      Every year, we get a postcard plea from a billion-dollar newspaper company to please tip our poor delivery person because he makes so little money, and the work is hard, and so on.


      Cut your CEO's $25 million bonus, and pay the delivery people the money you say they deserve.

      I'm not saying never tip. I do so often, and at 20%. But I hate it when corporations try to guilt us into solving their problems.

      • PA Chivette

        I agree with you about the corporations! Part of the problem I have with the whole tipping issue is that it's the company who's making a fortune on Americans eating out and the servers are always the ones getting screwed – in more ways than one!!! 1.) In most states, the Server Minimum Wage is MUCH lower than the standard AND the Federal Gov't requires servers to claim a certain percentage of their tips for "tax purposes," regardless of how much they've actually made during a given shift, PLUS they have to tip-out to bartenders, food runners, and sometimes even buspersons. Too many people have NO IDEA that this is how it works in food service. 2.) Habitually poor tippers often blame the server and not the true culprit of the whole issue – the business & the gov't. My dad was one of those who thought, "Why should *I* have to pay their salary with a tip?" and it drove me CRAZY!!! It is NOT the server's fault that the wage scale is so crappy and sometimes people take whatever job they can get, just to try to earn a living! It is also NOT the server's fault if the kitchen is poorly run or they simply don't read the ticket properly. There is only so much that server can control when it comes to the meal. At that point, however, it IS the server's responsibility to CHECK BACK with the table to make sure that all is in order and offer to make it right if something isn't.
        Having worked in the industry & knowing how cheap and just plain rude some people can be, I often tip 20% unless the service is terrible. I also tip in cash as often as possible, giving the server freedom to declare whatever THEY feel is appropriate to the gov't.
        Here's a question for our Canadian friends: Gratuity is included on the bill at a restaurant, is it not? Does this affect service positively or negatively? Just wondering.

        • AndreChamer

          F** I wanted to give you a thumbs up, but my eyes crossed and you got a thumb down..

          So i just wanted to let you know that you at least got 20 imaginary thumbs up!

    • bigdaddykane

      you've eaten alot of pubes in your life

  • BigPup

    #3 FTW!!!

  • Master_Rahl

    #10 If this mega-douche is ever identified, I'm sure he'll be dining on snot burgers for every meal he doesn't prepare himself. What an absolute tool!

    • Brian

      Old Town, Alexandria VA


    • jnj

      I would like to know what his job is.

      • FlavorFlave

        $20 he works at the Chipotle down the street

    • The J

      I would suggest that if you think putting snot in someone's burger is justified you, also, are an absolute tool.

      Yeah, if you advocate douche-bag behavior you are part of the douche-bag problem, not the solution.

      • Master_Rahl

        Agreed, I would definitely be perpetuating a disk-ish vibe, but at that point it's already become a revenge tactic. I wouldn't serve up snot to the good ones. Even if I'm having less than 4-star service, I'm patient with the waitstaff. I can't imagine what would cause some arrogant pussbucket to write that crap, unless he was a douchebag to start…

  • http://twitter.com/dustintad @dustintad

    Saw one once at a Freebirds that said "Every time you tip a dollar, Justin Beiber loses his voice." needless to say I tipped $5 on a $6 meal.

  • Master_Rahl

    #25 Not that kind of tip, DICK!

    • flio

      how do you know the service deserved a tip?

      • Master_Rahl

        Good service or bad, if someone told me to lose weight (a suggestive tip) on the receipt in place of a monetary tip. They'd BETTER not eat there again, or it's spitball specials for life.

        • Del

          Maybe its the only way to leave a NEGATIVE tip since its illegal to short pay someone on a bill……

          Maybe the Fat bitch was outside for twenty minutes smoking when all i wanted was a refill on my kids drink ……….

        • BA420

          What if you were fat….

  • tommytwotime

    #17 was my favorite #19 was pretty awesome too

  • Wardog

    #25 #10 #21

    I love how these assholes think that servers and bartenders won't remember who they are. You can never step foot in that restaurant again if you do something like that. Also, don't think a disgruntled waitress is above punching them in the face in front of their kids if they see them at the mall.

    • Del

      I love that after i go to a place with SHITTY service and shitty staff that i probably will never return to said establishment ever again…. BTW if someone is that Suck Ass at their job then they are probably too big a PUSSY to swing at me…….

      • Wardog

        It's funny that you see these as shitty service, and I see them as asshole customers. Also, I hope you're not standing up for #25 and #10. Those two are just fucking rude. (BTW – You'd be surprised how many people who receive bad service and how many asshole customers keep going back to the same places.)

        • Del

          Thats the definition of Insanity…

    • James

      Right, because physical violence is clearly the way to retaliate for this sort of action…

  • Hot Karl

    #22 Lakefront Brewery Represent!

    P.S. Fuck the Cubs

    • MKE

      Agreed Fuck The Cubs!! Lakefront is great!


      Fuck Baseball

    • rphilman1

      I'm sorry, I'll take Goose Island or Half Acre any day over Lakefront.

      Fellow Chicagoan here. Go Cubs go!

      • meno

        lakefront ftw, just was at that brewery last week

  • toastymoe

    #20… clean your fingernails before you go to work, you'll get bigger tips.
    #25… The better looking the waitress, the bigger tip I leave.

    • Justin

      Ever think his/her fingernails got dirty from a long day at work?

  • Lucas

    What’s the difference between a canoe and a Canadian?

    • JAFitC

      I know, I know. Canadians don't tip. Some cultures/societies don't because they pay their servers a living wage. It is hard to fault someone who doesn't know any different.

      • Samantha Kristal

        Umm, I am Canadian, and I always tip. It's not like I am rich, I don't even have a car. But If you can afford to go out somewhere where people serve you, you can afford to tip them. Plain and simple. Can't afford to tip? Stay home and cook your own damn food.

        • Mike

          The price to be served is in the cost of the food, hence why you go out and pay a lot more than it would cost you to cook it yourself. Tips are earned with a positive attitude and keeping your guests happy. I live in Vegas where most jobs are tip jobs, and no body I know expects tips. They work hard for it. Keep my drink full and smile and I will usually give 20%.

          • syraphym

            Actually the price of service is not in the cost of the food. The price of food only covers the cost of the food and the seat you are sitting in and the surroundings. It has nothing to do with service.

        • Scott

          Then you are a fool, a tip is earned, by service, good service, not because it is expected. If I get good service I tip, if I get shitty service I don't. It's that simple.

    • AmyK

      I'll bite. What?

    • server

      canoes tip

      • dawgbone

        I don't know where this comes from. Everyone I know (which are mostly Canadians) leaves a tip.

  • gty

    As someone who has been a server for years, there's two reasons you got a less than 15% tip or even $0. 1) The customer is just a douche like
    2) You fucking sucked at serving.

    • matt

      could have been someone who got really slow service or is just a doucher

  • Kevin

    #9 Anyone notice the "**** I'm Batman" at the bottom of the jar?

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com Martha

    #15 probably had food comp'd off the bill and it was suggesting on the total price before coupons/etc, because you should tip on the before price.

    That or we don't have to fear that computer ever taking over the world.

    • Adam

      Much more likely that the restaurant is trying to scam customers into leaving more tip. From working in that industry for years, I've met my share of thieves and liars. One example…I had a manager when I worked at Joe's Crab Shack that got sent up the river for embezzling $30,000. That money came from server tip outs to bus boys and host/hostess.

    • Dave

      The percentages are correct for a $27.67 tab. Martha is right, there's some missing info…

  • Dads

    #26 classic, people will tip for sure

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