Having fun with tips and tipping jars (27 Photos)

  • Aaron

    I work for tips… I’m a valet… I don’t think 20% is always enough of a tip… 40$ tab its $8 thats not a lot in today’s world… I tip $10+ for good service and $20+ for great service… making someones day with a tip feels a lot better than giving them 8bucks for busting their ass for half an hour serving me!

  • Jesse

    Servers get paid an hourly rate of $4.25/hour, with some states putting forth legislation to drop that to $2.13/hour. Crappy service deserves crappy tips, but don't say it's "extra". If no one tIps, the server doesn't get paid. Plain and simple.

    • abes

      In the magical state I live in….its 2.13/hour and has been since ive been serving for 7 years now…o the joys

    • Adam

      Not true. Some states are $2.13/hr (e.g., Georgia) , while most require that restaurants pay them the state or federally mandated minimum wage (whichever is higher).

      • drea619

        cali is minimum wage- 8/hr

    • No Use For A Name

      Please don't misinform people. If the server doesn't at least get paid minimum wage after tips the employer is required to make up the difference.

  • Rhino

    Martha had it early in the comments. She figured something was comp'd, where I figured they used the remains of an old gift card to knock 8.23 off the original total. All those 'suggested' tips percentages work on ~27.66.

  • Anonymous

    Creative jewing…

  • leafsfan2005

    Even if the service sucked – criticizing a waiter or waitresses weight – is douchey.

  • drea619

    i only tip GREAT service, i hate ppl who complain about tips, if you cant support yourself on your hourly income, get a different job. its not my job to support you just cuz you make less than minimum wage, ur just an idiot for taking that job.

    • Troll Moleste

      Tool is not just the name of a band.

    • poypoy

      You sir should only eat at fast food places that do not have waitstaff.

      • drea619

        Im a maam 🙂 and your argument is invalid.

    • http://www.facebook.com/josedanielcampa José Campa

      If you don’t want to tip for anythIng f

    • http://www.facebook.com/josedanielcampa José Campa

      If you don’t want to tip for anything other than great service then that’s your choice. But, a lot of people take service jobs for many different reasons. They, could be un-qaulified for other jobs, or it could be the easiest way to support yourself while going to college. The point is that these are menial jobs that a lot of people depend on other people to do. We all (hopefully) have had to work hard to get what we want. Tips help give these people more incentive to work even harder and strive to make a real living for themselves. Disregarding all of that kind of makes you an asshole.

      • Mike

        Like drea619 said, they should strive to give their customers "great" service to earn their tips. If serving is all that these people are qualified to do then you better work hard to be the best at it. The problem in this country is everyone is self entitled now. It's not like it's hard. I did for three years in college and never got stiffed once at a steak house.

      • drea619

        ok i need to break this down…..these are the examples you laid out:
        1. unqualified for anything better-
        2.lack of avilability
        4. menial job no one else (me) will want to do.

        and then you end it all saying if I tipped them more they would have more of an incentive to be a better waiter "next time" or make a "real" living for themselves.

        my question for you is: Do you always make other ppl's problems your problem?

        BUTaparently not caring makes me a ass hole…..CARING IS FOR SISSY'S

  • Emily

    #25 could stand to learn the difference between lose and loose. C’mon now, don’t be stupid AND an a$$hole.

    • ElDiablo69

      LOL good one!! They were 2 for 2!

  • Boner

    @drea619 you’re an idiot.

    • Mike

      Coming from a guy who decided to call himself Boner.

      • drea619

        Mike you took the commen right off my keyboard!

  • Paulc

    #15 must be at Applebee’s they tried doing that shit to me I told them to f themselves. I always tip 20% when u tell me how much I should tip and you do it wrong I don’t do it all.

    • flio

      It's in very poor taste to tell someone how much to tip in any case.

    • Mmmm

      yeah this one is fucked. That pisses me off. That would make me tip exactly 10% and point out their mistake.

      • Adam

        Why 10%? How about tell the manager to stop scamming people and leave 0%.

    • Smitty

      Surely that kind of thing has got to be some kind of fraud.

    • MonkeyMadness

      They know people are generally stupid or too lazy to figure it out. I'm sure lots of people just pay it. (if at all)

    • Jax2583

      The percentage might be so high because $19.43 does not reflect the actual total for the services rendered. For example, the total for the entire bill might have been $27.70, but the customers paid partially with a gift card, and the $19.43 is the amount being applied to the credit card.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ted.marlow Ted Marlow

      total after tax? who tips tax?

  • dedubs

    they actually make much less than minimum wage, $2.13 an hour in my state (although if people tip it comes out to be much more) to serve an overwhelming amount of assholes

    • drea619

      they make 8/hr in cali

  • Caleb

    You know, it’s funny that as I looked at some of the comments on the receipts I was thinking two things. Why do people have to be assholes and where are these assholes. Low and behold I find some here. God forbid these people take a job. Some people and their attitudes amaze me.

    • Edd

      Some peoples work ethic amaze me, you dont make tips just for having a uniform on…

  • Ash

    Tip jars are only needed in front of bands, i work in the food industry serving tables actually working for tips, im not going to tip you for pouring coffee from one pot to a cup, or making my sandwhich. When you actually make $2.13 an hour (minimum wage for jobs that are heavily influence by tips) then i will accept your tip jar

    • rat

      THANK YOU! I hate that looks when i go to Starbucks for just a cup of coffee and i get dirty looks from them for not tipping them for pouring a cup of coffee. I had a friend who worked at Starbucks and she got MAD benefits and pay

  • Server

    Hey drea619 go f*ck your self. If you can’t tip then don’t go out to eat. Would people rather have it like in Australia? They get a good hourly pay as a server but now they don’t need to give you good service so they can just sit back and give you the minimum. Hey I dont mind. I hate busting my ass and getting a 5% tip. The restaurants can start paying people in the US 20 + an hour and We can all sit back and watch you wave and wave for your 15 refills you want. But our not getting them. Oh and now the employers have to pay more so

    Now our 20 Doller stake is now 30 or 35. Your 8 Doller beer is 13. That cheesecake is 10. So your paying my wage any way you l

    • drea619

      excuse me server…20/hour is a little much dont you think…..

      no, servers should make minimum wage since they do minimum-wageish work.

      they dont cook the food-cooks get paid well.
      they dont buss the tables- a much shittier job which typically pays min or more

      your job is to take my order and bring it back in a timely manner. If done that way I have no problem tipping and im a generous tipper when I do

      So your argument is invalid but good try.
      and yes its still your fault for choosing a shitty job whether or not it was the only option, its a choice so stop complaining and get me my refill biotch!

  • Server

    You look at it.

  • Bob


  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #22 Now that's motivation. Red Sox and Yankees fans, take note.

  • http://twitter.com/_staceywithane_ @_staceywithane_

    #3 -______- #teambieber. that is all.

  • GuinessHangover


    "Yeah! Ozavize ve cut off ya johnson!

  • Stick

    The only place I tip with a jar is the pizza joint around the corner, because those guys are fucking awesome.
    Anyone else? Go fuck yourself, you're making minimum wage. No one came 'round and tipped me when I stood by the high way with a sign all summer, they threw bike pedals and rocks at me.
    I wouldn't tip waitresses either, but they don't make minimum. (They might get it by the end of the month, but they're in lurch for the time being.)
    I can't believe this shit is still allowed to go on.

  • Jake

    here is a tip: do not write mean/stupid comments on your receipt when using a credit card.

  • The boss

    Is it required by law to tip?

  • john

    #25 Why can’t people spell LOSE? It’s a simple word.

  • john diamondtooth

    #15….that’s subtotal!!! Not the final total

    • MonkeyMadness

      So the tax brings it up to $27.67? WTF? The percentages are correct for a $27.67 tab.

      The $4.15 suggested tip is 21%!

  • etcrr

    #6 Midwest fun, tipping cows and waitresses

  • ?

    You know why I tip? Because these people handle the food that I am about to ingest.

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