Having fun with tips and tipping jars (27 Photos)

  • PJ Hartman

    #15 i hate how companies take advantage of people who cant so simple math, its being a fucking dick and if I seen that and knew it was wrong I would definitely take that to management.

    • Abman

      As opposed to those who can’t do simple English. Seen? How about, “if I saw that”?

      • JD Graffam

        Actually, the correct English would have been, “If I had seen that I definitely would have…” it’s called The Third Conditional and uses a past participle with would have, could have, might have or should have.

        • JD Graffam

          Damn. Should have capitalized it’s.

  • Justin Gibbons

    #15 I work in the same restaurant chain, the math is correct, the only thing its not showing you is that there was a coupon added to the check, it gives you the percentages according to how much you actually ordered not your total after the discount as been added

  • JT

    #5 Cute, but you are still a cheap dick. #10 if your time is that valuable try eating at home, may I suggest you do us all a favor and et a bullet. #21 & #25 if you aren’t going to leave a tip, don’t write anything you ass clowns. And lastly #15 that is the percentages of your original total before you used a coupon you douche bag and you are supposed to tip on the original total since that food was prepared and served to you before it was comped, Be careful how you treat your server folks because they may be working their way towards a degree that will make them your boss!!!

  • bf7225

    #22 Lakefront Beer and the Chive, can't get much better1

  • matt

    #7 they were all pretty good but this one had me laughing the most… fucking Nihilists

  • lynsyd

    If you go to a place where you sit and are SERVED. Always tip. No exceptions. Tip more if they did a great job.

  • Jay

    Funk me I’m glad we just pay a decent minimum wage in Australia so we don’t have to Tip. We only tip here if the server gave decent service. No service, funked time to get it to me, wrong order? No Tip for u!!!! 1 year! Lol

    Man I will piss alot of Yanks off in November when I’m over. My style of tipping stands kids. If I’m to pay extra for service, I best get some! It’s a privlage not expected right to be tipped!

  • Scott

    You want to know who gets screwed MORE than servers for tips? Hotel room attendants. They clean your room and 99% of people don't tip them. My wife cleans hotel rooms and I'll tell you, there are some cheap ass fucking people who stay at the Hilton.

  • nsynclover


  • stuf

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    • Wpower

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    • tmach81

      there wasn't any women in this gallery.

    • Smitty


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  • Josh

    @Jay from Australia:

    Just so you know douchebag, servers in the USA don’t get paid minimum wage. They usually get paid around $2 per hour which doesn’t even cover income tax, therefore they make $0 in income if they do not receive tips. Also, if the food came wrong or took a while, did it ever occur to you that the kitchen may have made an error? How about asking a few questions to find out the story, you ignorant f*ck. Sounds to me like you’ll piss of people no matter where you go. Stay down under with your cheap ass!

  • Smitty

    I try to never tip on a credit card. I always tip with cash, no matter how I paid for the meal. That way the server/waitress/waiter will actually see that money that was meant for them.

  • lovemepug

    #1 is my neighborhood coffee shop! That means a Chiver lives close! I find comfort in that 🙂

  • toby


  • Dennis

    One of the only times I didn't leave a tip is when I had to leave my table to find the waitress to ask for something. She was gone for so long I actually had to go get the damn thing myself.

    • forSerious

      Stop the press!!! You mean to tell me you had to actually get up out of your seat and go get something….. FOR YOURSELF…. The horror!!! Luckily, you seem to have come through this ordeal without too much trauma. Lesser people would be ruined by this unimaginable experience. You are a hero and a testament to power of the human spirit, I salute you………

  • angelcurry1077

    Pretty sure all the douche-bag comments are from people who have never waited a table in their life…kinda hoping some of them get forced into doing so because of the economy so they can see what it feels like to live off how someone rates you. There needs to be a DAMN good reason for not tipping…like the server vomiting on your selfish, stupid face. If you can’t “afford” to tip, stay at home. Keep your pennies and notes to yourselves.

    Done my time as a server. I have nothing but respect for the service industry. You guys rock! 🙂

  • billiam

    Really josh, $2 per hour? If you are going to exaggerate, make it a believable. Minimum wage is just that, the MINIMUM. My wife is a waitress and actually makes decent money. More than $2 per hour. You are a nutsack

  • billiam

    Oh and stuff, fuck your face

  • Whatevs

    I’m a waitress and get 2.13 an hr obviously you’re wife works for generous people so they’re only exaggerating by 13 cents…

  • trs8

    It goes state by state, but standard minimum wage for a serving job is $2.13 an hour. So yeah, tip your servers. We’re just trying to survive and make a living too.

  • Tommy

    The thing with TIPS is that we’ve forgotten what it means:
    Service = TIPS in times past if you wanted to be sure to receive extra-ordinary service or care you would offer that service person a little extra $ and that would get it for you. The service person – working extra to serve would earn TIPS. It wasn’t just an ‘expected’ gratuity as it is now. Now a days those in the service industry somehow feel so cheated if they do the bare minimal and then don’t receive TIPS. It’s a shame. It’s taken the class out of the service industry.

  • matavt

    In Australia the minimum wage is ~ US$16.50 depending on the exchange rate, this does scale with age starting at 50% at 16 – full rate at 20 there are penalties rates on top of this. Tipping isn't in the culture and there are some organization that discourage tipping although those organizations will often have a "tip" jar for that gets donated to a charity. The wage is liveable I work in a industry on a similar wage structure with no tipping while studying. Although as has been mentioned our minimum service levels in some areas are much lower as a result and pay a bit for meals and beer.

    In Australia I won't tip by default but I will tip for good service, ie.. the cabby who gets out of his cab to load my luggage, the bar tender who remembers my order when I got up for the next round or the waitress who actually knows what is on their wine list. When travelling overseas matters are different as the tip might be what makes the wage liveable as is the case in the US and tipping is part of the culture. You should respect their culture and tip appropriately, otherwise you are no different than any inconsiderate tourist you see travelling in OZ.

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

    #10 & #25 = Douche

  • SadeShadz

    #19 ♥ Cute fishy wishy 😛

  • Crazy tv Lenny

    #22 MKE chivers every where!

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