Having fun with tips and tipping jars (27 Photos)

  • ramon

    Am, stuf, I admire your zeal when it comes to single handedly trying to bring down this ONE website but really, I think you are putting too much thought into TheChive. I propose this to you and TheChive, as a black man and a frequent visitor to this site I would like to offer my services in screening the submissions to determine what % is black vs white and then from a non-biased point of view report back to the chive community. Outside of that the only other thing i have to complain to thechive about is why you no develop Android app?

  • blaastaaz

    I worked as a server for nearly 10 years. And for a small restaurant in the Midwest. I made very good money for that type of job. I probably brought in on average 45K – 50K a year. Yes good servers work very hard. Deal with alot of stress and some very shitty people. There really is no excuse to complain about non tippers. They are every where you go. And you really should not expect everyone to tip. There are many people on fixed incomes that cannot afford to tip. That does not mean that they are not allowed to eat out at a restaurant. In general most people tip and some tip really well. I had a gentleman that was a regular.

    According to him I was the best server he ever had and he tipped me the highest out of them all. ($1.00 lol) I still served him and his wife for years always greeting him by name and treating them very well.

    I was paid 3.23 an hour for server wage plus whatever tips I made. Averaged 4-6 hour shifts and had anywhere from 18-30 tables a night. I made sure I was the fastest server in the restaurant and a master at customer service. If the cooking staff messed shit up I immediately notified the customer and immediately jumped on getting the issue resolved. Even if I had to make the item myself It got done and sent to the table quickly. If I had a horrible customer I dealt with them with a smile. One thing that pisses off a mean customer more is if it shows that their behavior does not affect you at all.

    Bottom line. Don't expect tips from everyone. Don't treat people badly if they didn't tip and return. If your a good server your tips from other tables will offset any losses from a few bad ones. And if you don't get enough tables. You are either a bad server, work at the wrong restaurant or just need to change careers.
    Being a server is a awesome career for the right people and you can make way above average wages and work half as much as the average worker for those wages.

    • Tim

      1. You can’t afford to tip. You can’t afford to eat out
      2 serving tables is NOT a great job… For anybody. Its meant to be transitional at best that’s why it’s the #1 rate of turn over in the job market. If you make a carrer out of it you’ve given up on something else

  • Santa

    Is it custom in America to tip in every kind of store? I'm not judging, just asking since I've never been to America. Here in the Netherlands we don't have tip-jars on counters, only for charities and such (in case you don't want your change).

  • Jewels

    The 10 people party tip has been a good idea. When I was a chef in THunder Bay ON we did a small wedding dinner for 25 people. The customers insisted on a la carte service but would only allow for 1 server. When the bill came, they tipped her a whopping $10 for the evening! To add to the insult, the Maitre D then put out her hand for her cut and reminded her that as there was table side cooking service for 3 people in the party she needed to make sure the flame cart guy got his share too!! These customers were her only customers of the evening.

  • tmach81

    #5 my question would be… Do you think the wait staff actually knew that was PI (3.14) or do you think they actually had to do the math.

    • No Use For A Name

      They probably didn't care, since the total said 30.00.

  • Jewels

    I always tip. However, if you give me crap service, if you are surly, impatient, appear bored or act like I am an inconvience sitting in your section, then it sucks to be you because you are going to get the bare minimum. If you greet me with a smile, and treat me and my family well and genuinely appear to enjoy your job… well then you get a big tip. I have actually left a tip that was 60% of the total bill because our waitress was amazing. Attentive, funny, went out of her way to make sure our evening was enjoyable.

    • http://xxwhodatxx.wordpress.com xxwhodatxx

      I agree, if you want to be tipped then act like it. Don’t come give me attitude because some other asshole screwed you and expect me to give a great tip. Good service=good tip.

  • obamasucks

    no because I am not paying for "people's salary" I am paying for a meal! If you provide good service, then I will tip you, if my experience is not good overall, then you get $.02. fuck them all..

  • tmach81

    #11 If I don't believe in God does that mean i don't have to tip?

  • B Ry

    @Santa- it is customary in food service industry jobs to tip here in America.

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  • Sara

    #10 What a complete Fucking Asshole!!! Cant stand people who think they are better than others!

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