I miss college….(55 Photos)

  • nuccabay

    #10 – need to hang out with these girls
    #11 #30 – MSU gettin some love GO GREEN!!!!!!

  • LLD

    #23 Okay, unless there is a really, really, REALLY good reason why the unconscious girl deserves to be absolutely humiliated and degraded, aside from her obvious alcohol poisoning, I'm calling all you pen-wielders rotten lousy losers who deserve to be face-kicked by a mule. If she thinks you're her "friends", she needs new ones. And you dare show your smarmy face, proud of what you've done. Heinous.

  • Tim

    #6 Yyeeeaaaahhhh University of Idaho Chivers!

  • elchicoNick5

    #43….I would like to see the finished product. #49….Wreck Em' Baby!

    • Jordan

      Nice to see TTU chivers!

  • LLD

    I sure as hell don't miss college. And it looks like its gotten even worse since I've been gone.

  • Z_Bone_Capone

    #28 justifies the whole post. Thank you, Chive

  • Anonymous

    Find the red head in 48.

  • jjj

    I like the way #48 left is put together

  • Dads

    #27 sausage fest

  • Mr. Nix

    #54 Gotta love the two guys in the back blatantly checking asses

  • Jaycen

    #5, #15 and #20 promissing cleavage

  • rufiosghs

    #36 is a marine barracks room. furniture, bed sheats, and cover all scream marine. plus that looks like bravos or alpha uniforms hanging in the background

  • CaptainStag

    #16 One does not simply spell Sheffield wrong! Sheffield is where Sean Bean is from. And Where I'm from. And where these idiots who can't spell Sheffield apparently study…

    • Sas

      What do you expect? They're from Yorkshire

  • Whorebait

    #8 hah! im right down the road from there. All Oneonta Chivers/Chivettes that are out on the town tonight, head to Ledgends to share a pitcher!

  • guest

    I have said it before and putting out again…We need to find #5

  • http://twitter.com/Pud_Divine @Pud_Divine

    #5 im kindly requesting MORE!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/pyrosis pyrosis

    More of #28. She's got a great ass.

  • Willie Ed

    #28 fine ass and Gap, almost didn't notice…. WTF with the nasty Rat Tail?

  • ben dover

    i'm from australia, and i see most of your college people are just drinking light beer. biggest pussies in the world i think…..

  • Ash

    #6 This was funny the first 4000x I saw it. Check that, it never was. STOP IT

  • Matt

    #38 Nice side boob action there.

  • Anonymous

    i saw a few duckface pics in here. . . . . not amused

  • Weathergrunt

    #36 Hey Devildog, no booze in the barracks! Semper Fi and Chive on!

  • hbomb20

    good post, more duckfaces than necessary though

  • Kevin

    #32 is that MIke McLean?!

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