• Mocs

    First! KCCO! 🙂

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      fifty thumbs down you must be so proud of yourself…

  • Duck!


  • tylrd67

    Spitfire?!? More like Shitfire in his pants!

  • lucas


  • :-D


  • New England sucks

    Will some one please fuck that guy.

    • Amanda

      I would

      • steve

        I'm cuter…Would you fuck me?

        • someguy

          powerfull stuff steve. powerfull stuff

          • Grammar Nazi


        • Grammar Police


          • Jono

            Swing and a miss

  • Unfkngblvbl

    better than a cup of coffee in the morning.

    • Master_Rahl

      I bet it's more like a cup of coffee in his pants. "FUCK ME!!"

  • NemesisEnforcr

    Nice how the camera man bailed and didn't say anything to the other guy.

  • r@f

    fuk mi? no… fuk yu.


    would you fuck me? id fuck me.. id fuck me hard

    • 123

      Is that you Wild Bill?

      • THAT_GUY

        Yes, and Precious !

  • TheAlmightyNeil

    Ah, the great Alain De Cadnet. Pilot, racing driver and TV host.

  • Darth Yogurt

    Hilarious. Difficult to masturbate to, but still funny.

    • Matt

      Difficult…… but not impossible.

    • Mr. H

      "I can't FAP to this!!"

    • ThatGuy

      Is the stuff you usually masturbate to also funny?

  • etcrr

    Lmao That was fantastic, guy about shit his pants

    • Abigail

      I kinda wish you'd die of AIDS.

      • Karma The Bitch

        Karma is a dish best served when you least expect it, You will get yours for wishing ill on people

        • Herp McDerp

          I love unexpectedly served dishes.

  • Sir

    His new show is called Renaissance Man. Great show for us car guys and enthusiasts in general!

  • hondo

    Difficult how? I masturbate to images of aviation all the time. Get with the program.

  • Jeff

    The first forgivable duck face on the Chive.

  • Hallsofstone

    Video won't play…again. I'm averaging about 50% up time for theChive between the iphone ap and the website and starting to loose interest.

    • jimbojones

      Make sure you aren't denying scripts from viddler.com

    • f1junkie

      its not the chive, its you

  • JDB85

    HAHAHA, that was a good one. Would've scared the shit out of me.

  • Roger

    Perfectly fine, nothing to worry about mate. He cleared ya by at least 6 feet.

    Although, it would be a tremendous honor to have yur head taken of by such an aircraft as the spitfire.

  • m0j0

    Ancient vid..

  • mickdeck

    Hitchcock would be so proud.

  • tommytwotime

    hahaha!!! damn that was close!!!

  • Ryan

    ADC FTW!!! Alan De Cadenet is the man!!!

    • Meh


  • 11th Airborne

    umm…i have a feeling the pilot was quite relieved to have cleared him as well. I don’t think that was intentional. pilots are generally “safety first” oriented and i would imagine that the pilot was probably kinda pissed that the news crew set up shop so damn close to his take off point.

  • hereforthefood
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