• Michael

    you guys are all idiots. Pretty obvious that the whole thing was staged. He was never even close to the plane and……"oh my goodness, that was bloody close"….pilot knew the whole time as did the "reporter"

    • Niclas

      Dear Michael,

      The Merlin engine is a 27 litres (1650 cui) V12 engine, capable of over 1000 hp in the early Spitfire and around 1600 in the later model, it pretty much has straight pipes for exhaust. I can assure you the sound at that distance would be enough for a true "Fuck Me!!!" moment – Try dismantling the exhaust on a standard car and you will be surprised on the noise it will produce.

      Of cause he knew that the Spitfire would pass over him – and his life was not in more danger that anyone standing at the end of a airfield with 50-60 year old military air planes taking off – it is pretty clear that his reaction was not staged.
      (Thus I conclude that not all of "you guys" are idiots…)

      Cheers, Niclas

  • Nicnac

    what's with the rude comments in the video?

  • JRP

    I agree. Neither funny nor clever. Can't the asshole remarks be kept to the comment section as usual?

  • realzoo

    <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-5899" title="watch-out-we-got-a-badass-over-here-meme" src="; alt="watch out we got a badass over here meme" width="615" height="476" />

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