• Abraham

    In the Navy….

    • Leland

      About the only game you can't play on the deck of a ship is pool.

      • Oli

        I’ve played pool on a ship.

        • Oli

          Try standing on one leg doing twenty knots!!!

    • SpacemanSpiff

      Don't ask don't tell

  • ChazMM

    Lot harder than it seems, these guys are B.A.!!!!

  • Leland

    Thank you, soldiers. For being AWESOME.

  • saga

    Cool video….untill the way too much gay finale!!

    • Abel

      Seems like you got a major cause of homophobia towards anything.

    • varlotto

      TWO GUYS ARE DRY HUMPING THAT'S SO GAY MAN I'M ABOUT TO THROW UP! that's how two grown men greet each other in Iraq, idiot.

  • uss

    good to see we are making progress

  • Raliegh

    lol at 0:51, black guy trys to steal camera.. but fails

  • CallsignMigs

    if only they put that much energy into looking like respectable members of the United States Military. Typical Sailors.

  • SarahJayne

    Opened up the page to look for something awesome to start my morning with and saw this. Immediately noticed the building since I was there not too long ago. That’s my detachment, the 2515th NAAD. Made my morning! Thanks Chive!

  • Jake

    Typical sailors? Everyone in the war over in the middle east does whatever they can to stay sane. Making a video in your uniform of the day playing basketball doesn’t represent the military poorly. Are they suppose to be in dress uniforms and at attention or parade rest all the time? Marines have brought bikes and made videos doing backflips. Army guys dual wield m249 saws and shoot thousands of rounds till the barrel melts, and air force guys shot double barrets standing and you are gonna whine about some basketballl? You are one of the people that’s happy Obama apologized to Iran. You are ruining America, move out.

  • John

    im sure most of the people who complain arent even in the military and its not really gay they were being stupid and even it they were gay it doesnt matter because they are still better than anyone else not serving. Stop crying and talking trash about some guys killing time shooting hoops.

  • faceies

    nowone was harmed in the making of this vido….except his balls

  • Quartoil01

    I was with the last group of men and women who served from my squadron in the 2515. You guys are epic an started a legacy. Go Naads

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