Seriously, WTF. (27 photos)

  • thetech2

    #22 holy fuckin fuck fuck who submitted that and why would you post it for the world to see

  • bones

    #22. This is what happens when inbred cousins marry each other, have kids who marry each other and have these as offspring… Typical family portrait from Pennsyltucky.

  • Wowzers

    #10 I was wondering if I was the only one thinking wtf during the superbowl when that happened

  • pyrosis

    #20 When drunken blumpkins go wrong.

  • Elmo

    #22 A still shot from Die Antwoords’ “I Fink Y

  • Elmo

    #22 A still shot from Die Antwoords’ video for “I Fink You Freeky” Good song really.

  • the mac

    5 is a fag bag

  • bukssna

    I don't get #7 :/

  • Bob

    Die Antwoord Love this band!!!!

  • Saul

    16 fake LV

  • stuf

    1. Most of these girls not attractive
    2. Most of these girls attention seeking
    3. no black girls what so ever
    4. email me at chiveisr acist@g , join the 5000+ to sign the petition
    5. anti-chive blog and lobbying firm coming to address media
    6. we seek integration of black girls into all posts
    7. when black girls are integrated, please put them towards the top and quit hiding them until the end
    8. mac the intern, want to make fun of asians and blacks more? NO STOP IT
    9. black is beautiful as existed twice. that is not enough. plus we want integration
    10. chive endorses gun usage
    11. The chive is not rac ist, they only submit pictures provided by users. Perhaps this is true to an extent. But I find it hard to believe that all user submitted pictures are whites only. Furthermore, the chive provides galleries of NON USER SUBMITTED pictures i.e. porn stars, random models. There has only been 1 such gallery in recent memory of an Afr ican American.
    12. BET and NAACP is Rac ist and why isn’t there a WET? Ok, so this is ridiculous. We have WET. It’s called the REST OF TV. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC. All programming geared towards white actors. BET and NAACP exist for a reason. THEY REPRESENT MI NORITY VIEWS. AF RICAN AMERICANS ARE MINORI TIES.

    13.Chive is free to do what they want. Yes. They are. But I am also free to express discontent. There are literally thousands of viewers like myself who are upset with the Chive’s practices. Thus, we are allowed to speak just as much as you are.

    14. Well, the Chive had a black is beautiful post. Ok. 1 gallery. Out of HUNDREDS of others. Enough Said. What we want is integration of mi norities into all galleries. Not just one to appease the chive’s psyche. Further, to add insult to injury, the chive put a black is beautiful on the glorious MLK day. Come on!

    15. GO TO FACEBOOK and report all posts/pictures on the chive page as sexually exploitative, FACEBOOK WILL SHUT THEM DOWN!

    16. Look out for my website, the anti-chive. It’s a blog of chive’s racial preferences, and photo screen shots ofuser generated comments that are so racist.

    17. Look out for my website, the anti-chive. It’s a blog of chive’s racial preferences, and photo screen shots ofuser generated comments that are so racist.

    • http://what Mike Hunt

      My God, but you are one PATHETIC loser. Hey asshole, no one but you is reading your missives, your feature articles. The same bullsh** every f***ing day. Die already.

    • Shortie

      #16 is a black woman and I counted two Asians in the post as well… Do you just see what you want or ???

    • TheButler

      Shut the Stuf up..You don't like it… start you own F**k**ng site…HATER!

    • Sue Acide

      Hey, who let you off the cotton field

    • take a f**king break

      you dear sir are a pudknocker.The only thing you are good at is complaining and acting like a bitch,you aren't being discriminated against because you don't exist.You are the problem with this world with your "I am being disrespected and I want everyone to know my pain!"you pitiful hump.Why not go out and collect photos of girls you find worthy of your genetic and racial criteria and fucking submit them to the Chive for inclusion in DAR,Mind the Gap,or any of the other user submitted posts you p.o.s.!No?Because that would mean you would need to find another lame crusade to spearhead with no basis in reality.

  • MattKL

    #13 Okay, that's cool.

  • Ndiggity

    #12 = Hilarious Patton Oswalt stand-up bit

  • Matt

    Pigger Nussy. Good stuff!!! Hahaha

  • DotsOfColor

    Reblogged this on Dots Of Color.

  • Brent f

    Hey fuckface go start your own site if your so unhappy with this one.

  • Wrong Turn

    Meanwhile in West Virginia #22

  • Anonymous

    # 25 turrible photoshop

  • Swerves88

    #22 .. I’m from South Africa , and I can tell you know that nobody likes Die Andwoord…

  • SadeShadz

    #15 is some twisted shit o.O
    #20 is plain gross :s
    #27 … insert d!ck here…

  • Duluthdan

    #24 did that in Florida. No ac and it was 100 degrees out!

  • Dickle

    #22 is the freakiest thing I've ever seen.

  • d1gitalpunk


    WOW. thats all i can say

  • Mak

    #5 what looks to be his legs are her legs, he's laying across the couch…this is a very normal picture…

  • Muhammad

    I have to agree with tiktok here. To amssue that this artist is demented due to his photographs is like saying Sylvester Stallone is a serial killer because you’ve seen him kill a bunch of people in his movies.

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