Animals that don’t suck (34 Photos)

  • ImpressMe

    #10…. Lounge lizards….. the ultimate in cool….suck it hipsters.

  • Anonymous

    #20. Nice puppies.

  • Lauren

    Please take down the tattooed cat. It is real and it's horrible animal abuse. I think it was an oversight but this album is for animal lovers and I can't support that abuse.

  • Master_Rahl

    #17 I thought it took two to tango. I stand corrected.

  • darsh

    Fucking Fabulous! #17

  • Master_Rahl

    #20 What a great collection of puppies, especially the ones of the sweater variety. My favorite breed 🙂


    #13 Harvey Dent's cat?

  • JDB85

    #31 With the mess it even looks like my dog.

  • Gallus

    #9 – Have you seen the Geico commercial with the little piggy going "Wee, wee, wee," all the way home? I can just hear that pooch saying "Wee."

    #11 – Yea, wild piglets are just as cute as they can be – for a few weeks. Then they morph into monsters.

    #24 – There ya go! I live with a matched pair of white tabbles who look just like this beasty. Love 'em.

  • tommytwotime

    #14 want #22 WANT! #34awwww #24 HAHA! the cat is SO pissed!

  • Dude Imbibes

    #4 "This better be the good scotch and not f^#$%ing apple juice again."

  • Landlubber77

    #16 "So I told him the party is next Saturday. I'll just pretend I forgot to text him when I 'found out' it was this Satur……………he's standing right behind me isn't he?"

  • SmokeyMorgan

    #4 Keep going. I will say when.

  • AllanA

    #4 Keep going…keep going…I SAID KEEP GOING!

  • Benoit

    #20 lucky dawgs haha

  • Nick G

    I will do the exact same face…

  • Matt

    #29 [Joe Rogan voice] "Cat is dangerous off his back….full guard. Watch out for the triangle. Dog's in trouble! Here comes the triangle!"

  • bull1123

    These posts make me unnecessarily happy! Thanks Chive!

  • Big Joe

    #4 coolest cat EVER!!!

  • r151

    They have all found their place in the sun…

  • Thee Chad

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  • tinypocket

    I dont see how #26 is any more cruel than putting your cat under to tattoo their ear, insert a chip, getting them spayed or neutered and especially declawing. Just because those things are more common doesnt make this any more cruel.

  • Anonymous

    Dog sunday! 🙂

  • tricia

    35 is so stinking cute admit it!!

  • Anonymous

    17# . shhamonnnna ….HEEHEE!

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