Animals that don’t suck (34 Photos)

  • Rach

    #7 Derp!

  • @mecataylor

    #33 SCOTT PILGRIM Rocks. But turn those two books rightside up, it's driving me crazy.

  • Minus

    Why do the Corgis Rule all the dog posts?

  • Person
  • Hippie Hipster Not

    #17 I had a cat that did the Rumba too…he also drank too much and smoked Salem menthols and listened to Steely Dan really really load at 3 in the morning

    • fred

      I did that too but in Signapore and there were trannies

  • fred

    AW GEEZ #20, puppies and bewbs; brings a tear of joy!

  • Dan C.

    #16 Dinosaur World!!!!!

  • mmm21

    is #14 a panda bear?

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