Blackout Dan will ruin your party (20 Photos)

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  • Reservoir_Dog

    What is the font that everyone seems to be using here?

  • Mac the Intern

    Impact with a 3px stroke effect

  • BSD

    Pukes out the window of your truck while on freeway, cars following brake to avoid the spray, true story.

  • Evil_Twin

    Drinks a whole bottle of Tequila
    Still thinks someone roofied him

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Tells story of how he shat in some bed in a previous party

    It was at your place.

  • Evil_Twin

    Burns your couch
    Complains about how shitty sleeping on cushions was

  • tdub



  • Reservoir_Dog

    What is the font used in these pics?

  • Evil_Twin

    I couldn’t find your bathroom
    So I just pissed my pants

  • Evil_Twin

    I know your girlfriend says I grabbed her tits

    But I don’t remember doing it, so….

  • its_forge

    Almost perfect stranger plonks down on your couch and starts drunk-dialing his ex; stays on the phone all night – we unplug it after an hour and a half. Doesn't notice.

  • its_forge

    pulls up chair to buffet table and starts eating your chili dip

    seven hours later, still sitting there in front of an empty chafing dish

  • You_Know_It!

    Takes a shit, uses your shirt on the floor to wipe.

  • Evil_Twin

    Makes out with your ex in front of you
    Asks you for her number next day

  • Stranger

    This is my roomate. Yes he goes to Sewanee: University of the South. Whoever made this i give you props. He slept outside next to fire in his tuxedo after one of our parties. We call him dumpy john

  • agnot clifton

    & that pretty much sums up my mardi gras…

  • goldengekko1

    everyone has a friend like this 😀

  • Tsukz

    Asks you where the bathroom is.

    Takes a dump in his pants.

  • Angryhandjob

    #7 totally happened to me on my birthday!!

  • Steve

    It should be Blackout Brian. It sounds better and he kind of looks like a Brian

  • mateo

    Brings six pack of natty ice…

    …drinks all your Firestone

  • Justin

    Askes for 1 cigarette.

    Smokes whole pack…

  • Kubik

    Askes to my borrow a condom

    Fucks your mother then returns it

  • Kubik

    Got the munchies for Chinese food
    Eats your cat

  • Kubik

    Got a blow job in your kitchen

    From a homeless guy

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