Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    #40 your amazing!

  • http://siriusswag.tumblr.com Carlos

    #23, #26, #29, #31, #34 fucking perfect.

  • Shat_Thrice


    Nice weave

  • 4Square


    There is hope in the world. And the gamertag fits perfectly

  • SadeShadz

    #39 Is fucking hilarious!!! xD
    #1 …soon…
    #5 I do what I want!

  • thedarksideofthesound

    OMFG! You organized everything I saw on REDDIT from yesterday! Good Job guys!

  • Anonymous

    #27 i’m gonna sell a thousand units of that on a t to show u how it’s done chive, but keep calm ur gonna make me piles of cash!!!

  • tflo

    #40 you should make your clan tag FLBP

  • quiksaand

    #34 #35 I think u should have made SC on friday! 😉

  • Slobbs

    #34 is unbelievable…

  • Clint_Schmitty

    If I didn't know, I'd say the background guy in picture #1 is Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. Still waiting for LaFawnda I see…

  • Stephanie

    #39 My dad still gives this to any guy I bring home to meet the family. Thank God they're all cool enough and have a sense of humor.

  • Chandler

    #48 in HD please!!! new background, here I come!

  • Turd Ferguson

    Gay! Stick to stealing pics off of other sites and posting pics people send you.

  • rooster

    #7 and good morning to you too, sexy!
    #11 WOW KCCO got that! chive, if you dont sell more kcco shirts i'll have to have mine made lol
    #31 find her head!
    #34 john, how could you!?

  • SMK

    Hey #40 I tried to friend request you on Xbox but your friends list is full! 😦 I need someone else to run the “KCCO” clan tag wit me! Reply back to this post and send my gamer tag to you! Let’s run some shit!!

    • ihaveboobies24


  • MOChive

    this needs to be a wallpaper

  • Tdawg

    #6 true story

  • SoBe Bound

    #34 and #35

    That is deserving of it's own thread.

  • lackofabetter

    #50 Strong finish. Bringing up the rear


    #15: Where do you live? Washington, D.C.?


    #47: HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!!!

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