Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • needName

    #48 in HD please!

  • trower

    More of 11 please!!! And that dude should quit whining. The sites not gay friendly either but im not complaining.

  • copecitizen

    34 made my pants grow damn girl

  • BigNurseJay

    #29 Wheres the explosion!?!

    #43 Story of my life…

  • Ross

    Mine is on backorder still 😦

  • JJ Walker

    #35 That is what you cal A+ Game … #40 you already know it !!

  • seelos

    #50 who is the master behind this shot?
    he shall be given a statue to honor his hump picture taking skills to pay bills.

  • Hippie Hipster Not

    #36 Mom's basement still looks that same…she could never let go of those old memories

  • jmol

    #34, how did you not make the SC looking that amazing

  • jcvj1125

    #40 gamers like you drive me fucking crazy. "Oh mah god you guys, I'm a girl playing video games, and actual girl." Whoop-de-fucking-doo. Shuttup. Play the goddamn game.. Nice tits btw

    • ihaveboobies24

      Oh I do enjoy the game! And don't you worry, sir. I don't go around blabbing that I'm a girl. At least not on xbox 😉

  • http://twitter.com/GamerKitty84 @GamerKitty84

    #40 I'm sorry but in the world of online gaming…your just asking for a world of shit.

    • ihaveboobies24

      bring it

      • http://twitter.com/GamerKitty84 @GamerKitty84

        I will, and my stats say it…boobs are pretty useless on the battlefield unless attention is what you want.

        I want to win

        • ihaveboobies24

          oh haha. i just play for fun. I have a life outside of xbox. don't talk like you've been on a real battlefield either dear.

          • Sabre Band-Aid

            the other guys in my squad and myself used to joke about what would happen if you took the average sniveling 17 y/o COD gamer and brought him with us to A-stan, lol.

            • ihaveboobies24

              you should definitely talk to my marine boyfriend then haha

            • ihaveboobies24

              You should talk to my Marine boyfriend then! He agrees 🙂

  • Psymon Gallows

    I dare say that #31 is the most perfect woman I have ever seen…

  • balls


  • xannick

    #27 where do i get one of those aprons, it explains my entire life!

    *i may have rage/anger mgmt issues.

  • justin alec

    #40 i wonder how many friend request she got cuz of this now?

  • ahheadlock

    #12 Didn't work for me. Therefore #43

  • http://www.socialhangover.com mrahel

    #17 aren't there words missing? or is it just me.

  • Kevin

    #40 I am in love!

  • NorChuckis

    #35 your fumping hands were in the way

  • Dave O.

    …and they already voted for Barry obama!

  • Bg

    Scars is spelled wrong in the application to date my daughter.

  • Fratastic!

    #44, #45

    That is my card!

  • http://www.twitter.com/washcokid Mandrew

    #50 Illuminati ass?

  • Anonymous

    #26 Love my RVA Chivettes!

  • awhite2020


    SO the moral of the story is smart nerds don't end up running the world? DAMNIT!!!

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