Double Hump Day – Part 1 (55 photos)

Due to the massive amount of tush submissions recently, we are having a double-hump day today! If you don’t see your submission, it may still appear in the near future or in another gallery, i.e. Mind the Gap, Sexy as Hell, or Gross Dude. Thanks for all the submissions, and remember, if your photo is too grainy or the shot is too close-up, we can’t use it. Check back this afternoon for Part 2.



    • Eddie

      douche bag


        Eat it eddie, You must be a Lib

    • Daniel Tosh

      sick of watching these hoes off to the berry thats where the real men are.
      FIRST is Played out think of something else…High Fashion

  • VedHead77

    #22 & #27 – Dear Lord. ME GUSTAAAAAA!

    • sixdeadelves

      I'm sad i can only thumbs up #22 once.

    • stu piddassell

      #22 winner winner, chicken dinner!

    • Bruce LeeRoy

      #22, now thats love right there…i can dig it.

  • Marko


    • eric cartman

      who is #55? Good Lord

  • Dr. Brovorkian

    Bravo chive!

  • eLurker

    #14 Great shot!

    • akbrown006

      Could it be?

      • Eric

        there is no tan line in 14.

    • Elcastino

      She looks a little like Katie Holmes, but I doubt Katie has an ass that fine.

    • Rick

      #14 best shot of the lot.

  • DAN

    Jody, You're welcome

    • Jody

      Fuck you Dan.

  • TheSword

    Having a heartattack….

    • TheSheild


      • Kigero

        then get off the computer and call for help

  • jasgat66

    #22 Speechless…. Just plain speechless……..

    • Elcastino

      That heart has melted mine…….

    • r00s7a

      I ❤ that

    • skinger

      Think I just found my new desktop background!

    • 123


    • Dangerfield

      I just want to draw the triforce in that triangle and then it would be beyond perfect! for nerds like me that is 😀

    • bamwiz

      Oh, Hump… You so perfect.

    • Trevor

      oh my lanta you are my woman!

      • Your Lanta Spoops

        If your problem is heartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach or gas, try MYLANTA®. Find fast, effective relief in a variety of liquid and tablet products

        Tree Vore,
        Try shaving and bleaching your anus, it semens, sorry, seems to help…poop

  • carl

    #12 the GIF that keeps on giving

    • Buford_Justice

      would be extra cool if it was reversed

  • misschris

    #22 What a perfect picture!
    #49 And this… another perfect picture! *wolf whistle*

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      Thats what I call a Double Hump Day

    • Ellen

      The fact that you like my hump makes me moist.

      • Falthor

        Which would you be? I can't tell if i like the thong on the left or the Lace Boyshorts on the right better. Both asses are truly fine.

        • Ellen


          • Falthor

            mother of god… that is perfection. Only reason i didn't comment on it was because i thoguht that went without saying.

    • Bob

      Awesome looking triforce there… Only if the princess was that hot!

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    DOUBLE Hump Day?

    Mind Blown….

  • Ninja47

    #1 #2 #10 #22

    HOT DAMN. Double hump day? I think I might cry.

    • Ben

      best hump day I think I have seen. Either that or I really needed it today 🙂

  • MArkb

    #4 #5 #6… jeez alll the nicest a**es ina row! thx chive!

    • JOHN

      #6 Take notes bitches

      • eric cartman

        #3 was killer too mayne

    • Dano

      No one liked #4 in the 'fit girls' thread.



      • cerebro

        Nice body,no doubt,but that room, is surely,the messy,disoganized room,in the history of chive babes,just saying,maybe that's why nobody liked….

      • cerebro

        fine body on this one,but the reason no one liked,is because this is the most clutttered,unorganized living area,of any chivette,in the history of

      • BSmike

        Maybe because that is also this?:

  • Jessedubya


  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Honey….you are DOING IT RIGHT!

    • PeZ

      Madelyn Marie

      • heisba

        It's Tori Black

    • Rick

      This is Hump Day, not Dump Day.

    • johnc

      For a split second when I saw this I thought she had 3 ass cheeks

      • Double Winker

        double pewper? turds for everyones, bleach!

  • j.c.

    Part 1?! ohh boy, gotta try to keep my pants on, KCCO! happy hump day!

  • Royce

    #54 this.

  • aaron

    #38 yes, my love, you are most certainly hump worthy…

    • Lokito

      #38 you are beyond worthy….now will u please send us more…..

  • Bobby

    Hooo-eeey! Smells like ass in here!

  • Woody

    #49 double humps !!!!!

    • MC Hammer

      Wouldn't they be quad humps?

  • Headso

    Holy sweet hump heaven! One of the best Hump Day posts in a LONG long time! Well done boys.

    • Guest

      Agreed. Quite possibly the best Hump Day ever. Thank YOU Chive!

    • realzoo

      I concur……..Best Ever!!!

    • Osdaeh

      "well done boys"…umm, I thought they were girls butts w'poopstains

  • Manhands87

    Great work ladies. Standing ovation!

  • Eli

    Boner accomplished

    • Hello

      Boner in class

      Any csulb chivers out there? Or rather chivettes?

    • Beau Nerr

      Sounds like you had an accomplish in bonering.

  • Rockomon

    #51 Great Ass! She reminds me of Crista Nicole – I miss her 😦

  • Dakota

    #4 not hot… closet is messy

    • matt

      Why are you looking at the closet?????

      • Yea Yea

        Exactly what I was thinking!

    • shattered

      Dude that is how an ass should look like. Not the Kim K crap that looks like she hasn't taken a shit in weeks.

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