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Double Hump Day – Part 1 (55 photos)

Due to the massive amount of tush submissions recently, we are having a double-hump day today! If you don’t see your submission, it may still appear in the near future or in another gallery, i.e. Mind the Gap, Sexy as Hell, or Gross Dude. Thanks for all the submissions, and remember, if your photo is too grainy or the shot is too close-up, we can’t use it. Check back this afternoon for Part 2.

  • Jotle

    Damn thats a whole lotta humps! Fantastic work ladies!
    And #38 (Gollum voice) Yes precious, very worthy it is, we wants it, we needs it, must have moar it says!

  • birdman225

    55!!!!! I need you in my life

  • thatdudewhochives

    #4 #12 #18 #45 all a slice of heaven! Chive on!

  • john

    This has to be the best hump day in awhile!! I can’t tell you how many pics I saved for later… 😉

  • Pooter

    Is 39 playing dress up and wearing her moms shoes? Look 3 sizes too big.

  • guest

    There is now a holiday in every week, Happy Hump Day

  • Vic

    Pantie tags… SUCH a turn off!! 🙂

    • Vic

      #1 #12

      • JewLover

        Yeah, I'm worried about pantie tags when those butt-cheeks are sitting in front of me.

  • rebelace9

    55 we need to see moar

  • AllanA

    #3 #14 #22 #25 #44 WOW just WOW, thanks Chivettes, I can't wait for part 2

  • Bob

    #3, #39, #49…There's just something about the garter belt that makes this a thousand times sexier.
    #20…Total package here (except for the stupid backwards hat)
    #45…Oh, love the tattoo.

  • sam


  • Hunter_BZ

    #48 I came for the Hump, but I stayed for that SMILE!!!!

  • Roy1531

    I love you to!

  • Roy1531

    If you are as dirty as your closet in the sack I am all in!!!!!

  • det.junior

    #18 my name is Dan…loyal Chiver. Sadly, I do not recognize this hump.

  • millz

    #4, 6, and 44 sweet Jesus

    overall excellent collection of humps…looking forward to 2nd installment

  • Jlb

    51.. Saw her yesterday And fell in love.. The only time I’ve ever wanted to get married

  • BigNasty

    #2, #20 MOAR

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #22 ❤ Indeed

  • IShldBWorking

    Yes… thank you dan for getting #18 addicted to the CHIVE!

  • WaikikiWayne

    #22 Wow.. I miss Valentine's Day…!

  • bz1

    #2, #18, #22, & #45 !!!!!! Fantastic pictures! What rears! AMAZING bodies! MOAR, please! 😉

  • arrrrg

    makes me almost miss valentine's day.

  • MindBlown

    #7 GOOD GOD…

  • bless1

    #20,#49,#55- tunz of talent today, thanx Chive!

    • don chito

      55 is the best

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