Double Hump Day – Part 1 (55 photos)

Due to the massive amount of tush submissions recently, we are having a double-hump day today! If you don’t see your submission, it may still appear in the near future or in another gallery, i.e. Mind the Gap, Sexy as Hell, or Gross Dude. Thanks for all the submissions, and remember, if your photo is too grainy or the shot is too close-up, we can’t use it. Check back this afternoon for Part 2.

  • IShldBWorking

    #14 I don't normally do this, but I felt compelled to tell you something. You have an absolutely breath-taking… heiney. I mean, that thing's good. I wanna be friends with it.

  • drewscriver

    Double Rainbow has got nothing on double hump day.

  • CDT59

    best hump day to date. #22 just wow!

  • IShldBWorking

    Don't waste your time on girls with hats. They tend to be very proper.
    Yeah? Well, #20 the proper girl in the hat just eye-fucked the shit out of me.

  • Lt Dan

    Double Hump Day should be in the constitution. KCCO

  • coinbank

    dunno who more thanks go to, the ladies who own these very nice arses or thechive for having the forward vision and ability to get so many fine asses up on one page week in and week out….

    either way thanks to ALL OF YOU

  • andye

    Number 4, for the love of god yes!

  • wut?

    #7 #8 I want to go to there

  • Foochelli?

    #18 Dan ______?

  • Bollyver


    • TimmyTebow

      6 and 52 too dude. Wow is right

  • http://Chive Kristofer

    Awesome humps today. Can’t wait for part 2

  • MattKL

    #4 #55 Mother of God
    #22 I heart hump day.

  • Anonymous

    lets hope this means you will not skip out on redhead thursday like you did last week.

  • james

    #1-55 DAAAAAMMMNN!!!

  • Callahan

    I think I used to date # 15, and I miss her n that ass soooo much!! For Real!

  • http://chive chris

    This is the best hump day i’ve seen ever ….thanks ladies

  • http://what Holden McCock

    Though number 4 is TOTALLY staged and perfectly positioned, she had NNNNNNNNNNO idea she was going to be photographed. “Oh, YOU, get away ….. I’m in my underwear, don’t you dare take my picture!”

  • http://thechive o.g

    Wow all u guys are like chivetts sent frm heaven all of u are worth every single breath that we breath wish I had someone like you guys in my life but you know how boring south africa is dam… 😦 piece out bbm pin just wana meet new ppl is 27f8136c

  • phish heads

    i love wednesdays.

  • swviper

    #22 should come in desktop wallpaper size…just sayin'

  • @daniell_sanders

    Holy fucking hell ladies. This made my day, I can't wait for the second post. Way too many to even begin making a list of favorites.

  • HamSamich

    Great Scott! Hump over load. And there's a part 2?! Love all the humps on this one.

  • justin

    Damn, didn't see one I didn't like. EXXcellent smithers..

  • Petaluma

    #22 is the best I've EVER seen! MOAR!!

  • Napoleon

    #13 & #14 = WANT

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