Double Hump Day – Part 2 (55 photos)

Due to the overwhelming response from our Chivettes, we have split Hump Day into two parts today. If you missed Part 1, click here. If you haven’t seen your submission, it still has a shot in the near future -or your photo was too grainy to use. Thanks again for all your submissions!

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  • JD

    U have to find moar of 16!!!!!!!!amazing unbelievable

  • donkykong

    I gotta say though that # 4 in part 1 is still the best. That ass and those calves. Someone was hitting the squats like crazy.

  • bless1

    #16,#39- wowz!! find em Chive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • defiantDOOKIE

    2 part hump days should be a regular occurrence now. Make it so Chive.

  • Anonymous

    #39 is amazing need her once a week!!

  • @CgpPetrow

    Why can't everyday be hump day?

  • wowsa

    39 moar!!!!

  • Jastogie

    Wow. Is this a chat room now?

  • AndyMac

    If there is a God, then please may he find more of 39!!!!!

  • Duka

    Is 16 for real… if yes, please find them! We need to see these humps in order to have a happier day!

  • copecitizen

    10 melted my heart

  • Heyjj77

    #41 I’m thinking jessi summors from assparade

  • Mr Los

    Chive u have to find #16 and #4 from part one.

  • Chivoso

    #2… ass of the damn year

  • Ricky

    #39 EPIC!!! THIS IS THE FINEST ASS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! :p

  • ap

    MOAR OF 39!!!!!!!!! FIND HER!!!!!!

  • christopher

    Everyday shall be hump day!

  • Mark

    Nuff said.

  • SoBe Bound

    #4 and #21

    Those are both perfect. Very nice ladies.

  • phoenixxviii


    But mainly 16!!!!OMFG!!!!!

  • nouu

    #43 ching chang chong?

  • chivedaddy


  • chivedaddy

    #13 and #14………….so much sweetness all in a row has blinded me for the night and I LOVE it!

  • Anonymous

    #39 is F…%#+ photoshoped ‘!! Bud damn its fkn awesome

  • Scott

    #36 will you marry me?! 🙂 KCCO from attleboro

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