Fit women who have worked hard for a little praise (30 Photos)

  • disturbed

    #1 #3 You guys are killing it today! This and a double Hump Day? Awesome!

    • Snikpoh

      Christina Halkiopoulos

    • King

      all of these women are hot. Not one of them I would not do or have done to me.

  • crossfit

    i'd like to see a post devoted to crossfit girls!

    • JOHN

      how about the girls about 1 month into crossfit. Toned is good ripped is foul ball country

      • oofale

        i have been crossfitting for about a year and i am toned not steroid ripped..crossfit gals are hot!

    • um_yeah
    • NCF

      Hell Yeah!! a crossfit girls galley would make my month!! Come on Chive, make it happen. Please

  • The Great Bambino

    Most of these are hot as hell, especially #9.

    • joe chiver

      I think that might be Kathleen Tesori??

    • Si1entStatic

      agreed, they are all pretty smokin hot but some need to drink more water cause their getting the dehydrated vein popping thing going on

    • dki

      she is so lovely

  • beaner

    #7 jaime eason is the best. Love this post good job guys

    • wokka

      she makes my pants want to get up and dance!!!!!

    • SuperDanMan4290



  • Santa

    my thoughts exactly #21

    • Santa

      on #20 that is

      • MattKL

        Looks pretty not slammin' to me, with the exception of the duckface.

        • Gnole

          As in she would slam you….Then do things to you that no man should have to do.

    • Bluto

      I don't get how the same woman is in the hump day post on the ladder in front of the messy closet, and then in the fit post followed by this… theChive is bipolar. 🙂

    • Kodos

      .. and we know what happened to him, right?

  • whyme1973

    #2 #5 #6 #23 #24 Good God.

    • whyme1973

      #6 Looks remarkably like a girl I used to work with.

      • Franco

        you must mean "used to masturbate to"

        • whyme1973

          What do you mean by "used to"? B)

      • anomicbomb

        I love that story, tell me more…

      • the dude

        did you have a constant boner?

    • TakeoJune

      #6 Katie Chung Hua!/katiechunghua
      Right out of Boise, ID

    • Tired of Fake Tits

      The hardest thing #2 and #23 did was post-operative.

  • Dick Folgers

    #7 NEVER gets old.

    #26 is really cute. FIND HER!

    • @theterryburke

      skinny doesn't mean fit

    • etcrr

      #7 Jamie Eason

  • Kyle429

    #5, #9, #16 FTW

    • Rocks Off

      I agree completely, these ladies are sexy as fuck! Chive, we need MOAR and you need to find them, stat!

  • Woodrowrules

    #1 Please play with my balls
    #5 Nice underboob
    #20 I'm sorry but It doesn't quite do it for me

    • VanIsleScott

      fussy! YOU most likley wouldn't 'do it' for her either chief 🙂

      • Sad&Ronery

        i agree you polly don't like taking strap-on's in the ass… though i would totaly do her…though i would do anything…seriously. I have a super active sex drive i would fuck anything

  • Karen

    I need to post #16 on my mirror to work toward that bod. I wouldn't mind looking like that. O_O

    • Karen's Boyfriend

      I would not mind it either

      • schnizz

        i feel bad for her though…shes got sensitive teeth 😦 but the bod more than makes up for it!

  • ChelseaRules

    A lot of these women would look better if they had those fit bodies and their real boobs.

    Like #14 #22 #29. Good going, Ladies!

    • Hot Bitch

      I totaly agree with you!!!

      • ChelseaRules

        Seriously, though. Why would they work so hard to make their bodies look so rad, but then stick those cartoonish sacks of plastic on their chests? Like #12, what? That's horrible. It goes from looking good and healthy, to looking like they have crazy self esteem issues.

  • Rockomon

    #9 Wow! Someone please find her. Stunning.

  • ThisChickLovesChive

    #8 Holy hell, I'm in LOVE!

  • jasonsapunka

    #26 You are my favorite

    • aaron

      i second that, but she's more hot rather than a fitness junkie, which is possibly why i like her. Great, great tush, and love her smile….and normal size arms!

  • Mike

    I love these "Fit" posts!

    • chris

      Seriously. I would *almost* rather see these than FLBP…

  • Matt

    #16 FTW. #21 on most of the rest.

    • truth

      I agree but a lot of people are going to give lots of thumbs down on it. It is just like when Chive does a 'thick-girl' pic; everyone comes out of the woodwork to complain. To each their own though.

      • Llama

        It's because we're all racist

  • Vent187


  • @bckwdboi

    There is a fine line between fit and sexy and muscular and scary. These ladies didn't cross it. Very nice.

    • truth

      I don't know. #4, #11, and #27 are pushing it. And what is up with #23 's butt? Could park a car back there.

      • King

        I'm in love with #4

  • L

    Take away #20 and this post is perfection.

    • synthetictruism

      just for you, with a little bit of reverse image searching with tineye, the model's name is:
      Timea Majorova

      • Tomas

        With just a look at the upper right corner of the picture, I was able to know that her name is Timea Majorova, too. 😉

        • synthetictruism

          haha, holy shit I totally didnt see that! 😀

    • Calm

      Don't be a hater, we all know you wouldn't be complaining if you actually had a shot.

    • realzoo

      #20 looks good to me……..send her my way since you can't handle her.

    • Claude

      Dam nice!!!

  • Benson

    I must see all of 5 PLEASE

  • zoxymusic

    #5 is stunning!

    • thegza

      google…miss danni gee (nsfwish)

      • Eduard

        isn't she Bryci?

    • duder


  • justin

    #5 mmm I just wanna lick that belly like an ice cream cone..:)

  • Napoleon

    #16 #29 Just perfect

  • Seb

    Did your dad buy you those for graduation?

    • Del

      Thank You Dad!!

    • tmach81

      Step Dad did…lol

      • wizbam

        No, she bought them with $1 bills (note, stripper shoes)

        • tmach81

          Damn it she told me she was working there to pay for college.

    • Lolerskates

      Boyfriend actually bought them.. My fiance knows her. Alexis Burke. Look her up.

      • Ned Plimpton

        Ooohh!! Very nice ass!!

      • SuperDanMan4290



  • BigPup

    #10 yes please…

    • Boom!_Headshot!

      Silje Mariela

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