Hopen place in the Hollywood Hills (18 Photos)

Via the Whipplerussell

  • RudeBoyStL


  • Anonymous

    I bet this stuf guy got caught looking at an FLBP post by his mother or someone like that (I very much doubt it was a girlfriend) and gave it the old “oh this? Um it’s disgusting, there’s not diversity at all. No mum I was just looking at it for the bewbs at all……” now he has to keep it going or he’ll get grounded. Get back in mummy’s basement you loser, don’t you think advertising your anti chive site to chivers is a shitty idea?

  • Bolt

    Stuff is a mega doucher! !! Off is the general direction in which u should fuck!!

  • DrMurse

    You can see the designers put their hearts to it!

  • Woody

    Hump Day !!!

  • Tim

    #18 needs chivettes

    • Chicago_Animal

      No it needs hot girls.

  • copecitizen

    Chive quit slackin your making hump day go by to slow we want tits and ass

  • Shar11

    #10 #11 #18….is beyond amazing what I would do to be there…

  • Maynard B.

    Cold and sterile. Very little character.

  • mrjroc83

    I love to watch TRON: Legacy when taken a bath lol

  • Anonymous

    This is Matthew Perry’s house. Lucky bastard

  • Schadeboy

    #9 I wonder if it's possible to close that window/door when it rains or is windy?

    #11 Cleaning those windows would suck.

  • luckyB

    #5 you know a woman had a say in the design when you got GIANT plasic flowers in the yard….

  • nuccabay

    not sure if it is, but do they use the pool/outside area on the episode of mad men where he goes to california for the first time??

  • C_Dub

    Matthew Perry??

  • jerpul

    I dont see why people are talking shit about this house. I'm sure if they gave you the keys you wouldn't be like "eh..fuck this house" and give them back.

  • Lou

    Shiiiiiit.. Parties would be off the chain every weekend in a place that.

    • Rika

      Hell it was Matthew Perry's old house. You know he was throwing some hella parties in that house! lol

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  • Vent187

    Do want..

  • Gallus

    I care not how hip and sophisticated a place might be, *any* place devoid of art on the walls strikes me as sterile and lifeless. Art is a fundamental need of my life.

  • CNA

    What a waste of a great building site

  • nitrox

    Not zombie-proof… :-/

  • Lou

    This place sold for just under 9 million. The buyer was actor Mathew Perry.

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