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  • MattKL

    #3 Yup, douchebag.

    • Charles Darwin

      shut the fuck up. and suck a dick.

      • http://togtfo.com Don

        There's something silly about your "name" being Charles Darwin When you act like a cock…I hope it gets you killed so you're living through your own theories.

  • Matty

    #12 Def did not OBEY

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #13 Ahh, there it is! I thought I had lost that

    • panama99

      Man, that is a really good parking spot.

    • Gustavo

      on a funny note the guy was not drunk as you would assume, just tired and though it was a parking garage XD

  • Jim

    #1 Holy shit I hope that's not real!

    • Travis

      Looks photo shopped to me

    • FoCoLivin

      Yeah, that happens to be one warning I tend to agree with.

    • Mike Hunt

      its just sand – silica — chillo pillow people

  • AssClown

    #6 You eat babies?

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #17 I have the weirdest boner right now


    It's roughly -20 Fucks

    • my5tika1cll

      Would the double negative rule come to play in this scenario??

      • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

        I think it means that somebody owes me 20 fucks

  • misschris

    #12 The irony of the hat

    • Obey

      Do what your Mom and Daddy say

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      That's because Wu-Tangs bed ain't nuttin to fuck with…..

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Yeah, we got a real badass over here.

  • Jayavc

    #19 don't know what Pisar is, but it made me laugh

    • http://twitter.com/chaoticbeauty6 @chaoticbeauty6

      It means step in spanish lol

      • MrSinatra

        In some other countries the term is used as to copulate… (And) [+hembra] to cover; (Centroamérica) to fuck (vulgar); screw (vulgar)

        • Nishtai

          It only means to copulate for some animals, like cocks and hens. In the rest of the spanish speaking world, it only meas "To step on"

    • Epitomizer

      Hover foot.
      Rebel…. I think not.

      • j22

        Yeah come on. Commit!

    • Steven

      No you didn't.

    • guest

      I don't care what it means, the caption cracked me up…

  • lovebeingachivette

    #10 manitou springs, colorado

    • twosticks

      I thought it looked familiar.

  • reaperMEDIC

    #5 is a Hybrid! Its part tractor and completely bad ass! Those things are like the Big Wheel of heavy equipment!

    • j22

      "I like tractors"

    • ryan

      hmmm…technically qualifies. it's driven by hydraulic motors that are powered by a diesel engine. sounds hybrid to me.

      • HillbillyNinja

        You sir, have nailed it.

  • dude

    So apparently 3 Eats babies and downs them with a warm glass of milk?

  • NJakeHatcher

    #14 not a single grammatical fuck given in the caption


    #17 That's right in my back yard….literally.

    • Not a fan

      well i would call the cops cause he looks a little crazy

  • dude

    Whoops i meant #6 eeaassy


    #1 He's probably going to get scurvy now

  • amandajean

    #20 would be a challenge to get a 5 speed up that hill.

    • Jenkins McGee

      From the looks of your profile pic, you probably ride a fixie, so it will be even harder…

      • amandajean

        Seriously.. WTF?

      • Craigery

        Yeah, because everyone who wears glasses rides a fixie!

        • amandajean

          I must be an exception to this rule, and also.. I though chivers were kind. WTF is up with that guy?

          • chronic

            at least your cute 😉

          • oh4fuckssake

            why would ever think the Chives were kind? Have you never seen the racist, ignorant, cruel shit that goes on here?

          • The_Dood

            Its about half and half. Lots of douches and lots of kids still living in mom's basement…

    • realzoo

      @amandajean………………Keep Chiving!!! Everyone on this site is not a douche.

    • Sluttypanda

      although I have no idea what you're referencing in terms of a 5 speed, but Chive On from a non-douche. Chivers ARE kind, those who spew the ignorant hate, politically aggressive comments, and racism aren't true Chivers

      • Ricco

        She means that you would need much lower gears to climb. 2nd gear maybe if you're lucky. That's California St. Steepest one in SF.

        • komikop

          false. california street is not even close to the steepest. i drive up that street in a 5 speed everyday. win.

        • Sluttypanda

          thanks, I know jack shit about bikes, it's never consistent enough to ride one in Chicago

    • amandajean

      This thread is full of lose. I regret ever posting this comment.

      • gaz

        don't lose hope we are not all arse holes like that guy

  • SolidusSnake420

    #21 my buddy has this shirt. I contemplate stealing it off his back everytime I see it. Should I?

    • SadeShadz

      Yes! ^_^ Do what you want!

    • cerebro

      Only,if you don't care anymore,what he will do to you

    • Kick.it

      I have this as the background of my work computer. It makes me laugh everytime.

  • Master_Rahl

    #12 Now THIS guy gets it. He's doin' what he wants double bad ass style. Sitting where he shouldn't and NOT obeying. Nice work man.

    • Ben

      And a Wu Tang shirt

  • Buford_Justice

    #3 if its in a third world country its expected for families to clown car it up on two wheels.

    • Calm

      I find it funny nobody has noticed the "and expectant mothers". I suppose most people here think women still can't vote huh? sigh…

      • cerebro

        No they STILL can't and should not be allowed to.

    • Ricco

      In a third world country there wouldn't be any space reserved for anyone other than the big shots.

  • AllanA

    #13 I don't think she wanted to do that

  • Master_Rahl

    #19 Awww, where's the commitment? She's pulling a hover foot. No pisar, still in effect.

  • luckyB

    #19….i like her

  • Nigz 420

    #9 that’s the baddest car! Best one by far!

    • nat bad

      sounds like its yours… LOL
      Cant you find another way to show off!?

    • Scuba Steve

      How does this get voted down, its a C63 AMG with a 450HP V8 that hits 60 in 4 seconds. Car&Driver hit 3.7sec a couple of times and that's without the Development Package and launch assist. It's an awesome car.

      • triple penis

        And its in SANTA FE NEW MEXICO!!!!!


    • sit ubu sit good dog

      This is not the throttle… Pass your car judgement else where..

    • Chrissykins

      seriously someone tell me the model of this baby

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